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Rad, The - Fake It Til You Make It EP
Reviewed by: npmshah (05/25/09)
Release Date: June 23, 2009

Summer. The use of this word usually evokes memories of kids running through sprinklers, camping in the mountains, and excessively hot weather. It is also the season for good pop-punk, and that is exactly what The Rad produces on their debut EP, Fake It Til You Make It.

The cleverly titled “Minor Chords Are So 2003” kicks off with a good, hooking intro and continues with pleasant vocals and a catchy chorus. The only major flaw of this track are the lyrics, which border on average at best. The song is immediately followed by “I Want You and I Always Get What I Want.” This song, though bouncy, fun, and catchy, comes across as overall fairly average. “Beat It (Or I Will),” is, on a technical level, the best song of the disc. Marked by great drumming and crunchy riffs, this song marks a great, much-needed break from the first half of this album. The next song, “Surrender, Surrender!!,” is a return-to-form for the band after a different track. This song is catchy as hell and features synths (!). After this song comes the final track, “Ha, So This Is Gluttony.” This song is easily the best out on this short, little effort. It is a slowed down mid-tempo song with a sweet guitar line, a great chorus, and amazing harmonies. However, the song’s atmosphere is slightly killed by an annoying outro, which leaves a bitter taste in the listener’s mouth (ears?).

Overall, this is a great effort from The Rad. The Fake It Til You Make It EP is filled with fun, bouncy hooks. Though the effort is far from perfect (lyrical issues and annoying bits and pieces are scattered throughout most of the tracks), it will certainly make a splash in the pop-punk scene. Personally, I cannot wait for this band’s next effort and cannot wait until they come to tour in my neighborhood.

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CD Review: The Rad - Fake It Till You Make It

By Noe Pacheco

After distributing two successful demos around the indie music community, indie pop rock band, The Rad, has recorded their first EP, Fake It Till You Make It.

The EP was produced by John Naclerio (Brand New, My Chemical Romance). The Tyler, Tex. based quintet’s EP release date is 6.23.2009.

The first track, “Minor Chords Are So 2003,” establishes The Rad’s rock sound, which focuses on the boyfriend’s view of trying to a “sold out” relationship. The song’s live concert-ready track extends throughout Fake It Till You Make It.

The key-driven track, “Scream out YOUR LUNGS,” showcases the musical arsenal that The Rad possesses. The song, which gives a shout out to their home state of Texas, will have you singing along with the lyric,”Scream our your lungs,” after the first listen.

The finger-picking introduction on “Hah, So This Is Gluttony,” tenders the platform for a song that displays the vocal range of lead singer, Brian Braquet, accompanied by back-up vocals from the band.

The EP offers a polished sound that expresses the tribulations that love, life and all the endeavours life takes us on in an innovative rock fashion. - Noe Pacheo


Fake It, Til' You Make It.... EP (2009)



Blending insightful pop sensibilities with energetic, guitar-driven rock Tyler-based outfit The Rad offers a unique and witty take on love, life and everything in between with their infectious, hook-filled music. After two incredibly well received demos, the band hit the studio to record their first EP with producer John Naclerio (Brand New, My Chemical Romance), honing their sound and developing the basis for the incredible live shows that are continuing to create buzz that’s getting harder and harder to ignore.

Having toured Texas, the Southwest, the West Coast and regionally in the Midwest, The Rad is poised to break out with a series of summer tours across the country. “Our shows are built for the experience,” says guitarist John Hetherington. “It’s never just us standing onstage saying ‘Thank you, Cleveland!’ every night. We incorporate the audience, vary the songs and set lists, and try to do so many more things to make sure that if you come to a Rad show, you’ll go home to check your calendar to see when we’ll be in town again.”

The Rad has found fans of all ages by integrating a lot more of what they enjoy about popular music – taking the sound to a rougher place, but producing and taking even more care to craft a sound. “We’re experienced musicians, and we’re young but not that young. And we’d better be good, because our boyish good looks won’t be around forever.” “We could be considered an old school band with the style of music that we play … We play the music that we play for this simple reason… we like it,” says guitarist Garrett Berry, “not because it’s easy or convenient.”

With an album due out this summer and a slate of shows already set, even the press is nipping at their heels. The Rad was also featured in the Hometown Heroes section of AP Magazine and has also garnered the attention of Absolute The growth of this band is not only happening very quickly, but it is also sure to make some new noise in 2009!