The Radical Thought Resistance

The Radical Thought Resistance


NYC based band that combines elements of Hard Rock with Electronica, soulful vocals and socially conscious lyrics.


The Radical Thought Resistance

Formed in January 2000 by guitarist Akihisa Ishibashi and drummer Howard Alper, The Radical Thought Resistance or simply “RTR” forges a fresh Hard Rock sound by combining elements of Electronica with heavy guitar riffs, soulful vocals and socially conscious lyrics.

RTR vocalist Freedom Bremner, added to the lineup in 2001, has worked with Moby, singing lead on “At least we tried,” which can be found on Moby’s CD “18." Freedom was also a finalist on CBS Television's "StarSearch", where he took the nation by storm with his soulful renditions of Sting's "If You Love Somebody Set Them Free" and The Doobie Brothers "Long Train Running."

Before forming RTR, Aki and Howard led a band that was featured on the cable TV show “Farmclub” and were also Discmakers Independent Music World Series East Coast Regional Finalists. Howard also worked on Living Colour vocalist Corey Glover’s solo CD release entitled “Hymns”, co-writing and playing drums on several songs. Additionally, Howard was profiled in the June 2003 edition of Modern Drummer magazine where they referred to the “RTR” drum tracks as “dynamic” and “demonstrating speed, facility and creative energy.”

RTR has been making a name for themselves in NYC where audiences are not only impressed by their live show but most importantly their songs. RTR takes special care in writing and arranging the songs so a mass audience will be able to appreciate the message and the grooves.

With thought provoking lyrics, a ground breaking approach in style and energetic live shows, RTR is a fresh approach to hard rock in today’s music landscape. Their debut EP CD entitled “Empowered Species” was released in July 2002.


Our New Reality

Written By: Lyrics - H.Alper

September mourning
Skies an azure shade of blue
New day dawning
Fanatic feels his time is due

Mass of innocents lose their lives
The fires raging in the sky

Now who’s to say we’ve tempted fate
Yet,we surely felt the hate...

Our New Reality
Our New Reality

Bodies falling
Icon crumbles from our view
Ignored the warnings
Is it true we had no clue

Flags unfurling
Evildoers must be caught
Tensions swirling
A final lesson must be taught

Must we yield our civil rights
Favoring unbridled might...

Our New Reality
Our New Reality

Holy warriors willing to die
Death descending from the skies
Will we learn to live as one
Before our time ceases to run...

Our New Reality

Soulution (Peace Within)

Written By: H.Alper/A.Ishibashi

When I rose this morning
A thought came to me
How many will suffer
While I drink my tea?

So many conflicts
Rage across the globe
The have's and the have not's
Fighting for control

Some people think that the more they possess
Will bring them peace and happiness

Chasing the shadows of material dreams
Stepping on each other's lives
Hoping that they will survive

I don't need a river of gold
And don't ask me to sell my soul
I know where the Soulution begins
Just seek and find Peace Within

Now I turned on the TV
And what did I see
Images of hatred
Violence and greed

Brother killing bother
Over who is most high
Yet buried in the same Earth
after they die

Some people think that the thoughts they possess
Ring true without much consequence
Walking a path of misplaced desire
Buying into plans and schemes
Forgetting where all human beings

I don't need a river of gold
And don't ask me to sell my soul
I know where the Soulution begins
Just seek and find Peace Within

Now's the time to let go
Of all the fear that you hold
Of all the lies that you've been told
Free Your Mind

I don't need a river of gold
And don't ask me to sell my soul
I know where the Soulution begins
Just seek and find Peace Within


Empowered Species - 2002

Set List

The Radical Thought Resistance - 45min-1hr set

Rising Sun
Falling Into Me
Methods Of Modern Madness
Our Lady Of Sorrows
The Enemy Within
Living A Lie
Our New Reality
Everbody Wants To
Rule The World - Tears For Fears cover