The Random Spike

The Random Spike

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We would be the opening act for Portishead.


Like various duos of the past, two very unique individuals have combined their talents to create one collective. Influenced by the sounds of Drum and Bass, Down-Beat and Trip Hop, vocalist Eleanor Kleiner of 'The Whispering Tree' and Producer Fletcher from SEVENMINUSZERO have come together to created an artistic blend of music that is thought provoking and atmospheric.

Producer/Songwriter, Fletcher was searching for the perfect voice to go toe to toe with the melodies and beats he was creating in the studio for a side project. Over a year of searching, Elenaor Kleiner answered his ad for a vocalist, and as they say 'the rest is history'. An instant rapport was created and the result was their first full-length release entitled 'DEBUT'. A unique blend of Downbeat, Drum and Bass and Electronica covering everything from Politics to Relationships.

Compared to groups like Portishead and Hooverphonic, The Random Spike makes its own road.



Written By: Anthony L. Fletcher/Kleiner T Kleiner

Take me back
To the beginning
Cause I got
No place to go

I left a trail
For you to follow
So follow
Me back home

Take me back
To the beginning
Cause I’ve been drifting
For too long

So many miles
Alone, I wondered
I don’t remember
Where I came from

Take me back
To the beginning
Cause the past
Is dead and gone

Still I can feel
It move beneath me
And I can hear you
Call me on

©2007 THOS Music Publishing/Eyelash Soup Music Publishing (ASCAP)



Set List

1. Blood and Sweat
2. Time
3. Mind Field
4. Home
5. Retaliate
6. Substitute Excuse
7. Right