The Racket

The Racket


Were a funky,blues rock power trio from north dublin.We formed only a year ago for a party and thankfully the party hasn't stopped.


up and comin young Dublin Band or a fresh new power-trio making their way into the industry, whatever floats your boat on that one. We formed in December '04 for a new years eve gig which went so well that we decided to stick together. We met up when we could in '05 for the craic, but then we started to get offered now we've decided to get relativley serious about the whole thing. The bands influences are as wide- ranging as their musical ability...., from the funk of The Meters and prince, the classic rock of zepplin and hendrix to the legendary django reinhardt, and of course any gypsy band from the balkans i.e Taraf de Haidoucks. The reason for the gypsy influence is cos Guitar player Stephen is also in "The North Strand Klezmer Band" which plays this style of music.


We have nothing released but have just finished our demo album with 10 tracks.

Set List

Our typical sets last about an hour and 20 minutes. Out of which we usually do 2 covers.