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Matt Dahan / The Radio Knights

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Pop Rock


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"Shadowboxing - Album Review"

Matt Dahan – Shadowboxing (Waiting For Gravity Music)

Matt Dahan is a third generation pianist in a family that’s been performing since the 1930s. Not that Dahan sounds anything but contemporary on Shadowboxing, his seventh full-length release in six years. Musically, he draws inspiration from various sources, and not solely piano players. Sure, there’s a little Ben Folds in what he does, but equally, he’s taking the darker pop vibe of The Killers and their ilk, and stamping his own identity onto the template. My favourites: the energetic “Spinning” is played with joyful abandon and the euphoric layering of “Please, Icarus” brings to mind the grown-up pop of classic Steve Winwood, and showcases Dahan’s excellent voice. “On The Edge” oozes a gentle, though slightly desperate menace. Indeed, if this were a film review it would be described as containing “mild peril”, and although Shadowboxing isn’t concerned with epic soundscapes, many of these songs wouldn’t sound out of place gracing the latest (older) teen flick. Matt Dahan may not be a household name ‘round these parts, but there’s no doubting that, given the quality of his pop instincts, he’s certainly worth further investigation.

- Simon M. - Leicester Bangs Magazine

"Accessible Pop with Clever Variations"

The Radio Knights have a very accessible pop sound with some clever variations thrown into the mix. The vocal performances sell the songs, and are really solid and engaging.There's definitely a lot of commercial potential.

Music: 8/10
Lyrics: 8/10
Marketability: 9/10 - TAXI A&R Company

"Daily Rec: 6/10/10"

Those with an itch for rock laced with smooth electronic effects should enjoy Matt Dahan. Tracks like “Please, Icarus” or “Spinning” jump out the most, though all the tracks have something of worth. - The Album Project

"Bodog Battle Review"

"The Radio Knights kick it up a few notches. This piano-based rock band with killer hooks and a radio driven sound are destined to become famous alongside the likes of Snow Patrol, The Fray and Coldplay." - Bodog Music

"Track Reviews"

"WOW!! We have a winner here!! Great hooks, drop dead vocals, killer guitars, catchy melodies, top notch arrangements, and excellent production… The Radio Knights grab you from the get go and don't let you go till they're done.
What more could you ask for?" - 5TM from Dumont, NJ

Review of 'Push':
"Great track. Love the opening and the vocals are perfect for the song. Great use of processed sounds and guitars. Cool hook, too. Very well written and extremely catchy." - Users

"Not a Single Weak Track"

On their debut ep Happen, the Radio Knights deliver a solid collection of piano-based rock tunes well deserving of nationwide attention. Formed in the fall of 2005, the Boston-based quartet fits into the vein of indie moody pop. Lead vocalist Matt Dahan’s strong voice is a mix of Rob Thomas and Oasis’ Liam Gallagher, defining the band’s sound as probably something you would have heard on the radio a few years back before the Britneys and Jessicas of the industry stole the spotlight.

The opening track “Redemption” immediately pulls the listener in and sets the stage for a mix of catchy self-described “powerpop” about love and loss.

"we don’t have much but we don’t mind
not much baggage just the mental kind
and we left most of it stranded at the county line"

The EP marches on with the radio-ready “Joanne," a pleading love song with an infectious melody. Following is the ethereal “Running from the World like Horses," a touching number about escaping the world at the expense of leaving a relationship behind. Dahan's voice is especially vulnerable on this one. But the closing track “Ghosts” is by far my favorite, offering an interesting darker feel. Throughout the song a strong groove beat carries the song in an otherwise more stripped down arrangement than the previous numbers. This track is a pop ballad B-side at its finest.

"like the light that shines to a ship at sea you bring me in you bring me in
like the feel of yesterday against my lips you bring me in you bring me in
if you are like a ghost to me why can i still reach out and hold your memory"

Honestly there’s not a single weak track on here, leaving me curious and eager for a full album of this group’s music. An impressive debut to say the least. If you’re a fan of The Fray and Coldplay, you’ll love the Radio Knights. Just let it Happen.

Written by Skott Freedman (7/12/08) -

"Unsigned Spotlight - The Radio Knights - Happen"

How anyone cannot love piano based pop rock is beyond, We've featured Parade The Day who have since broken up, but while together, they were a near perfect pop group. Now, in the wake of their absence, a new contender for best unsigned piano pop rock group has emerged in the form of The Radio Knights. Hailing from the one city I have a crush o that I've never visited, Boston, this four piece recently released Happen and if these six tracks are any indication of what they're capable of; you best strap in because it's going to be a wild and engaging journey.

"Redemption," kicks things off on the right note with a pop-tastic tale of young love. Though we're initially met with soft, slow piano, the song kicks into full drive with beautiful group vocals before Matt Dahan's voice softly comes in to guide us on through the story of two small town kids escaping their villages and running off to find greater places. The references to the highways and small town dreams may be a bit of worn ground, but the melody and song structure gives it a fresh feel that really gets you into the band and makes you excited for what will be coming next. What we get next is a very Elton John influenced, "Joanne," that rings out like atimeless pop song in the making. Fromt he first 10 seconds you are completely pulled in through the bands musicianship. The beat is the kind that perfectly accompanies long car rides or montages in teen love films. The use of harmony in the chorus only seves as icing on the cake, but is delicious none the less.

The halfway tracks on the disc are, "Push," a very Maroon 5 like track that has vocals that have a much more rocky feel and, "Running From The World Like Horses," which plays like the perfect summer ballad. "Push," is quite solid, but not the of the same stand out quality of the previous two tracks. I'm not saying it's weak, it just didn't "pop" for me. "Running From The World...," on the other hand, may be the song the band has musically speaking. It's almost jazz like, but Dahan's vocals could keep any music fan engaged. Those familiar with Five For Fighting and Train will fall in love with TRK right here. This pop goodness is then followed by, "The Key," which once again has mellow beginning, but instead of a piano lead, we are met with wonderful guitar work from Nicholai Baxter. His talent shines on many tracks, but it's here that he really has the main music lead on the track. The song itself is a great song that, for some reason makes me picture the romantic scenes in movies where lovers meet in the pouring rain. IT just has this feel of passion through the music that is rare in this day and age. As the track ends we find the closing number, "Ghosts," to be introduced with a solid drum beat from Greg Settino with Brian Allsion pulling down the bass part beautifully. This is really a mellow track, but with enough pop sense to make even the sad sounds engaging to the general public. The song builds like a pulsating battle cry for romantics and ends on the perfect notes which leaves you wanting more from The Radio Knights and wanting it now.

In this fragile age fro the music industry, many people are taking gimmicks to rise quickly, make some money, and get out, but real music will prevail in the end. SUre, some could say piano rock is a gimmick, but The Radio Knights play with the kind of heart and enthusiasm that it takes to make it and survive in the music industry. From the first notes of Happen. you know you're listening to the next big band in pop rock. The Radio Knights have new sensation written all over them and if Happen is any sign, they will be favorites of many for years to come.

**Written By James Shotwell**
GRADE: 8.5/10 - Under the Gun Review

"A Diamond in the Rough"

The power-pop-rock band The Radio Knights released their newest EP titled Happen this past month. The two knights of the band are Nicholai Baxter on guitar and vocals and Matt Dahan on piano and lead vocals. This EP contains the uplifting and inspirational music that puts listeners at ease.

On their album Happen, such songs as “Running From the World Like Horses” and “Redemption” (Not a Bob Marley cover) seem to flow from the speakers into the ears of the listener like a cool breeze that calms one’s nerves. This Boston band is currently unsigned, but in the words of Aladdin, they are “a diamond in the rough” waiting to be discovered.

Written by: Kyle Thurin - Pop Wreck(oning)


- - - Shadowboxing (April 2010)
- Dahan's latest release, featuring #1 and DSA Songwriting Competition runner-up 'Spinning', 'Please, Icarus' and 'On The Edge'
- - - Wheels Up EP (June 2009)
- Continuing on the path he started with 'Love Sick', Dahan's second EP is as relentless as it is satisfying. Features the 2009 Billboard World Songwriting Competition Honorable Mention 'This Time', 'Telescope' and the 2009 SONGWARS Songwriting Competition runner-up 'Waterloo'.
- - - Love Sick (December 2008)
- Dahan's sixth full length LP, featuring the songs ‘In Between Breaths’ and Garageband Track of the Day 'Truth or Dare'
- - - Music Manifesto (May 2008)
- Dahan’s fifth full length solo record, featuring three Top 10 songs (Monster, Catch Me If You Can, End of Transmission)
- - - Happen EP (March 2008)
The Radio Knights’ six song debut EP. Featuring two Top 100 songs (Joanne, Redemption) and two Top 10 tracks (Joanne, Push)
- - - Waiting For Gravity (April 2007)
- Dahan’s fourth full length solo record, featuring two Garageband Track of the Day songs (If These Walls Could Talk, The Garden of Eden) and a Berklee Songwriting Contest Winner (The Back of a Postcard).
- - - Boston Rockers For Life (August 2006)
- Benefit compilation CD to prevent drunk driving. The Radio Knights contributed their song Joanne.
- - - Matt Dahan EP (March 2006)
- Dahan’s first and only solo EP.
- - - Now Is Coming The Real Thing (February 2006)
- The Radio Four song demo EP, containing three tracks off of Dahan’s album Quotes.
- - - Quotes (August 2005)
- Dahan’s third full length solo record. Featuring many of the songs that would become The Radio Knights live catalog (Joanne, Push, Running From The World Like Horses)
- - - Scenes from Boston (February 2005)
- Dahan’s second full length solo record. Mostly a roots and acoustic record, Dahan plays every instrument on the album.
- - - One Fine Horizon (August 2004)
- Dahan’s first full length solo record.



Matt Dahan is all about evolution. He is a third generation pianist in a family that has been performing since the Great Depression. The first piano that he used to write on was a foot long and had 20 keys. Trained at Berklee College of Music and educated in nearly every genre, his music is as eclectic as it is relevant. Furthermore, his style has grown and matured during the most tumultuous and groundbreaking era that the music industry has ever known.

Dahan is the evolution of piano pop. His inspirations range from Billy Joel to Bono, from The Goo Goo Dolls to George Gershwin. Through years of incorporating all eras of his genre into his songs, he has found a new strain of pop that is uniquely his own. Upon listening, it sounds both radio-friendly and progressive, both refreshing and familiar. His songs present a variety of powerful sonic landscapes that bridge the gap between generations, and grants him the amazing power that so many artists work towards: he is able to take an instrument that has been around since the Middle Ages and make it sound young again.

Every lyric is from the heart, whether it is describing the thrill of a newfound love, the soul-searching days after a breakup, or discovering how far a person is willing to go to find out who they are. And with a powerful, emotional voice that has been likened to Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas and Oasis’ Liam Gallagher, and you will quickly find out that there really is no other piano-rocker in the world quite like Matt Dahan.

Dahan’s latest solo effort, the independently produced 'Wheels Up', is a coming of age series of mini-epics for a young artist with evolution at his back. Listen, enjoy, and see what you can discover.


Email -
Or call Matt @ 781.789.1857

Some Band Highlights:

* The Billboard Songwriting Contest awards Dahan's song 'This Time' an Honorable Mention (2010)
* 'Spinning' places 2nd in the DSA Songwriting Contest, Rock Category (2010)
* Featured Artist and Daily Rec on The Album Project (2010)
* 'Spinning' remains in the Top 10 on the charts for over six weeks, peaking with a three week run at #1 in January (2010)
* 'Spinning' is accepted into radio rotation on WMIR 100.9 FM (Indie Revolution Radio) in New York City and Indie 104 (Internet Radio Station of the Year) in Los Angeles, as well as Delta Airline's In-Flight Radio (2010)
* Contributes six original songs for use in the indie film "The Joneses" (2010)
* Runner Up in SONGWARS Songwriting Competition's Rock category, for his song "Waterloo" (2009)
* Featured artist on's Indie's Top 10 Radio Show, on the strength of The Radio Knight's "Push" (2009)
* Claims three spots on Garageband's all time Top 25 Powerpop charts: Lyrics (#18), Keyboards (#21) and Production (#25) (2009)
* Finalist in SPIN's Hot Pursuit competition: Made it into the Top 20 out of over a thousand competitors (2008)
* Bodog Battle of the Bands Regional Finalists: As one of the final 50 bands standing among thousands in the international competition, they were filmed for the Fuse TV Reality show with the same name (2008)
* Selected as a Boston Music Spotlight's Battle of the Bands Semi-Finalist (2008)
* Dahan's songs have garnered twelve semifinal appearances in an unprecedented ten different categories on, including seven Top Ten finishes (notably in the CMJ and Earthfest categories) (2008)
* The Radio Knight's debut album, 'Happen,' has been featured on the front pages of CD Baby, and (2008)
* Unsigned Artist of the Week at Under The Gun Review (2008)
* Band of the Week at (2008)
* Had two songs in the Top 100 on (Joanne and Redemption) (2008)
* Berklee College of Music Songwriting Competition 2007 Winners: For The Radio Knights song “The Back of a Postcard” (2007)
* Featured Artist: Fan voting and ratings garnered Radio Knights songs multitudes of awards (2007)
* Featured on the July cover of CUSP magazine (2007)
* WFNX Boston Battle of the Bands Runner Up: Fans and judges chose The Radio Knights out of hundreds of other bands (2006)