The Ralph Jones Band

The Ralph Jones Band


"...utilizing minor key melodies and discordant ideas to infectious effect." - Matt Shimmer, "...a brand-new sound in comfortable style." - Ryan Smith,


Listen for yourself, but really listen and absorb what is given. It's worth your while.
The Ralph Jones Band is a trio consisting of Nathan Newbury, Jason Hibbitts, and Joe Burns. Based in Kentucky, this group formed in 2002.
The group's first album, Drowning in Kentucky on State Bird Records, takes the listener deep into the foothills of the eastern part of the state. Melody, rhythm, and tones are the vehicle for the willing listeners. Each song, instrument and part was created from the purest form, of subject matter that has happened or is waiting to.
Totally meant, specifically placed sounds and speech. The Ralph Jones Band tailors to many listener's values, yet maintains a style that has never been crafted.


100 points

Written By: nathan newbury

cautiosly she stakes off her territories
Not letting one second slip on by
Patiently she feels an authority
Not cashing her chips til she's ripe
And it all just passes by so quickly
She hasn't got time to think
She revels in every moment
And hope's she can remember tomorrow
But she's wanted that juic-o-matic anyway
It's easy to forget what you never felt.


Drowning in Kentucky- July 2003

Set List

Alecia the Clepto
Judgment Amount
Off the Ground
Potato Shine
Put Your Finger On
Drowning in Kentucky
100 Points

We do not play covers, our set is currently running 45 to 60 minutes.