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"Underage - The Raggedy Anns"

"Sad as it is, we've all heard someone describe a band they like by saying something like, 'Oh dude, they're hella sweet; they sound just like the Beatles!' It's a silly thing to say. Just like no basketball player out of college should be billed as the next Michael Jordan and no young politician as the next John F. Kennedy, no band should be subjected to comparisons with the most popular band of all time.

The Beatles thing, though, was just one of a lot of essentially positive things I've been hearing recently about Seattle group the Raggedy Anns - four young men who deliver straightforward, unadulterated, old-timey rock and roll at shows all over town. Last Wednesday night, opening for Japanther at the Vera Project, the band delivered on the their hype in a big way, electrifying a sleepy crowd despite their early timeslot.

It's clear that the Raggedy Anns take much of their inspiration from the past. Singer Thomas Beecham's nasally vocal twang jumped between "Cotton Eyed Joe" speed blues yelp a la Slim Harpo and heartfelt pop croon. His backing band changed shapes, too, switching between hard-hitting Kinks-inspired rockers, surf jams, saloon-stlye swing, and even a little bit of country. Every song sounds like a different band is onstage, but one constant is the band's high level of talent. Dueling guitars interlock with jaw-dropping intricacy, drums pound theatrically, the bass never drags, and when Beecham and the band step to the mics and harmonize, it recalls everything you love about listening to your parents' dusty old records.

While it all makes for a band your dad would love, the Raggedy Anns put on a damn fine show that should please fans of old-time radio revival bands like the Moondoggies or the Dutchess and the Duke."

(Casey Catherwood, The Stranger, vol. 18, no. 3: Sept 25-October 1, 2008) - The Stranger (Seattle's Only Newspaper) (written by Casey Catherwood)

"The Raggedy Anns draw droll faces at the Comet"

The Raggedy Anns draw droll faces at the Comet

There's an unofficial pogo championship tonight, sure to broken up by intermittent happy-dance-offs and, depending on how much you drink and/or how strong the pours are at the Comet (which I can say with some authority contain the ability to destroy you), a really sweet montage effect. The Raggedy Anns provide the soundtrack.

The Anns are Tom, Austin, Kevin and Calvin. Not one Andy in the bunch. Their tastes run from skiffle jazz to jumpjoint blues, and it's hard not to describe them as a rich man's Vampire Weekend, so just assume I didn't. Actually, while the VW are all about African influences, The Raggedy Anns honed in on Rock n' Roll, Gypsy Jazz, and Klezmer, stringing great rolls of melody over unflappable rhythm. You don't have to dance, but you'll look dumb sitting there.

The Raggedy Anns play twice tonight: early at the Triple Door's Musicquarium, and late at the Comet. You have no excuse for missing them.

5:30@The Triple Door's Musicquarium
9:00@The Comet
With Trainwreck Riders
And Karl Blau

Posted by Tyson Lynn at November 14, 2008 9:26 a.m. - The Seattle Post Intelligencer

"The Raggedy Anns - December 8th, 2008"

This week’s podcast is for anyone who’s had to carry a 125 pound Rhodes Piano back to the dorm at 3 a.m. or had to stay an extra night at a Motel 6 because the part for the van still hadn’t come in. If you love live music … you’ll also enjoy this week’s featured band.


"Each week we discuss different things you're doing to market your music. We've talked about marketing plans, logos, websites, e-mail marketing, myspace, facebook... but this week I thought we'd go back to the basics and pay homage to the purest form of marketing - performing the live gig.

Not only is there the unmistakable energy between a performer and their audience, but playing out on a regular basis helps your refine your sound, your songs, and your skills. Over time you get a true sense of who you are, and who your audience is. Getting to the point that you're comfortable in front of an audience and can connect with them usually means your music has reached a new plateau as well. If you're fortunate enough to travel with other bands and musicians there's also the comraderie and life experience that goes along with it. And of course, from a marketing standpoint sometimes nothing energizes a fan base like seeing their favorite band live and in person.

So, this week we tip our hats to those who are so committed to their music that they spend countless hours practicing in the garage, sending out demos and schlepping their gear to and from gigs, all for that one hour or so they get to play for a group of people who have taken the time out of their own lives to see their favorite artist perform live. It's truly one of life's most amazing relationships and experiences, and one of the purest and most genuine forms of marketing.

One band that loves a live gig and does it very well is a band out of Seattle called The Raggedy Anns. Simply put, they generate amazing energy and are no doubt one heck of a party band. In January alone, they'll be playing in Santa Barabara, Los Angeles, Flagstaff, Santa Fe, Houston, San Diego, Oakland and Salem, Oregon. That's dedication, man. Here are The Raggedy Anns and a live performance of 'Anna Maria' on the My Music Image podcast." - My Music Image Podcast


The Prospector Joe EP (recorded live at Bear Creek Studios in Woodinville, Washington, U.S.A., March 2008):

1. Looking Glass
2. The Nemo Song
3. Prospector Joe
4. Anna Maria (live at Vera Project)



The Raggedy Anns are Tom, Austin, Garrett, Tony, and Calvin. With their archaic tastes in Jazz and Blues music, and a desire to make these styles heard again amongst younger crowds, The Raggedy Anns have found an exhilerating blend of Rock n' Roll, Gypsy Jazz, and Klezmer music that entertains crowds of all ages and combines these classic styles with contemporary rock and pop, thus conceiving an original sound that breaks the status quo of today’s music scene.

They have a good bunch of originals as well as many covers (for which the Raggedy Anns have been described as an “oldies jukebox”). Every once in a blue moon they’ll strip their set down for a skiffle band feel with banjo, guitar, upright bass, and percussion. The Raggedy Anns are also lucky enough to have their good friend Tony Moore guest with them in live performances now and then, delivering his amazing trumpet and clarinet parts.

After beginning to play various Seattle venues in July 2007, The Raggedy Anns were given the opportunity to record their demo at Bear Creek Studios in Woodinville, WA (where artists such as The Strokes, Eric Clapton, Lionel Richie, Blonde Redhead, and others have recorded). Out of these sessions came the 3 track “Prospector Joe EP” at which was recorded live in 2 days. Since then, they’ve had wonderful opportunities to play at some of the larger venues in Seattle, including Chop Suey, the Showbox Greenroom, the Comet, Healthy Times Fun Club, the High Dive, the Sunset, Folklife, Noise for the Needy, Ballard SeafoodFest, and many others. They’ve also been played on various Seattle radio stations such as KEXP, and played live in studio on the UW’s Rainy Dawg Radio and Seattle University's KSUB Radio.

The Raggedy Anns play any venue ranging from wine tastings, people’s back patios, basement/house parties, and dive bars, to venues suited for prominent local artists and national touring acts. They have a blast doing what they do, and playing venues is something they intend to do as long as people enjoy seeing them and they can bring people together to have an awesome time enjoying and dancing to their music.

The Raggedy Anns have always exceeded people’s expectations and are always invited to play again. They love what they do and have fun with it, whilst always maintaining a degree of professionalism. Thanks for reading!