The Ranchhands

The Ranchhands


The Ranchhands, based out of Nashville, TN, are a new country band formed around the performing team of Chris Tedesco & Mickey Kennedy. Keeping true to the roots of classic country style, combined with a modern Nashville production and refreshing original songs, The Ranchhands’ sound IS new countr

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Farmers Market Music
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When Everything Changed

Written By: Chris Tedesco

why do they ask
why cant they see
not enough time has gone by and I'm still not me
They dont understand
the burden I bear
why were you taken so soon from, it's just not fair
do they know
does it show
is it written all over my face
I just want to get through this with a little grace

so I break down
when I know there's no one around
turn down the lights sit in the dark
pray to god, to please make this pain stop
then I'll be strong
do my best to try to move on
from an ordinary day, when everything changed

the doctors have said
the counselors have spoke
but they're not the ones who've lost faith in everything they know
Is all of this real
is it just a bad dream
will I wake up in bed turn my head, and see you next to me
I find ways
to get back to regular life
but sometimes I give up the fight

and I break down
when I know there's no one around
turn down the lights sit in the dark
pray to god, to please make this pain stop
then I'll be strong
do my best to try to move on
but I'm still re-living that day, when everything changed

I can hear the sound of your voice smell the scent of your clothes
everybody listens but nobody knows
time can heal wounds but the past will leave scars
oh my god can you hear me I'm crying out loud


So many things that I wish I could say, on that ordinary day

Waiting On Forever

Written By: Chris Tedesco

I have my doubts about love
can you blame me
standing on the outside looking in
someone save me
the perfect match, so hard to find
losing faith, cursing time

I dont know the rules I dont play games
my hearts been beat my souls been framed
how did they find love what's wrong with me
should I back down, should I concede
all my friends find dates online
high speed love saves you time
I'm holdin' out for something better
waiting on forever

I watch my life pass me by
like it's a movie
a carousel of players come and go
but no one moves me
a last appeal for my demands
no time left, it's my last stand

am I still a catch, am I still fun
am I too old are they too young
I dont want a one night compromise
dont wanna see a 10AM surprise
those days are gone I'm not in school
I refuse to play the fool
yea I'm holdin' out for something better

love is playing musical chairs with my heart,
I'm standing alone when the music stops

did I pass it by did I say no
was she the one 10 years ago
how did they find love what's wrong with me
aint backin' down, I wont concede
I'll keep the faith and borrow time
come on love show me a sign
while I'm holdin' out for something better
waiting on forever

When Will Love Find Me

Written By: Chris Tedesco

You can stand there and pretend
that you dont see me looking at you
you'll prob-ly hear the line I'm workin' on
from ten other fools before the night is through

It's not an act of desperation
It's not the fear of being alone
but I know how sweet life could be
if I found the half that makes me whole

So everyday I try
to find love in a strangers eyes
someone to hold me close, to kiss goodnight
maybe you and I could be
everything each other needs
when will love find me

well I know that you feel safe
behind the laughter of your friends
well over here it's just me
but if I had the chance I think that I'd fit in

I dont know where I turned in life to end up here
I've got a few miles on this heart of mine
but it's ready to go, anywhere


Hillbilly Groove On

Written By: Chris Tedesco

headin' into town on 109
drivin like junior gotta make some time
we aint got no plans, no place to be
just good ol' boys lettin off steam
tearin' up the red dirt
arlington to fort worth
karaoke rock star
dancin' in the stockyards

cowboy up girls get down
flat foot mama rock this town
come on redneck nation make some noise
take it to the farm take it to the ranch
omaha nebraska to paris france
shout it from the roof of the barn
hey y'all
get your hillbilly groove on

making the rounds on friday night
hard working folks wanna have a good time
shoot a little jack, gonna shoot a little pool
chase it all down with a slow dance groove

neon lights and ball caps
redneck dancin acrobats
cotton queen of 89
done shot me down a 3rd time



Written By: Chris Tedesco


Anything She Wants

Written By: The Ranchhands/Chris Tedesco

She wore a cowboy hat with steel toe boots, an angel in disguise she was on the loose
Two looks later and three stumbles back, I gathered my nerve and I planned my attack
She was shakin’ off the pain of love gone wrong, sittin’ at the bar, drinkin’ him gone
The more we talked the better I could see, she’d never been with a man who fulfilled her needs

And then the, bartender came over said what’ll it be
What’ll the lady have, and it all became clear to me

Anything she wants, true love true meaning of devotion,
All the blue in the sky all the water in the ocean
Hold her and keep her and tell her I need her, to make my life complete
Make her feel loved feel special feel wanted and adored
Give her gods green earth then go and give her some more
She can have anything she wants, if she wants me

As we talked at the bar her tears turned to laughs, I put her hand in mine and asked her to dance
The moment was right, the connection was strong, we got carried away like a George Strait song
It was brand new love that started that night, I had the world when I held her tight
I found my girl and she found her man, it was time to make a lifetime of plans

And when I, asked his permission for her hand
He said what’ll you give my daughter, and I revealed my master plan



CHORUS (breakdown)

She can have anything she wants
She’s gonna get everything she wants
‘cause she wants me
she wants me
she wants me

Welcome To The Middle

Written By: Chris Tedesco

black boots red lips and a pink tank top
baby blue short skirt she's ready to rock
like she's got places to go
boyfriend pulls up in his loaded ride
she grins jumps in they're makin' time
down farmer bennett's gravel road
children of the heartland searching for their soul
this town has seen a better day but this town is all they know… with

3 stoplights and grain elevator
working the land to put food on the table
family life struggles to survive
but these roots run as deep the soil and seed
through floods and droughts they make ends meet
where people give it all and ask for little
welcome to the middle

they see the world through cable tv
2 years 3 months they'll be free
to decide a life of their own
like dust in the wake of dirt track ride
they'll leave this half horse town behind
there won’t be no turnin' back
countin' the days ‘til graduation dreaming 'bout what they'll see
with a full tank of gas and a faded map they'll be free… from


a year in california they'll start to miss
that south dakota farm town they couldn't wait to ditch

with 3 stoplights and a grain elevator
they'll work the land and put food on the table
raise their kids in the heartland teach them family pride
plant their dreams in the soil and seed
trust in god and in what they believe
give it all they've got and ask for little
welcome to the middle

Back Porch State Of Mind

Written By: Chris Tedesco

I wake up early get home too late
my 9 to 5 goes to 7 these days
I just do it to survive
I feed my wallet try to feed my soul
I don’t get bent out of shape when I'm not in control
but sometimes I wanna scream

so I picture myself in a cabin near mountain stream
it's my monday morning daydream

it's out in the woods
it's under the stars
there's a red rocking chair with one broken arm
I'm looking out on 20 acres of a perfect peaceful dream
my troubles are gone
they've all disappeared
in an old mason jar full of homemade beer
a better place you'll never find
I'm in a back porch state of mind

sometimes I feel like the only one who
knows how things work and how work gets done
but my paycheck looks the same

I've got a good life and I hate to complain
but I'm stuck in a rut of my day after day
and I feel it's time for a change

I found a beat up shack in the middle of nowhere I know it's all that I need
just a 3 hour drive out of town but it's a world away for me



Driven (2007)
Back Home (2004)
The Ranchhands (2001)