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The best kept secret in music


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Curbside Makeout Music - 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Radio Spirit was originally a side project of Guitarist/vocalist/piano player mike gibney. "The Bean Project" as it was once called, recieved many comments and prooved to be enjoyed by people of all sort. Asian, indian, caucasian, black, you name them they liked it. Including Mikey from the Life cereal commercials... but then again what doesn't that little son of a bitch like? I bet mikey is rolling around on his fat stomach these days soon to suffer a diabettic coma. Anyway we appreciate the support regardless Mikey. A band then formed Consisting of ex My Big New Pants members "Mike Who Creeps People Out Gibney" and "Jay My Man St.Angelo", ex Anatomy Of A Collapse member "Sean Awesome"... Halliwell, Kenny "Blastoff Rocketship Kitty Meow"..., and Pat Knight <-sick last name. With Mike doing his thang, jay on lead guitar, sean awesome on drums, kenny on synth, and pat on bass it was an unbeatable team. However, just as the band reached their glory point, all failed. "Blastoff Rocketship Kitty Meow" left the band as did Pat Knight. The Radio Spirit was struck with hard times. Mike Gibney had to dance in the nude quarters, Jay St. got his girlfriend Latanya impregnated and Sean Awesome still kicked major ass. With the little bit of determination the three had they gave a ringle on Mr. Pat Richards' jangle. With his hand down his pants Pat Richards droped the phone and jumped in his car. Amazingly this saint arived at the Gibney estate in under 2 minutes. Finding out that he sucks terribly at synth they gave him very fundemental parts such as "Wah Wahh" and " Bee Booo". They realized they have come too far and realized it was too late to go back to dancing for quarters, taking care of a black woman and baby, and well being just as kick ass. Besides, he did this amazing thing with his testicles that is truely a blessing to witness. It wasn't until later when The Radio Spirit found the bass prodigy "Keith Sooo Good Looking McMaster". Keith McMaster beat the balls out of his bass so badly it made it a lesson for Pat "Wah Wahh Richards'" balls to never come out during practice again. The Radio Spirit pours out music that is enriched in vitamin C and vitamin dance your ass off... and a little bit of riboflavin actually. They make music purely so you can dance, clap, make babies, and sing along. Disclaimer: The Radio Spirit is not liable for any comments or opinions made in this biography.