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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Zillo Magazine"


Big feature in the magazine and featured track Self Denial on Zillo 04.09 compilation - Zillo magazine

"Euro-Rock Radio"

"One of the hottest up and coming bands in the market today. Keep an eye on The Raven, they'll rock your world!" - Euro-Rock Radio - Euro-rock radio

"Press Release Eleanor Rigby"

The Beatles’ “Elenor Rigby” was originally released on their 1966 album “Revolver”. Who knew that in 2009 a young rising metal band called “The Raven” would revive a song that was one of The Beatles most recognizable and unique songs? The cover was recorded at Dark Horse Recording in Nashville, Tennessee, accompanied by the Tennessee Symphony Orchestra. Davey Strehler, lead singer of the band, says,“I was sitting in my room one evening listening to the Beatles, and as soon as I heard Eleanor Rigby, I knew that I had to cover that song. I was aware that it was going to be tough, to not only keep the integrity of the song, but turn it into something that would keep The Beatles fans happy and that our fans could still head bang to.” And that is exactly what he accomplished---the song has bridged two completely different genres and made a masterpiece that can be enjoyed by all ages. If you are having trouble picturing a metal version of "Elenor Rigby," soar over to The Raven's Myspace profile and have a listen. (www.myspace.com/theravenofficial)
For more information on the band please go to their official web site at www.theravencult.com

- Nicky Ray

"Zillo,Gothic Horror,Sonic Seducer,Gothic Spy,Metal Hammer,AMP magazine"

Interviews and cover story in all of those magazines.

In the month of June,July and August - Various

"The Raven "One Last Time' E.P"


THE RAVEN could become your new favourite drug, they’re addictive, seducing, painful, frisky, and won’t ever let you go again. THE RAVEN is a slap in the face of all major record companies. They’re living proof: You don’t need a label to get attention. Even in times of crisis, true musical talent overcomes all obstacles. David Strehler, singer and songwriter of the Euro-America Metal band conquers the hearts of music fans worldwide. Like the poem they owe their name to, THE RAVEN came and started spreading unique and addictive notes all over the planet. They’re a paradox that lured you into darkness just to guide you back into the light afterwards. Founded in 2007 when David moved from Zurich to Florida.

With songs like ‘Devil’s Path’ and ‘One Last Time’ it’s a tough decision to see them as heroes or villains. Either way the EP will captivate you and lure you into the light or darkness. And if you happen to fall into darkness, don’t worry because even hell needs angels
- sebastian Huhn

"Raven channel 11 Mexico city"

An interview held by Channel 11 in Mexico City before their performance at El Circo Volador.
To check out the video go to the link below
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-npfcH4yik - Channel 11

"The Raven soaring to fame"

The Raven soaring to fame

Nicole La Hoz
Pembroke Pines Charter

With an album release and European tour approaching, Nova High students Jamie Lepinsky, 15, and Dayn Reese, 16, have much more to worry about than midterms.

Lepinsky, a bassist, Reese, a guitarist, and 17-year-old Davey Strehler, a vocalist, form the band The Raven. The eclectic trio recreates the look of David Bowie, blends European metal with glam rock and has an all-around mysterious aura.

Reese, a junior, and Lepinsky, a sophomore, met Strehler when he moved to Fort Lauderdale from Switzerland. "[Lepinsky] popped into the garage one sunny morning," The Raven's manager, Catee Delaloye, said in an e-mail. With their debut album, The Missing Piece, set to release next year on Purple Rose Records, the rest of the world can listen to these rockers on a range of subjects.

"Romance, loss, sadness, anger, frustration, death and irony" are topics on the album, Strehler said. The self-proclaimed "occult" group also mentions religion and its dark aspects, a topic that bands sometimes find difficult to tackle.

The Raven, though, is happy to have a supportive legion of fans. They already have more than 5,500 friends on The Raven's official MySpace page.

"It is very lovely to see that everyone around us has been so supportive; we couldn't have done it without them," Strehler said. "Hearing that [we're the next "it" band] just makes me feel even more like I'm on the right track."

Strehler, who graduated from high school in London, plans to attend Berkeley College after the band's tour to major in music, while Reese and Lepinsky plan to graduate from Nova.

They said a major European tour and fame will not interfere with their studies. "It's tough, and I sure am going to be doing a lot of work on the plane rides," Reese said. "But this is my dream, and those are sacrifices I am absolutely willing to make in order for it to come true."

For more information, visit www.myspace.com/theravenofficial. - Teen-Link South Florida

"AMP says Bands March 2009"


All three songs are part of their Debut E.P “One Last Time,” which was recorded at Dark Horse Studio in Franklin, Tennessee and relesed on February, Friday the 13th 2009.

Web-page: TheRavenCult.com
Label Page: Purple Rose Records
Where your CD can be purchased: The Raven's Official Store

The Raven is:
Vocals, Guitar: Davey Strehler
Guitar: Dayn Reese
Bass: Jaimie Limpinksi

Interview with AMP Magazine:

Could you please introduce yourself and what you do in the band?

Hey I am Davey Strehler and I am the vocalist, songwriter and rhythm guitarist of The Raven. I am also the one in charge of keeping the band on time by playing my magical cowbell.

Could you give a brief summary of your bands origins?

Well I started the band after I moved from Zurich,Switzerland to Ft.Lauderdale,Fl about two years ago. The band started as a goth/punk band and it slowly involved into what we call Euro-American Metal or Dance Metal. We basically just went from using a regular set up to adding sythns, strings, sitars and even finger symbols. I love using instruments that are not very common in your average metal band, I am also a fanatic of creating strange sounds that end up having a very eastern sounding influence. Since we aren’t the biggest fans of using back tracks I am looking to add several more members in the near future.

What inspired your band name “The Raven”?

I was reading the poem “The Raven,” by Edgar Allen Poe and immediately fell in love with it, so I decided that it would be an awesome name to represent the band.

How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never heard of you?

Throw the scorpions, nine inch nails, pink Floyd, David Bowie, Metallica and a tribal band from Egypt, blend them together and you kind of get The Raven.

In your own words, what defines a band as Euro-American Metal?

Well our manager came up with the concept because every time somebody asked us where we were from. I would answer “Europe and the band would say America.” Our sound is also not really American nor European it's a bit of both. I guess the only way to get Euro-American metal is having heavy influences from both sides.

Who are your band’s influences?

I have many influences but my three biggest would have to be Queen,Metallica and Pink Floyd.

Are there any differences when performing in America than in Europe?

Some, but mostly when I am on stage I am so connected with the music and the crowd that I forget where I am. Of course playing in a city that your better known in makes things easier

What current projects are you guys currently working on?

We just released our debut E.P titled “One Last Time,” and we are currently working on new material for our full length CD, we should hit the studio again in a couple of months. Also we are in the middle of reforming the band, we are currently auditioning new players that will be joining us on tour.

Any upcoming tours?

If everything goes according to plan we should be on the road this summer. We are also looking into playing some festivals this year in Europe.

I noticed you guys have a lot of fan support on social sites like Myspace and Social vibe, and seem to have street teams scattered all throughout Europe and in the U.S. How closely do you guys work with your fans?

We try to communicate with our fans as much as possible and try to get them involved into what we are doing. We have fans that have been following us since the very beginning, which is amazing. Our fans are like a big extended family for us. They make us feel at home wherever we are.

What is your song writing process like?

It usually starts off by inclosing myself in my room. I'll then start thinking of a concept of what I want to write. After I have a concept I'll start messing around with different riffs until I find something that I really like. From that riff I will start expanding and writing a verse and a chorus. When I have the basic structure down I'll get together with my pianist and show him the idea and it will start growing from there. After that I will go and write the lyrics for the song. Once the lyrics and the music are there I will start looking for a melody as well as writing parts for the rest of the instruments. (I'll usually record the whole process on Logic from beginning to end). The last process is laying down all the separate parts for the song, I do this to see what changes I want to do before we actually hit the studio. A lot of times I will go back and lay down a lead part for the guitar or modify the lyrics.

Can give me a brief description about the above song tracks:

• Fireflies- This was the first song we wrote that really defined our style. The first time we recorded this song we weren’t really happy with it, so we recorded it again and the second edition made it on our debut E.P.
Its about trying to hide a problem without getting rid of it and in the end realizing you cant really escape it.
• Self Denial- This song has a very eastern feel to it. We also used a sitar and finger symbols in this song. Even though this song is about being on the verge of giving up, the rhythm of it makes you want to dance. It gets the message across without depressing everyone.
• One Last Time- We recorded this song with a five piece orchestra, this song is strongly piano driven and basically our ballad. The song is about not giving up and fighting for what we have destroyed… It's about a new tomorrow.

All three songs are part of our Debut E.P “One Last Time,” which was recorded at Dark Horse Studio in Franklin, Tennessee and relesed on February, Friday the 13th 2009.

Anything that you would like to say in closing?
Expect us rocking in a city near you soon! We hope you like what we are creating and we will see you soon!

- AMP Magazine


"Fireflies," a dark, brooding song from Fort Lauderdale metal band The Raven, is about the inability to leave your problems behind. "We all want to escape reality sometimes, due to being tired of fighting with ourselves," singer-songwriter Davey Strehler explains. "For some of us, it's harder because we have to fight harder with our inner demons. 'Fireflies' is basically about trying to hide a problem without getting rid of it and in the end, realizing you can't really escape it, but there is hope and one should never give up." To hear "Fireflies," which appears on The Raven's EP "One Last Time," visit Myspace.com/theravenofficial.

- Citylink metromix


"One Last Time" E.P



Davey Strehler started The Raven at the age of sixteen, while he was living in sunny Ft.Lauderdale,FL. Between 2007-2008, Davey focused on imporving his musical skills, in Voice,Guitar,Bass and Drums. The band went through numerous members, yet none felt the same passion and drive to provide the band with the dedication needed. In 2009, Davey released the long anticipated E.P through Danse Macabre Records. He is on a contineuous road to break the boundaries of genres. Currently: The Raven is currently resides in Switzerland and is working on recording their first full length album. Will hit studio around March 2010.