The Ransom Theory

The Ransom Theory


Breaking from the normality and utter static nature of todays music scene, comes The Ransom Theory. A collaboration of music talents of the area's top bands, we strive to create music that won't just make you bang your head, but sing along to the catchy melodies and bone crushing rhythms.


The Ransom Theory is a south Michigan based band that is the brainchild of several of the area's top bands. As Blake Woodward and Davy Hall, who were in the band Fire Burns Red, saw there creative project dissipate before their eyes, they wouldn't sit around and do nothing about it. They decided to start a new project, entirely on there own. The two musicians started writing music they wanted to hear and knew others would too. They contacted their friend, drummer, Caleb Browning to help with the writing process and to record there very first demo. They quickly wrote two songs and were contacted, through an old association, by Inc. Studios to record their two song demo. With that underway, and more songs on the way, they knew they would have to solidify there lineup with a permanent drummer, as Caleb was only available for a short while, and another guitarist. They sought out former Chasing Chaos drummer and mutual friend Steven Tennis to pound the skins for them. After a rocking audition, Steve was brought aboard. With a solid 3 person lineup, and they search for a solid rhythm guitarist still underway, they are writing with a creative fury and a power that will ring throughout today's music scene. Unlike today's hardcore scene, The Ransom Theory is not limited to any one style. People from all walks of life and different genres will get a taste of something they like. They have the collective sound of a post hardcore, breakdown heavy, metalcore feel to there music, but then have the grooving, slowdown beats of a Pantera like band. The riffs are catchy, the melodies timeless, and the rhythms brutal. Keep your ears open, your necks lose and your head up for The Ransom Theory.


2 song demo. Inc Studios.