The           RalphJones Band

The RalphJones Band


"A fascinating collision of Honky Tonk and Jazz. RJB drips originality like a cleverly concealed moonshine distillery." -ew, citybeat


The Ralph Jones Band formed in 2002. The name was chosen for wanting to be non-descriptive (a social experiment, if you will.) The stereotypes people have when they hear the name astounds the band. Nathan, Jason and Joe have all been called Ralph. Drowning in Kentucky, the band's debut CD, showcases the styles and unique sound the band has crafted. The band also chooses to not have a bassist, but you would never miss it. In 2004, they were accepted to showcase at NXNE in Toronto. MTV featured a song from the band's first album, Drowning in Kentucky, on their reality show MADE. Most recently, RJB played MidPoint Music Fesival in Cincinnati this year. Watch for the new record , Just For The Scenery! It was released to radio Feb 21st with the help of Tinderbox Music. The band also showcased at both SXSW (Austin,TX) and HYPERACTIVE (Albuquerque,NM) music festivals this year.


that far

Written By: jason hibbitts

you owe me a favor
that is why i called
suspicion and labor
it will be the cost to our relation

cause we're just
the three of us

you guess the joke
unmask their face
but you couldn't plan this hoax
i knew you hadn't made it that far

the ride's the reason

Written By: Nathan Newbury

crumbled up and torn, so easily thrown away, and now you think you'd like it back but there's no way, and you struggle hard to find a reason for the ride, but the ride's the reason now, at least its memory is, and now it's hard to recall your favorite part, you struggle hard to fight the pulling of the tide, completely in its grasp, how could you ever know? that you should heed the warning of the undertow, and you struggle hard to find a reason for the ride, the ride is the reason now.


ORGANELLE (Various) - 2004
BUZZLIGHTER #9 (Various) for radio airplay.
"Put Your Finger On" was featured - 2004

Set List

100 points
Put Your Finger On Drowning in Kentucky
Lead Me Like Livestock
Potato Shine
That Far
Fresh and New
Alecia the Clepto
Too Far
That Far
Judgment Amount
Nearly Out Of Sight
The Ride
Devil at the Breakfast Table
No, No (dont get up)
Just For the Scenery
Too Far

Our set is usually between 45-60 minutes.