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The Randy Bandits

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Rock Acoustic


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"Lee Zimmerman loves REDBEARD"

"Perhaps it’s time to clear up a common misconception. Just because we don’t hear a lot of pure pop on the radio these days, doesn’t mean there aren’t artists out there that are making it. Unfortunately, it seems that modern radio has lost its taste for the groups that populated the airwaves back in the ‘60s and ‘70s and that somehow good melodies and strong singing aren’t worth what they used to be.

The Randy Bandits could change all that. The Brooklyn-based band’s first full-length opus, Redbeard, boasts the type of sound that represented pop used to be about – strong singing, terrific harmonies and melodies that didn’t pay particular allegiance to one genre or another but rather embraced them all, from rock to country to R&B to anything falling in-between. Singer Jim Knable, the group’s apparent mastermind, boasts one of those appealing, clearly resonating voices that allows him to feel equally at home in any of several styles… One imagines they would make a terrific show band, thanks to their apparent emphasis on delivering a good tune and making an earnest impression.

Redbeard was produced by another rock wunderkind, Richard X Heyman along with his wife Nancy Leigh and fellow co-conspirator Spiff Wiegand. One can’t help escape the impression that this team had a point to prove – namely, that good music and a pure devotion to upbeat, enjoyable music isn’t a lost art, simply one that’s lapsed into repose."

Lee Zimmerman
Entertainment News and Views
- Entertainment News and Views

""...Spectacularly polished and knowing.""

"Though the band seems all-American in its origins, the Randy Bandits seem like the offspring of a one-night stand between Canadian bands Moxy Fruvous and the Barenaked Ladies. Since the former are inactive and the latter have seemingly passed their peak, there's a niche to be filled in the whimsy rock line. Where the Bandits surpass their progenitors is in their musical versatility and playfulness - taking a page from The Band (another group with Canadian genes), each member is a multi-instrumentalist, and each song has some musical surprise in it — an unexpected banjo here, a sax running in from left field there. They also harmonize as cleanly as anyone on the scene today...

The Bandits’ songs convey the sense of loose, all for one, one for all fun that the aforementioned bands were so good at conjuring in their early days (The Band included, not so much in subject matter but in their ramshackle blend of voices)...

The Band-ish “My Sweet Time” at first seems to be an ode to nihilism before an epiphanic turn to the open road. “Sally Ann” is tuneful. “Afterglow” might be the first honeymoon song to capture the feeling of satiation, elation, and triumph on the morning after the wedding... “People Change” is a pleasing digression into klezmer territory. The melody and arrangement of “Just a Man”... is pleasant to listen to. “Catalyst” is jaunty, graced by a complimentary flute... you’ll find yourself humming along.

For a freshman effort, “Redbeard” is spectacularly polished and knowing. If this is the Randy Bandit’s Triple-A effort, the projections for major league success with further maturation look good."

Steven Goldman
The Pinstriped Blog
- The Pinstriped Blog


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For the last 8 years, Brooklyn-based band The Randy Bandits has been ravishing New York City and surrounding towns with their unapologetic brand of American Melting Pot music. Inspired by The Band, Moxy Fruvous, Jacques Brel, Curtis Mayfield and The Gypsy Kings, these musical adventurers dig deep into various and sundry traditions to produce newly shining gems. Their style swings from Rock to Country to Bluegrass to Jazz to Soul to Blues to Gospel with lots of hybrids, a jillion instruments traded amongst them, and soaring vocal harmonies. Lyrics are all penned by Jim Knable and reflect the sensibility of an award-winning playwright turned songwriter. The Randy Bandits quest to captivate fans (a.k.a. Fandits) with sincerity as well as lunacy and always strive towards meaning in a culture and business currently deluged with artifice and irony. Plus they're fun at parties.

After releasing their first EP, THE WOMAN OR THE BLUES in 2003, The Randy Bandits went through a great deal of growth, musically and personally. Their first full-length album, REDBEARD, is a record of that growth and a proud declaration of where they plan to go next. Released on Valentine's Day 2006, with a blowout album release party at The Knitting Factory, REDBEARD is rapidly spreading the Bandits music and message to the huddled masses. Buy a copy at the live shows, iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby or in the Bandits' store at
In 2008, the band released LIVE AT OTTO'S SHRUNKEN HEAD!-- a lo-fi, high octane snapshot of the Bandits in action, featuring youtube mega-hit "Story of Your Life" and live staple "Sexual Postman."
In 2009, The Randy Bandits released their second studio album GOLDEN ARROW to much acclaim. Paul Zimmerman of First Coast News wrote: "Golden Arrow is the best soulful country record to ever come out of the northeast."
Jordan Richardson on Blog Critics wrote: "The Randy Bandits have created something special here and have explored various genres with marvelous triumph. This is cool, spirited music that never pulls punches, never backs down, and never ceases to thrill."