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"DJ Email"

I featured it last week, playing four cuts in a row....
It's a great CD and I'm pleased to have it ...
Mike Kelsey - These Friends of Mine - WFHB
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I rcvd the CD today---just great. Love the sound--
will be playing it this Sunday. Only wish I knew which track I like the best, they are all good...
Bill Hahn - Traditions - WFDU
The Ragwagon Band CD is wonderful...we were struck by how much fun emanated from the loudspeakers. Musically tight and focused, spiritually a hoot! Thanks for sending it along.
Stephen Snyder - The World - WGBH
This is a delightful CD -- just rough enough around
the edges to convey a sense of fun. I'll be playing more
of it on Acoustic Eclectic. ---Otto Bost, WDIY - *********************


'THE RAGWAGON BAND' Eventual Records 2003
(Currently receiving airplay in radio stations across US and in four foreign countries.)



OK, then. It's probably all my fault....
When I heard, coupla years back, of a reunion weekend being hosted by our favorite little theater troupe, I could have kept still. A simple "Why yes, I'd love to attend" would have been more than sufficient. No need to go phoning, e-mailing, postcarding, and generally making a nuisance of myself. Why get folks all excited, trying to do what was clearly quite impossible? Much better to maintain the quiet dignity and comportment befitting a man of, (cough, gasp!) ... nearly forty years of age.
Well now, that's the point, right there, y'see. The whole 'prime-time-of-your-life' thing.
Good, legitimate grown-up job. Satisfactory salary plus benefits. Nice enough living quarters in the Capital of the Entire Civilized World--New York City. Lots to do, places to go, people to meet, etc. etc. Still.... something was missing...
I missed the music. I'd missed it for too long, for decades. The community of musicians and fans from back in the days before PCs and CDs and digital-everything-you-can-imagine. I missed the acoustic guitars and the vintage blues. I missed Amy's sweet, smoky singing, with Eddie playing his exquisite piano, Diane's incendiary Jazz violin, and Gilby blowing bass on that old moonshine jug he picked up God-Knows-Where. I missed Sadie Green and Basin Street, The Blind Lemon and Club 47, The Gaslight, The Stone Church, and Salt. I missed Ragwagon. Go figure.
So blame me, if you will. It turned out that I was not alone in my fond remembrances and, while we did have to move a mountain across an ocean to do it, we presented The Ragwagon Reunion Concert to thunderous applau and then were not smart enough to let it go at that.
We really ought to be old enough to know better. Apparently, we are not.
We hope you enjoy our music.
Write if ya get the chance.
From The Ragwagon,
Lonesome Red Riley