The Ransom Project

The Ransom Project


We're a pop/rock worship band from Iowa. Our music sounds like Relient K meets Tree 63 meets Chris Tomlin. Our songs are catchy, and lively, and un-cliche. Blatantly religious, but unforced and personal.


We started out leading worship at a church for youth and young adults. We played mostly cover songs and built a strong following over the years. Nowadays, The Ransom Project is really two bands in one: 1) a worship band that covers popular worship songs, leading singing at camps, retreats, churches and conventions and 2) a pop/rock band that writes it's own music, performs concerts and headlines shows.

Our main goal as a band is to show people that worshiping God doesn't have to be boring... it can be fun and powerful, reverent and loud all at the same time.

What sets us apart from other bands is that we're not trying to repeat any one band's lyrics or music. We just play music that we like. In fact we've been told that no two of our songs sound the same. We just sound like music we would like to listen to.


Asleep At The Helm

Written By: Nevin Bontrager

I've been asleep at the helm
I cannot tell you which way
I'm going now
It's been a cloudy night
I wake no stars in sight
so which way am I going now

I've got a compass that points to the Light
it doesn't matter if it's day or night
because the Captain's here
and He will set me right
All the times that I get so messed up
on the stormy seas You pick me up
You fill my sails and set me back on course

I've woken from my sleep
I fall into a heap of
where I've been and
what I've done
Look how I have been livin
I think I can't be forgiven
But the truth is You are big enough


1) How Would I Live EP. It's on iTunes, but no streaming or radio play that we know of.

2) Asleep At The Helm (Single). It's available as a free mp3 download ONLY from our Facebook page

Set List

Our typical concert set list is about 60-70% original songs, and 30% cover songs. We cover familiar worship songs so that the crowd is involved in the set. (If we're leading at a church or camp)

If we're playing somewhere where we're not expected to lead worship, we might throw in a radio cover, or secular cover to keep things interesting.