the Raining

the Raining


The Raining is a unique rock trio based in Portland, OR. Fans describe their music as sonic exploration or art rock. Each composition is diverse and original. The tracks on the new cd emphasize their ability to be uninhibited in their creativity, and in turn stretch the imagination.


Veteran songwriters/producers, Dennis Hitchcox and Daniel Parker, team up with bassist Trent Hinchman to form a group where composing and creative energy are diverse and uninhibited.

The Raining ended up in it's current line-up because the band couldn't find a drummer who could hang. So they just decided to keep it a trio, taking turns on drums and swapping instruments. This first album features Daniel Parker on drums, and he also engineered most of it.

Trent has an appreciation for bizarre noises and effects that come with musical instruments. His experimentation throws a variable into the recipe, and adds a dimension that serves the music well.

Daniel's experimental side is aided by his wide knowledge of music and theory. His writing contains echoes of the melodic qualities of the Beach Boys, the Posies and John Lennon, and the Clientele. Daniel Parker's music is catchy, witty, covers every spectrum between lo and hi-fi and can be heard on his 2 solo releases Apple in a Blue Sky (2002) and Mend (2005).

Dennis's guitar playing wanders back and forth between rock and jazz, but with taste. He has been called "one of the best songwriters in Portland" by Jim Brunberg (Mississippi Studios) in critique of his 2005 solo release, After All.

The Raining's focus on composition is more often studio-driven, though regular live performances are found throughout the Pacific Northwest at festivals, clubs and ice cream socials.



Written By: Dennis Hitchcox

High sign taking a stroll along the fine line
Taking a walk into the coal mine, taking me underground
Call me, I'll be right over if you feel like
Having me over cuz I look like I may have been underground

And it's not like I lie
And it's not like I like it
And it's not like I lie
And it's not like I like it

Blue eyes, don't pay no never mind to white lies
Don't be surprised to see the big prize is waiting right underground

Friction, just what you want from an addiction
Glosses right over the affliction that's taking you underground

And it's not like I won
And it's not like I wonder why
And it's not like I won
And it's not like I wonder why


Written By: Dennis Hitchcox

Looking into the Telescope
All the things you think you hope
Take me alongside, I can drive
And we’ll be there by morning
When you rise
Opening your eyes opening your mind
Comes a big surprise and always falls behind

What would you say the chances are?
The constant change the strange bizarre
If you can’t tell me everything
I’ll find out by morning when I rise
Landing on my feet marching down the mile
Everything’s complete once in a while

One day you can have everything
The one you love the song you sing
Bow to the moon and say goodnight
They’ll be there in the morning
When we rise
Waking to our dreams, the day is on the mark
All is what it seems even in the dark

Slow Day

Written By: Dennis Hitchcox

Such a slow day, make haste on the highway
I’ll explain on the way
We’re just minutes from someday
Where we can talk for a while
On the phone calling you home again.

Somewhere we go, they won’t know, they won’t know

Fine feathers make fine birds
Stone poets make fine words
But we’re all the same
There’s no one to blame
In the morning, in the evening in the night time

Off the top of my head, on the tip of my tongue
On the spur of the moment when I thought I was young

Off the top of my head, on the tip of my tongue
On the spur of the moment when I thought I was young

On the edge of my seat driving into the sun
When I thought it over yeah I thought it was done


The Raining (self-titled), 2008
Solo CD Releases: Dennis Hitchcox (self-titled), Mend by Daniel Parker, and After All by Dennis Hitchcox

Set List

What It Was
the Arrangement
Fight Song
Thought Control
All Your Goodbyes
Me and the Bad News
Destination Eternity
Billionaire Boys Club
Home On the Road
Fool's Gold
Difference of the Sum
Two Birds
Sweet Refrain
= approximately 1hr 20min worth of music