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The best kept secret in music


"The Radio Fix - Of Hyacinth and Jasmine"

Overall: 9.0
Lyrics: 8.5
Music: 8.9
Production: 9.2

The Radio Fix are a five piece rock outfit from Dayton, TN. You'd never know it. I love finding bands that break the Tennessee stereotype. You artists? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I love hearing good rock music from Tennessee. It goes to show that we're all not a bunch of hicks obsessed with our tractors, how sexy they are, and a sunny day on the farm ending with a dip in the mudhole. With that being said, let's hop to it.

The Radio Fix play emo tinged rock much in the vein of Anberlin. It's got "that sound" but isn't cliche "oh baby baby, you broke my heart, I want you back" stuff. The opening track on this EP, "Curse Me When You Leave" is a pretty good way to start things off. The song showcases vocalist Craig Biddy's varied range. I would love to hear this guy live and will probably make the effort to do so within the next month.

"Put You Out to Sea" sounds like a radio ready song that should be kicking crap like Crossfade off the airwaves.

"Sun and Sea Become An End" is an upbeat tune that again capitalizes on the superb vocals. The drums will keep your head bobbing around, and once you learn the words to this song, you will be singing along.

I didn't like "Save Yourself" until I heard the "whoahs" during the chorus. I like pretty much any song with "whoahs" in it, and the ones here are awesome. Plus, the song picked up a bit after the first chorus.

"The Sweetest Air" closes the EP with a strong song that makes you want more. This is probably my favorite track on here. I hate to repeat myself, but the vocals here are just beautiful. To be cliche, they're soaring.

Overall, this is an impressive debut from former members of Rifles at Recess and Across Five Aprils. Keep an eye on this band, because they should have labels chasing after them soon enough.

Track Listing
1. Curse Me When You Leave
2. Put You Out To Sea
3. The Sun and Sea Become An End
4. Save Yourself
5. The Sweetest Air - Trevor


"Of Hyacinth and Jasmine"- Dec 10th, 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


An angel rolled his dice and crossed his fingers as the thunder ripped the skies above the Appalachian Mountains, spilling bolts of fire into five homes in Dayton, Tennessee. The fallen stars roused themselves into the shapes of men, their hands frozen in fists of fury, raised towards the sky. One by one, they made their way to town, sparking the ground with flames of a sound that the children deemed “rock and roll.” And from the rooftops came a sound heard only in dreams, pounding its way into the hearts of men, hardening them into heroes. The rocks cried out. “I know what glory is, and I found it in the words of the breeze: The Radio Fix has come to save the lives of men.” A silhouette rose against the clouds and proclaimed, “Step up to the mic and rock!” and there began the ripping apart of stages across the globe that will continue until the hearts of men grow cold, and rock and roll disappears into the breeze…

Comprised of members Craig Biddy (vocals), Michael Gordon (guitar), Nathan Zensen (guitar), Adam Newport (bass), and Josh Dillard (drums), The Radio Fix hails from small-town Dayton, TN. Nearly all of the members have been friends for the majority of their lives—five guys dedicated to playing music and to each other, and having a good time doing it. With influences including Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters, Sunny Day Real Estate, Recover and Saves the Day, The Radio Fix has blended the sounds of pop, indie and punk to create their own unique brand of rock and roll. Formed in the fall of 2004, The Radio Fix has quickly gained a large, and growing, fan base ranging from their hometown to all over the U.S. and generating thousands of plays on MySpace and Purevolume. With plans of national touring in the coming spring and summer in support of their self-released “Of Hyacinth and Jasmine” EP, The Radio Fix has already rocked audiences all over the southeast with their undeniably energetic and passionate live performance.

All of the members of The Radio Fix share a common dream of sharing their music with audiences all over the world, while spreading a positive message in the process. “People are learning the things that are important to us, but even more so, they’re learning the things that we think should be important to everybody. I’m not singing about my life, but about life in general. Beauty is truth, or as someone worth quoting said, “Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty.” There are a ton of people who misunderstand that statement, for it isn’t nearly as easy as most people assume. I’m singing about Truth, singing about Beauty.”—singer Craig Biddy’s thoughts on what this band and its music are about.

In the past year, The Radio Fix has performed for thousands of people across the southeast, recorded a 5-song EP with producer Matt Goldman (Copeland, As Cities Burn, The Chariot, Cartel), and scored equipment endorsement deals, including C and C Custom Drums, but this is merely a preview of what’s to come in this promising band’s future.

“These guys are good, definitely talented. The only thing this band needs to do is keep doing exactly what they’re doing. It’s just a matter of time for them. That’s all there is to it.” –Will Pugh, Cartel

Management: Jon Bowen, Circuit Entertainment