The Rattlers

The Rattlers


The Rattlers bring a heavy blues influenced rock sound that will hit you right in the chest. The driving rhythm and technical guitar licks scream tunes reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Bonamassa, and others, yet you're sure to get your fix for southern rock as well!


Coming together in December of 2007, The Rattlers was formed by a group of guys that all hailed from the Athens, GA area. Thanks to the diverse and thriving Athens music scene, the members of The Rattlers have always had access and exposure to a wide variety of music. The band brings a driving southern rock sound with a hint of blues that will hit you right in the chest. It only takes one show to see why they bring such a crowd and their sets are incredibly entertaining from start to finish!

The band consists of Matt Joiner (guitars, backup vocals), Tracy Carroll (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Kevin Christian (bass, backup vocals), and Woody Hughes (drums). Kevin and Matt have played together for over 10 years in a number of different bands and the combo frequently collaborated on different projects with other musicians during that time. Tracy Carroll met Matt through work, and after discussing their mutual interests in much of the same music, got together for a jam session. Each liked what he heard, so they brought in a couple of friends (Kevin on drums, and original bass player Jason Lee Parks), and played an impromptu show at a friends Christmas party. It took another two months to get back together and make a more public appearance, opening for Rollin' Home at Little Kings in Athens, Ga., but with this show, the band's persona and reputation began to grow. After 10 months, and some personnel changes, including new drummer Woody Hughes, who has an impressive resume, including playing drums for Filmstar, The Rattlers have a rapidly expanding fan base, and an ever growing following for their live shows, and now many hundreds of fans from the online world.

"Who do you sound like?" is a question that is frequently asked. The answer is not so easy. Mix some Texas style blues ala Stevie Ray Vaughn and ZZ Top, a dash of southern rock like The Allman Brothers and Drivin n Cryin, throw in some Jimi Hendrix and Joe Bonamassa for flavor, and top it off with a good helping of Skynyrd and Eric Johnson and you're close. Maybe. The truth is, The Rattlers have a sound that is influenced by all of the above mentioned artists, plus many more, but is uniquely their own. Their live performances are high energy, and their shows get people on their feet. The Rattlers have a stage presence that has been described as " and tough. A throwback to real rock and roll, when bands played great music and were fun to watch".


Welcome Back to Georgia

Written By: The Rattlers - Kevin

Verse 1: Up ahead in the distance, I spot a state line sign that is oh so familiar to me. It reads, "Now entering Georgia", it's the heart of the South and the home of the Georgia peach. Well it's 50 miles to Athens, where I was born and raised and will one day be laid to rest. Call it pride or anything else, but thank God for Georgia! I'm Southern blessed!

Chorus: If you think I'm leaving......If you think you can make me run, well you and your friends are welcome to try, but in Georgia we carry guns! Welcome Back to Georgia (4x).

Verse 2: All the way to Japan and back, I've seen some places that most folks will never see. From the snow-capped Alps in Austria, to the little farmhouse on the banks of the Mississippi. I don't know too many places, where a $5 bill gets you cornbread and collard greens (but you can get it in Georgia, baby). Well you can call it pride or anything else, but thank God for Georgia! I'm Southern blessed!

*Copyright 2008 - The Rattlers

Walk Away

Written By: The Rattlers

Verse 1: Well she walked into the room and you could see them stare, with her tight little dress and her long red hair. We played a little song and made the people dance. All the men were lining up just to get a chance........

Chorus: To take her by the hand and spin her out on the floor. Maybe get a little kiss and then a little bit more. When she left I heard the fella right beside me say "Well I hate to see her go, but I love to watch her walk away!"

Verse 2: Well she packing back and it's a fact she's quite a sight. When she swings that thing behind her man she swings it right. She's a wreckin' crew in high heels and she's built for fun. And I wonder if she's gonna' shake and be the one....

To take me by the hand and spin her out on the floor. Maybe get a little kiss or get a little bit more. When she leaves us well I guess she'll have to hear us say that we hate to see her go, but we love to watch her walk away.

Bridge: That rump is thumpin. She's dressed in black. That caboose she's towin', could drive the train right off the track.

Verse 3: Well she came up to the stage like she had somethin' to say. And I felt my heart beat faster when she looked my way. Then she whispered in my ear, her fingers on my back, and I tell you that I nearly had a heart attack.

I could take her to my room and throw her down on the floor. Maybe get a little kiss and then a little bit more. If she leaves me well I guess she'll have to hear me say that I'll hate to see her go but I love to watch her walk away.

*Copyright 2008 - The Rattlers

No Rest for the Wicked

Written By: The Rattlers

Verse 1: Backwoods preacher on an old country road. Totin' that old beat up Bible....carrying a heavy load. Sweat running down his back, he was thumbing for a ride. Town to town he'd traveled, had an angel by his side. Places all looked the same burned dry by the summer sun. All the towns he'd been to, and his journey had just begun.

Chorus: No rest for the wicked. No peace for the damned. He's chasing a demon's shadow, in the shell of a man.

Verse 2: Old time revival, gospel music playing loud. Pounding that old beat up Bible, preaching to the crowd. Eyes locked on a stranger, a face he knew too well. A smile passed on the lips of the beast. The demon-king of hell. A fire passed between them, a cold wind blew through his soul. The preacher stood all alone in the night and prepared to pay the toll.

Verse 3: The crowd had departed. The revival at an end. The preacher's Bible was torched on the ground, forgotten in the wind. Stranger walks out in the night, he was wearing the preacher's clothes. A broken mirror in his hand, he sees a face that he knows. A new journey before him, he started thumbing for a ride. A preacher on the outside, the demon-king inside.

*Copyright 2008 - The Rattlers

Bad Habit

Written By: The Rattlers

Chorus: Why I can't let you go? No matter how hard I try. Baby it's so easy to call your name. Whenever I'm home all by myself.

Bridge: I should forget that I ever met you. Forget the memories. But you make it so hard when I got to have it. I can't stop now, you're my bad habit!

Verse: I met a girl about a year ago. I thought she was the one. But just when things got serious, I realized that we're not done.

*Copyright 2008 - The Rattlers


Currently recording their debut album, planned for a mid-summer release, some of their original tracks include: 1. Welcome Back to Georgia 2. No Rest for the Wicked 3. Deafening Silence 4. Bad Habit 5. Leaving 6. Over This Time 7. Walk Away 8. Gone 9. Switchblade 10. Dirt Roads and 11. Rockstar

*Currently, the band's original "Welcome Back to GA" is getting airplay on Athen's radio station 100.1 The Bulldog.

Set List

Our typical set runs anywhere from 1 hour - 3 hours, depending on the venue. In an hour show, we'll play about 10 songs. For a 3 hour show, we'll typically do two 12 song sets. An hour-long set will include mostly originals and a three hour set will include both originals and some other well-known Hendrix, Stevie, ZZ Top, etc. songs in there.

A typical hour-long set list for us would look something like this:
1. Walk Away - The Rattlers
2. Just Got Paid - ZZ Top
3. Bad Habit - The Rattlers
4. Leaving - The Rattlers
5. Switchblade - The Rattlers
6. No Rest for the Wicked - The Rattlers
7. Welcome Back to GA - The Rattlers
8. Over This Time - The Rattlers
9. Voodoo Chile - Jimi Hendrix
10. Dirt Roads - The Rattlers