The Rain

The Rain

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5-piece band w/ musical foundation in Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop and Soul. The skill level of the members allows for a musical range from current Top 40 Club songs to Herbie Hancock covers to creative, genre-blending originals.


Jim Barr, 24 (keyboards): Jim Barr is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Duquesne University with a degree in Music Technology. He was awarded the Outstanding Music Technology Student Award and was class Marshall. He has been playing piano and keyboards for 15 years and has studied under Carol Young, Gladys Stein, Anthony DiVittorio, and Ron Bickel. Currently, Jim teaches piano in the Pittsburgh area and is working on finishing a Master’s Degree in Multimedia/Interactive Media, also at Duquesne University. Influences to his playing and programming include: BT, Herbie Hancock, Moby, Dr. Dre, Timbaland, The Neptunes, Dream Theater, Radiohead, Linkin Park, Tribe Called Quest and the Roots to name a few. Jim Barr is available for dinner parties and petting zoos.

Tim Clark, 24 (saxophone/flute): Tim Clark has been playing music since the age of 10, and he has been heavily exposed to many different genres of music his entire life. His grandfather, “Texas Tenor” Ed Wiley Jr., has always been a major influence in his musical development. Wiley’s experience and impressive resume is part of the reason Clark has excelled in music from the beginning. Clark graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in music and intends to attain a Master’s degree in music education and eventually teach. While in college, he had the honor of receiving the Alfred D’Auberg scholarship for “musical and academic excellence,” and he was also the president of the university’s Jazz Ensemble. During this period, Clark had the opportunity to study under world famous saxophonist Dr. Nathan Davis for 3 years, which has enabled him to grow enormously as a musician. In addition to performing with The Rain, Tim Clark also teaches saxophone lessons at two different locations in Pittsburgh. His influences include Charlie Parker, Wayne Shorter, and John Coltrane.

DJ HUGGY, 24 (bass): DJ Huggy, born in Pittsburgh, is one of the original members of The Rain. He started playing the bass at the age of 20. Even with such a late start, he quickly became known for his incredible ability to lay down impressive bass lines. He first became a member of The Rain as its DJ. Soon, due to an unexpected departure of the band's then resident bass player, he decided to give the bass a try in an attempt to fill the voided spot. In the process, a spark was born, and an ever-burning passion to play the bass began. DJ Huggy has been playing the bass professionally since the first day he touched it, and he has played at many different venues in the Tri-state area. In seeing him play live, it is evident that he is heavily influenced by Hip-Hop, Soul, & Jazz. His main musical influences for the bass are Dwayne Dolphin, Verdine White, Stuart Zender, Victor Wooten, Stanley Clarke, Chuck Rainey, Bootsy Collins, Larry Graham, and many others. In his spare time, he works as a recording engineer at his professional recording studio, ID Labs. He also has produced and arranged for several nationally known Hip-Hop Recording Artists. Currently he is working on many different producing projects while at the same time, recording with The Rain.

DEAK, 24 (drums) Deak has been drumming with The Rain since its inception almost four years ago. Even by that time, he was an accomplished percussionist, having begun his training in 1994.Before and after helping to found The Rain, Deak performed with many other local bands. In fact, he played his first professional gig at age 16. Deak knew that his talent was something special, so he enrolled in the Mary Pappert School of Music at Duquesne University and graduated with a B.S. in Music Therapy in May 2004. While in college, Deak developed a strong affinity for jazz music. Not only has he trained under legendary jazz drummer Roger Humphries, but he has also cultivated his melodic side by studying vibraphone. In addition to maintaining a busy performance schedule with The Rain, Deak continues to play the drums and vibes in many Pittsburgh-area venues. His goal is to bring to his music a synthesis of his influences – from Rimsky-Korsokov to Caribbean island Music – and to make the ‘2’ and ‘4’ feel better every time he picks up the sticks.

SCOTT SIMON, 24 (guitar) Greatly influenced by George Benson and Wes Montgomery, Scott Simon is the guitar protégé of jazz legend Jimmy Ponder, from whom he derived his smooth, melodic style. A fiery stage performer, Simon is capable of weaving pure, heartfelt musical ecstasy with his fingertips. In addition to being a part of The Rain, Simon is creating quite a stir along with vocalist Richard Hutchins, who together make up the HutchSimonProject. The HutchSimonProject recently released their first CD entitled "Out of the Shadow," which was recorded live at the Shadow Lounge in Pittsburgh. Since then they have been performing in Pittsburgh, New York City, Washington D.C., Philly, etc., and are planning performance dates in cities all over the country.


Artists The Rain has opened for

-Talib Kweli -Liberation
-Mary J Blige -Strict Flow
-Black Sheep -W. Ellington Felton
-Lord Finesse -Twin Poets
-Diamond D -Mother’s Favorite Child
-Grand Wizard Theodore -Beam
-RJD2 -Urban Ave 31
-Amerie -3 Apples High
-Dapp Theory -The Poogie Bell Band

Artists The Rain has performed with

-Grand Wizard Theodore
-Venus Malone
-Akil Esoon (of Beam)
-Masai Turner (formerly of Strict Flow)
-Charon Don
-HutchSimonProject (formerly of Mi Sandz)
-Gene Stovall
-J Flint

Some of the Venues where The Rain has performed

-Rosebud: Pittsburgh, PA
-Club Café: Pittsburgh, PA
-Meridian Hill (Malcolm X Park): Washington, DC
-Post Gazette Pavilion: Pittsburgh, PA
-Haverford College: Philadelphia, PA
-Shadow Lounge: Pittsburgh, PA
-Felt: Cleveland, OH
-Nick’s Fat City: Pittsburgh, PA
-Club Laga: Pittsburgh, PA
-The University of Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh, PA
-Penn State University: State College, PA

The Rain also performs at festivals, weddings and private functions.

Set List

The Rain typically plays 1-3 hour sets, with material ranging from jazz and hip hop covers to their own original pieces. The Rain is equally entertaining whether backing a lead vocalist like hip hop artist SMI, or if they are performing a strictly instrumental show.