The Ramirez Brothers

The Ramirez Brothers

 Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, ISR

A Tel Aviv based trumpet - drums - guitar POWER TRIO.


Uzi Feinerman (Boom Pam) - guitar & vocals, Sefi Zisling (Funk'n'stein) –trumpet and Eitan Efrat – drums are "The Ramirez Brothers", a power trio that has gained many fans in the last years. The Ramirez Brothers' shows have earned a cult following.

The Ramirez Brothers' debut album was released last January and is receiving great critical acclaim amongst music lovers in and outside of Israel.

Their music is a groovy mixture with influences ranging from Jimi Hendrix' blues, through funk and rockabilly to country music which create an old/new fresh sound. Their album was recorded analogically, reel to reel, in a garage full of antique toys in Jaffa co-produced with Uri Wertheim (The Apples).

"Sizzlin'", one of the tracks on the album, was chosen by galgalatz, one of Israel's leading radio stations, as the background for the traffic reports, receiving heavy air time.

The album was released on the "Audio Montage" label (The Apples, Radio Trip, Digital Me and Markey Funk) which is becoming the Israeli alternative for quality music.

Their EP “One Night” was released on May 2010. In this covers album, The Ramirez Brothers paid tributes to their most beloved musicians and performers, including Elvis Presley, Woody Guthrie, Elizabeth Cotton, Robert Johnson and Ronnie Hawkins. These days The Ramirez Brothers are playing in venues and festivals across Israel and in Europe & the UK.

“The Ramirez Brothers are a great example of the collapsing of the defining walls of music. Their print in very present, unified and unique.„ - Sherine Levi-Fristy.

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"The Ramirez Brothers", 2009
"One Night" EP, 2010