The Radishes

The Radishes


Sounds like a cross between The White Stripes, The Stooges, Nirvana and Motorhead


“A cocktail of rock, punk, metal and psych-pop.” - Performer Magazine, Mar. 2006

“On their debut album Good Machine, The Radishes bring the sweat. It oozes out of ‘Suicide’ and into your hips. Their best cuts seem to have been sliced from the rock meat shared by Thin Lizzy and Motorhead, adding a touch of punk spice.” – Tripwire, Nov. 2007

“Snotty heavy punk. Dead Boys, Gorilla Biscuits. Good for picking up slutty Jersey girls.” – Hybrid Magazine, Dec. 2007

The Radishes are a San Francisco/Los Angeles based band with a sound that has been described as Nirvana meets Motorhead. Other influences include such high-energy units as The White Stripes, The Stooges, Ministry, The Hives, Artic Monkeys, Scratch Acid, and NIN, with hooky, angular guitar lines, ferocious vocals, and a unique, darkly ironic approach to songwriting.

Both the Sophia EP and Good Machine were mixed by famed engineer Mark Needham (known most recently for his work with The Killers, Hot Hot Heat, My Chemical Romance and Stevie Nicks) in L.A.

Most recently The Radishes have teamed up with legendary underground bassist Paul Barker (Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Lard, etc.), drummer Rey Washam (Ministry, Scratch Acid, Rapeman) and Wayne Kramer of the MC5 on their new EP "Strychnine," released 4/15/08.


Good Machine

Written By: Paul Stinson

Well I’m the future of the human race
Can’t you see?
Hey, I want to take you apart
And get behind your scene

You know I wanna
I just gotta, you know I’m gonna uHH
All you punk rockers and show stoppers
You’re gonna hit the big time

Everybody wants to see the show tonight
I’m gonna take it on the chin for the heavenly ghost
It’s my submission that my condition
Is gonna blow everybody’s mind tonight, alright

We got the station but nobody’s listening
We got the DJ that nobody’s missing
We got the kilowatts for proper submission
But your transmission’s stuck in revision

Alright . . .

We got the automatic vision and we’re counting down a mission to lose you
Well it’s the kind of thing you read about in Newsweek magazine
But you don’t want to be there when they come back for your mind, no!

We’re gonna burn it down
Because we built it
Forget the underground
We’re never gonna die (we’re gonna live forever too)


I’m a good machine
I’m a good machine
I’m a good machine
The kind that you live for

Long Day In My Mind

Written By: Paul Stinson

You know somebody in this town’s out to get me and that’s for sure
Just this morning I was crossing the street and somebody gave me one of those looks, you know, like they meant it?
And there’s this animal that lives in my building, I don’t know what it is
I’d ask the neighbors about it but they’d just laugh at me

Something’s been on my mind a long time but I just can’t think of what it is right now
But what’s the point of getting a receipt back for something that costs, like, 94 cents?
One time when I was younger my sister told me if you left the cap off a tube of toothpaste a bug would crawl into it
Well that’s something I think about a lot, you know?

It’s been a long day in my mind again and I’m trying to sleep
I’ve got a list of reasons why I can’t breathe
Don’t you hear them coming? I think they’re coming for me
It’s a sad, sad story. But what the hell do you care anyway?

Sometimes I’m not really sure if I’m alive or not
But I heard that adhesive they put on the back of envelopes is made out of rabbit mucus
And I read somewhere that if you rewire a garage door opener you can open anyone’s garage you want
It just seems like somebody should do something about that

It’s a long day in my mind again and I’m trying to sleep
I’ve got a list of symptoms, I’m trying to make a disease
I can’t feel my head, I don’t have any head
Well I don’t know about you but I’m not gonna eat that


Written By: Paul Stinson

My mind's shot, I'm desperate and I've got no money to spend
You're so lovely I wanna eat you, aren't we all just flesh in the end?
Your paradise is in the alleyway
Our lady of the sleepless nights
You play that game long enough the wrong way
You might forget how to play it right, alright

I got a broken stick and a machine gun, handful of pills oughta do me right
I got a shotgun and you ain't got one, let's see what's doin' tonite
I'm not too sure about human kind
They look pretty suspicious to me
If you make it out to New Orleans say hello to the sea

Strychnine, in the city

You got a face like a third world war
You can't remember what your memory's for
Who could it be knock knock knock knockin' at your door
Straight is straight, so don't bend it

Who's better? Who's best? Who's the only friend that you got left?
When they ask you who do you love, plead the fifth

Strychnine, get ready
Strychnine, yeah

you can't take it back
you can't roll it back
you can't get it back
you can't have it back

The streets belong to us now

Strychnine, in the city
Strychnine, you're so pretty
Strychnine, you're already dead


Sophia (EP)
Good Machine (LP)
Strychnine (EP), with Paul Barker, Rey Washam and Wayne Kramer

Set List

We usually do ten or so songs. The songs are all pretty short and so the sets end up being around 40 minutes. The one cover in our set is I Found Out by John Lennon. Last show we did:

Good Machine
Jackie Says
Drink With The Dead
Never Told a Lie
Matter of Fact
I Found Out
Hook Me Up