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The Rain Design

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The best kept secret in music


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2002 - "In Vestigial Tongues" CD/EP
2005 - "The Following is a Paid Advertisement" sampler CD/EP

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Feeling a bit camera shy


Hello. Since you’re reading this you must be at least partially intrigued by The Rain Design, whether it be the music, the fabulously nifty name, or the dangerously good looks and fantastic, tight, pants of it’s creator Adam Kozak. That’s why I am here now to impart information on to you in third-person point-of-view.

The Rain Design is a tightly-knit ball of directionless energy stationed in the yuppie-liberal Mecca
of western Massachusetts’ Pioneer Valley.

The Rain Design is chameleon-like music written, performed, and recorded by 22-year old, Adam
Kozak in his bedroom on an ancient Hewlett Packard PC named none other than Dale. Sometimes
friends and comrades join in on the cacophony.

The Rain Design’s origins are simple and humble to the point of insipidity. Uninspired by the
typical 4-5 piece rock ensemble he had grown so accustomed to, Adam Kozak decided to put
his restlessness, minute attention span, and discontent to use and began recording under the
moniker of The Rain Design, chosen for his fondness of rainy days. You could say it’s a love letter to them. Ahhh ooohhh mmmmm how positively emo.

The Rain Design began as Kozak’s side project to the emocore band Last In First Out, which he
sang in. He left the band in October ’03.

The Rain Design is one of those pain in the ass bands that are incredibly frustrating to describe
musically. To accurately wedge it under a pre-existing label might as well be as productive as smearing icy hot on one’s genitalia. The sonic landscape is littered with corroded and mangled samples and loops, post-punk guitar slashes, honky tonk piano, swirling synths, huge drums, bizarre poly-rhythms and any other junk laying around that may or may not fit into the chaos. Somehow this mess of sound translates into unlikely, almost anthemic, pop songs that have as much in common with Elvis Costello as they do Skinny Puppy or Sunny Day Real Estate as much as Mr. Bungle. Basically it’s a 14-headed hydra, heaved from the creative loins of an individual with the irregular emotional pattern of a paranoid schizophrenic boll weevil: music for people who think themselves to sleep.

The Rain Design self-released the 2002 CD/EP “In Vestigial Tongues”, an entirely electronic
prog-punk opus concentrating on the erosion of communication. Only several hundred copies
were distributed, and a couple dozen were spun at radio stations throughout the eastern U.S.. Since
then, “In Vestigial Tongues” has received surprisingly enthusiastic acclaims from fans of punk,
industrial, pop, new wave, electronica, and most importantly, zydeco, accumulating in a modest-
sized, but rabid, fanbase.

The Rain Design is currently wrapping up work on 15 songs for a new release, “Massacre in an
Affluent Suburb”. With the addition of a brand-spanking new live band (keyboardist Jesse Cross,
guitarist Nate Kerxhalli, bassist Rhees Williams, and drummer Corey Matthews) and hopefully
some eventual label representation, 2004-05 should be an absolutely rad time for The Rain Design
alumni and fans alike. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an avocado sandwich that needs some
tending to.