the Radio Knives

the Radio Knives


You know the kind of songs that make you get on your feet, clap your hands and start yelling along even though you don't know the words? Well, those are the songs that the Radio Knives play.



With a sound lodged somewhere between the early Kinks dirty little pop gems and the greasy Detroit rock sound of the mid-to-late '70s - brothers and sisters, we are proud to present: THE RADIO KNIVES!

"Cursed" is a collection of Sinister Garage Pop songs that will get you back on your feet and pressed firmly against the stage for the sweatiest show in town.

THE RADIO KNIVES' sound and explosive live show set stages on fire through out the East Coast for just under a year before the band decided to jump in the studio with ace producer Jack Younger (the Coffin Lids, the Turpentine Brothers, the Konks). The band's Dionysus Records debut, "Cursed," finds THE RADIO KNIVES doling out gritty guitar riffs, rolling organ washes, and enough hand claps to make the MC5 jealous!

These songs are about loss and the loss that loss brings. These songs are the soundtrack to failure. These songs are sinister garage pop at its finest. So, pack your bags and kiss the cat goodbye, THE RADIO KNIVES are gonna cut you a new one!


CURSED will be released on Dionysus Records in September 2006.

We are seeking spins for "Bad Feelin'" and "Red, Red Rage."

Set List

The Radio Knives don't have a "typical" set list... we have 45 minutes of unbridled, cocaine-fueled rock & roll that makes most soundguys wet themselves.