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"Quiksilver Pro 2011/12"

The Rambleers have been selected as one of the featured artists for the ASP Quiksilver sponsored events for 2011 and 2012 - Quiksilver

"Dimestore April 14th set: Ste Keegan, Corner Kids, Rambleers"

So... Dimestore last night:I got there for the end of Ste Keegan's set; solo artist with a guitar and a great voice. Nice easy listening tunes. Can't say much, because, as I say, I only caught the end.

The Corner Kids played next. I love this band: nice guys and great tunes. Lead vocals Matthew Lennon has an amazing voice, strong and distinctly Irish. They played a great set. You can see a clip I recorded of their song 'Every Day'. Not the best quality but it'll give you a good idea of what these guys are like. They played a new track too, the name of which I didn't get but it was great. They are playing in Sweeney's tomorrow (Saturday night), so come down and check them out along with the next guys I'm about to review: The Rambleers.

The final performance of the night: The Rambleers: These guys really know how to kick out some stomping tunes. Blues-rock is probably the best description. The crowd loved them and they got a "one more tune" chant at the end, and they obliged. The crowd was bopping and swaying big time. Well worth checking these guys out and they have an album too: Roots! I presume it's available in Tower. They are playing tomorrow night in Sweeney's and I STRONGLY urge you to come down and check them out. I'll try and find some youtube content and post the links.

Be sure to check all of these guys out on facebook and click 'like'. - The Music Seen

"Album Review 'Hotpress Magazine'"

The Rambleers are a Dublin rock quartet hailing from the dirtier side of the tracks, with a spinal tap-esque habit of losing drummers. Their eponymous album opens with nonchalant spiky guitar , before 'Roots' kicks into life as a fine, drum-driven blues rock track with indie overtones. 'Ebb and Flow' is slower and heavier, and gets suitably blissed-out, with twin guitar squalls that evoke Rory Gallagher at his best. The Ghost of Rory's guitar also haunts the sleazy 'Phoonthy Blues'. All told the playing is terrific! - Jackie Hayden first cuts

"The Rambleers Album Launch"

There always exists that nice bit of anticipation, nay hope when a last-minute gig comes your way, that it’s going to in some way light up your weekend. The Grand Social has been steadily building its name as a venue of note and it’s here that up and coming Dublin group The Rambleers chose to launch their debut album, a vintage bluesy-rock record with a penchant for searing guitar riffs and raspy vocals. Offering a complimentary album along with the cover charge was a nice touch to begin with and as the main act arrived on stage, the appreciation still lived strong with a rousing welcome from the sizeable crowd.

Lead singer Steve McConnell provided the briefest of intros before wasting no time in getting stuck into a set that contained no less than ten quality tunes plus the compulsory ‘one more tune’! With McConnell’s soulful vocals coupled with Ray Nolan providing the bands back-bone beat on drums, the scene was set for a solid night’s musical folly and it didn’t disappoint. Standout songs on the night included ‘Ebb & Flow’, with its mix and feel reminiscent of Seasick Steve and a down to earth Raconteurs, and the idyllic ‘Sway’ with its melodic intro and climactic finish. Along with the aforementioned heavy weight acts, touches of Lynard Skynard guitar and Thin Lizzy bass lines reared they’re heads with gusto, further providing evidence of a knowledgeable and rounded group of lads plying their trade. Although not yet the finished article, The Rambleers now possess the solid ground they would have craved in times past, safe in the knowledge they’ve done the hard part in producing an album that’s up to scratch and can push on from here with confidence.

- Bob King Heineken music

"Album Review 'Irish Unsigned'"

(to find the orignal review please go to then hit reviews at the top of the page. then hit 'For reviews of recorded material, go here' and find the Rambleers)

The Rambleers


Angela Macari O’Looney

Dublin rock band The Rambleers are Steve McConnell-Guitar/Banjo, Peter Omelia-Lead Guitar, Ciaran Donnelly-Bass and Ray Nolan-Drums. On this album certain numbers were performed by original drummer Frank Kennedy. Ken Mooney from The Urges performs other tracks and there’s a very interesting story about how the band have gone through three drummers and have finally settled with Ray. Influences include The Stones, Hendrix, Bloomfield, Zeppelin, Black Crowes and James Gang.

Since forming in 2005, they have been writing and performing original material. The line up has gradually developed. Pete Omelia draws inspiration for his blues/rock style solos from his travels across the U.S.A., where he lived for some years.
Steve is the main songwriter and he has a charming and engaging vocal style.
With the addition of Donnelly who is involved in arrangements and whose baselines set the scene in each number, plus drummer Ray (Quiet) Nolan’s imaginative drums and percussion, The Rambleers have a unique and appealing sound.
This band has gigged extensively, boasting performances at the Mercantile Sunday Roast, Club Fear, Modern Times in Crawdaddy and the OiOi Get Down in O’Neill’s, Maynooth.

The Rambleers also performed original sets for three days at the Rory Gallagher fest in Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal in 2010.

Roots is due for release in April 2011 and is a collection of enjoyable numbers, some laid back, some upbeat and punchy. I plucked out my own favourites from the ten interesting tracks.


The intro to this song is slinky, with delectable lead guitar. The pace alters to a faster beat, with explosive drum rolls and paradiddles throughout the verse. Superb chord combinations throughout are impressive, as are backing vocals which are infused in just the right places behind Steve’s lead voice. Alternating rhythm, a scorching lead solo and Ciaran lending atmosphere with his baseline are key features in this excellent title track.
Pete and Steve perform delicious riffs where slider is used to add a twang!

Ebb and Flow

This is another number that changes pace throughout. It begins with trickling guitars and Steve singing a moody verse. Two guitars blend well with both complimenting one another for the first solo and bass barely there but framing the picture nicely.
Gradually building up to a rockin’ beat, this song totally comes alive by the time your into the chorus. Screaming lead and seductive slides up along the guitar frets are exciting. Instrumentals throughout are outstanding in this sleazy, one horse town type number which is well named.

Phoonthy Blues is a blues/rock number where lots of distortion is used in guitars. The intro involves a catchy alternating beat and sexy guitars. Creedance style riffs and twin slides up and down the frets are exhilarating to hear and Steve’s delivery perfect as he performs the moody vocals. It’s a hangdog number with lots of charm!

With an acoustic guitar intro to die for, Here and now is a delicious number. Witty lyrics and superb riffs lend to this song. Steve plays banjo, Ciaran does some wonderful bass and all the stops are pulled out as each musician lets loose. My favourite line in this track is Please do something to cover up them holes/ I know it don’t look pretty but it gets us down the road.

New Years Day

With a gorgeous intro involving a twangy guitar and soulful harmonica, this number is haunting and very appealing. Banjo adds to the atmosphere and backing vocals perform sweet oohs. Acoustic guitar chords provide rhythm during the first verse.
Percussion comes in for the second verse and the gradual build up of sound is very effective, with instruments joining with every new verse. This is my favourite number on the album.

Dirty Blue

What I adore about this number is the way the rest of the band echo Steve’s words with each line of the verse. Percussion is brilliant throughout and the choppy rhythm alluring. Lead guitar is yet again amazing, with plucked notes and wonderful chords extremely effective. Steve’s vocals excel here too, as he sings the blues, backed by catchy lead riffs that continue all the way through. I find this number extremely seductive!

Performed in a train station, with all the noises associated with the start of a busy morning as commuters pass the busker, Buskin Blues is just that. I lay my hat down but not a soul in sight.
Harmonica is a perfect addition in this and backing vocals are excellent also.
Omelia lets loose doing a fab guitar solo, baseline strutting its stuff too. Acoustic guitar for the verse is trickling and I like how it returns to just the acoustic before the last blasted out chorus. Harmonica and electric guitars do this amazing passing train effect that I love here. There seems to be loads going on from beginning to end.

The chorus and elaborate guitars in Backyard Blues are the highlight. Twin riffs are delectable in this number, with lead elaborate and Ciaran’s baseline busy. This foot stomping song changes pace later on, speeding up to a fast rock beat. It chops and changes constantly and guitars seduce with bending riffs and ball breaking solos never ending. I’d say it is one amazing song to watch live!

Sway is the last song on The Rambleers debut album. It’s a lovely finale, with a rolling beat, elaborate notation on acoustic guitar and brushes used on drums to give it a sense of movement.
A feature of this band’s music is the way they tend to alter the tempo during each number. This is no exception and for this they choose a three four tempo which I absolutely adore. Electric guitar chords and trickling notation are wonderful. It would definitely be a song for swaying to.
As a bonus track, the boys do an additional instrumental involving more scintillating guitars. Pete Omelia has a style I could listen to forever and I enjoy this last blow out that the lads perform to wind down a very entertaining CD.

The true stars of this show are the wonderful instruments, although Steve McConnell’s bluesy vocals are essentially at the forefront in each number. So its not too surprising that the band chose to depict the tools of their trade on the front cover of the album. Also in the picture is a comfortable looking leather armchair, which seems to be inviting the listener to sit down, take the load off and enjoy some blissful blues!

Review written by: Angela Macari O’Looney --
- Angela Macari O’Looney

"Sunday Roast Weekly Review"

To follow that up we had “The Rambleers”, who took to the stage and opened with “New Year’s Day”. A song that opens with some really good chords and is reminiscent somewhat of The Mouldy Peaches in how it sounds when it starts off. But when it kicks into things the guitar gets down to a very serious bit of business. Basically what rock’n’roll is all about. They then followed that up with a track called “Roots”, a very simple song in how it plays and sounds. But that’s probably the secret to why the song’s appeal works as effectively as it does. “Busk In Blue” was the third track up from this band. A song that is best described as something of a bastard child. It starts off with a rhythm and blues sound to it, which then explodes with a heavy guitar sound, and then has a folk/rock element to it towards the end. Still a savage tune though. A comparison to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club wouldn’t be far off the mark.

“Phoon Thy Blues” has a Lynyrd Skynyrd feel to it too. Its more blues meets rock, but does have you nodding along to a great tune when it gets into its full flow. An impressive trick then came next from the band. The lead guitarist did an instrument change to set up their closing song. While he did that, the band played on and gave it socks with an instrumental medley that seamlessly played in with the song they were playing. Then without breaking tempo they kicked into “Done Be My Girl” straight away from the bass line. All in all, while it might be free in, this was still a performance that was very much on the money. - Written by Phillip Ó'Baoighealláin


Debut Album: Roots



Contact the Rambleers at;

The Rambleers are a four piece rock band from Dublin city.
Formed in 2005 with the talent and energy of main songwriter Steve McConnell, the band has been writing and performing original material.McConnell aims to engage audiences with his talent for gutsy melodic riffs and vocals, with pointed lyrics, as he sings in the song Dirty Blue; “Come on home now, I’ve been waiting, the seasons turned while I was pontificating. From bar stool to vultures, who salivated for their supper, silently waiting for my decapitating.”

In 2008, he met guitarist Peter Omelia, who has a raw talent for live improvisation and gut punching guitar lines.Having emigrated to the U.S. in his early twenties, Omelia found himself on the road in Illinois where he met the blues and the stories that go with it.He puts every last drop into his maple necked telecaster.

After a hard search they found Ciaran Donnelly, a tattooed bassman with an ideal soul and a keen ear for song arrangements.Donnelly produces some of the sweetest rocking bass lines around.Since finding the kindred spirit of McConnell behind the counter of Walton’s Music in the heart of Dublin’s north inner city, the three embarked on cutting McConnell’s tunes into the fearsome knives they are today.

With the addition of Ray ‘Quiet’ Nolan on the ever louder drums, the band are delivering on their promise to cut every audience they play to into fans of their rhythm driven and intensely authentic set.The band has been gigging in every bar corner and field they can find.They were the only band to play all original sets for three days at the Rory Gallagher festival in Ballyshannon, Co Donegal in 2010.Most recent gigs include sets at the Mercantile Sunday Roast, Club Fear, Modern Times in Crawdaddy, and the OiOi Get Down in O’Neill’s Maynooth.
Over the past two years their live sets have been tooled and recorded into the album Roots, the bands debut due for release early April 2011.

The album was recorded over the past year in the Reddy Studio, Malahide, Co. Dublin.In a room that more resembles a circus tent than a session room, the band conjured their spirits to fill the air with raging personal, yet wholly relatable electric tunes.The bands influences include The Stones, Hendrix, Bloomfield, Zeppelin, Black Crowes and James Gang.However, the Rambleers are not interested in reworking the past fifty years of electric music, its sole purpose is to invent, and this is confirmed by listening to their debut Roots album.

In the coming months we will be looking to you in industry to come along with us, to be part of our invention.We are certain of one thing, that we will continue to stimulate audiences and conjure new music, we leave it up to you whether or not you choose to become part of this future.We invite you to listen to our album, turn it up, as it says on the sticker and enjoy our musical skins and bones.

Thank you for taking the time to listen, and we hope to hear from you soon. If you have any questions or related necessities, please do get in touch.