The Raptured

The Raptured

 San Juan Capistrano, California, USA

Those kids are AMAZING! A bunch of young teens and a dad that like to rock for Jesus! With a solid gospel message that edifies ! They sound like Journey meets Casting Crowns and Stryper & Switchfoot and Firefly!


Dad (Gregg) is an accomplished singer/songwriter/Worship leader that fervently exposed his 2 boys to music while in the womb! After years of piano lessons and singing around the piano and guitar sing alongs @ campfires on the beach, the boys found drums and guitars and wanna do what dad does, only bigger and louder! With the children's pastor's son on bass guitar, they started out as the house worship band in the "Kidzone" children's ministry @ their home church. (Still there as of 5/2010). Now with another 7th grade buddy from their homeschool on rhythm guitar & vocals, they are getting bookings like never before! is a group of Christian musicians that play "music that edifies" and this coming Summer of 2010 is looking like their biggest season to date ~ playing LIVE concerts! Looking for a Record deal, please.


Currently still recording their first CD, written & produced by the band and the dad (Gregg).
We record tunes as the funds allow. Band T-shirt sales & gig $ are our funding sources thus far.
CD or mp3's emailed at your request.

Set List

Every Sunday morning, we do 3 songs ~ 1 or 2 upbeat and a worshipful ballad ~ all rocked out with high energy for the kids. Concerts have been 20 - 90 minutes long with a message explaining the meaning of the band's name (Raptured) and the gospel presented. We do both originals and covers. Sample set list = One Way, No One Like You (covers), Shout it Out, I Want, All of My Days, Always by my side, (originals), The Revelation Song, How great is our God, Indescribable, Praise You in the Storm, Lifesong (covers) and we re-wrote a classic rock ballad from Journey = "Faithfully" with Christian lyrics.