The Ravers

The Ravers

 New York City, New York, USA

The Ravers saved my life. The Ravers are worth listening to. Bravado, swagger, intensity, assault, unforgettable, inspirational music. The Ravers are a NY City St. Rat, DE Prom Queen, and Legend of Welsh Underground. After every rehearsal we always know it was the best version ever.


The Ravers fearlessly emerged from nothing in the Spring of 2009 in the Lower East Side to breathe life back into the ailing NYC scene. Laura and Jonathan reconnected via carrier pigeon in a rickshaw - and with Ashley - it was lost pieces of a puzzle coming together musically. The Ravers wasted no time reminding bewildered NYC crowds what a rock show is supposed to be. Many disparate influences have affected the Ravers - Lou Reed, The Beach Boys, Royal Trux, The Pixies, Joy Division, Adam and the Ants, Superchunk, Pavement, The Pretenders, Hole/Courtney Love, Hasil Atkins, Johnny Cash, Demolition Doll Rods, The Clash, Sniveling Shits, Frank Sinatra, Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, Beat Happening. Burlesque, Passion, Faith, Love and Baked Alaska All Wrapped Up in a Big Fat Bow.


Our next EP will be called "Season of the Ravers" or "Barely Legal - Coming Soon to a Theater Near You" We're too busy stage hogging to record a record right now. We have streaming tracks.