The Rachel Nevadas

The Rachel Nevadas


The Rachel Nevadas are a rock band from Richmond, VA. A power trio that draws on influnces such as the Beatles, ben folds, and spoon. The sound is fairly new but tips it's hat to their influences. God Speed


The Rachel Nevadas have worked on a sound that pulls from many different places. Perhaps the best part of the experience are the stories. The songs that this band plays are all stories about people you know. Every song is created using sarcastic arrogance and humor. The songs are all fun yet telling about things we can relate to.


The Love EP

Set List

Radioland part 2
The Travesty of Meghan Walters
Eric Zirkle
An Ode To Sally Green
You Can Only Take So Much
I'll Miss You
Christopher Walken
A Stranger Stands At The Edge Of Your Town
Hey Paul!
Bela Lagosi's Dead and Im not feeling great either.