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"Hanging with Hightimes"

My favorite is The Raspas. The lead singer and guitarist, Aaron Wolpin, is a tall, lanky guy who looks a lot like a young Thurston Moore, with a shaggy, in-your-face mop top and a killer voice. Bryan Cruz holds down the bass line and Robert Nieto keeps the beats tight, with both of them sharing backup vocals.

-Pot Star

"How Do You Like Your Reggae?"

How do you like your reggae? How about with a slab of ska and a side of punk? Sound refreshing to me. If this is how you like your plate of music then The Raspas are definatly a band you need to check out. When they were ready to play they knew they were onto something.

-Troy Doebbler, The Edge Magazine
San Antonio, TX
- The Edge Magazine

"KSYM 90.1 FM Radio Interview"

We've all ready got phone calls from listeners saying these guys are amazing, and that's one of the reasons I've wanted ya'll on the show. Ya'll perform very well live!

-DJ Feeder, 90.1 KSYM FM
San Antonio, TX - KSYM 90.1 FM San Antonio

"Good Things Come In Three"

Good things come in groups of three. There are three musicians in The Raspas: Aaron Wolpin guitar and vocals, Bryan Cruz on bass and Robert Nieto. They play three kinds of music: reggae ska and punk. The album is the result of The Raspas winning a Battle of the Bands sponsored by 91 Productions. The prize at the contest was recording time at AudioLick studios. While the band primarily sticks to three styles, the members don't feel restricted, and despite their youth, The Raspas have a firm grip on the economic realities of music.

-Bruce Lee Smith, Valley Morning Star
Harlingen, TX
- Valley Morning Star


"Cani Bus" EP
2,000+ sold

"Radio Sessions"
Recorded live while on air at 90.1 KSYM FM
San Antonio, TX

"Live at Ruta Maya"
Recorded live on stage at Ruta Maya in Austin, TX

Songs have and continue to be aired KSYM 90.1 FM in San Antonio, Q94.5 FM in McAllen, 92.7 FM in South Padre Island,Local air play in Austin as well as others.

Be on the look out for the bands latest full length album coming winter 2008.

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Exploding from the music capital of the world, The Raspas' name is one that those both in and outside of Texas have inevitably come to admire. To this day The Raspas continue to attain new fans with their entertaining and music and impressive stage performance.

Guitarist, singer, and songwriter Aaron Wolpin brings pleasing sounds between chords, rhythms, and melodies. He soulfully delivers his words and guitar playing to every listening ear. Bassist Bryan Cruz delivers a solid foundation for the music as each strategically placed note ultimately creates the signature sound which separates The Raspas from most reggae bands. When performing with drummer James Gottardi, the beat rocks steady as an "in the pocket" performance keeps the crowd moving. Percussionist Kyle Atkinson is a vibrant colorful player. His syncopated rhythms and unique approach to his instruments gives the band a fulfilling vibe. When performing with drummer Karl Moreno, rocking reggae beats leave an intense, and in your face, reggae vibe that, to this day, keeps the crowds bouncing.

The band constantly finds themselves in an easy, creative, and unique songwriting process unlike any other. Going from the mellow soothing sounds of reggae to the fast pace sounds of ska and rock, The Raspas are notorious for reaching everyone’s highs and lows. With their first CD entitled "Cani Bus" selling over 1,000 units, The Raspas have had the opportunity to be featured on radio stations such as KSYM 90.1 FM in San Antonio, Q94.5 in McAllen, as well as others. Along with this attention, The Raspas have gained tremendous amounts of interest after appearing on the internationally syndicated “HIGH TIMES Magazine”.

With over 6 years of performing regionally throughout Texas, and touring the entire Gulf Coast, it’s interesting to see where The Raspas are going next. With this level of energy and complete dedication, The Raspas are continuously leaving there mark in the hearts of listeners throughout their continuous expansion in this musical world.