The Ray Edwards Group

The Ray Edwards Group

 London, England, GBR

The voice and quirkiness of Queen with cheeky Clash style punk/reggae undertones. Evokes Dead Milkmen. A deliciously sarcastic style you should be taking very seriously in 2011 (Bugbear Promotions)


The story of the The Ray Edwards Group begins with two brothers, Eric and Ralph Edwards. And a story is not a story if it has no beginning, middle & end – an unravel if you will.

Born and bred in Brighton, they experienced an eclectic upbringing rich in music and theatre. Their parents were both performers, as was their grandparents and great grandparents. Music was born into the brothers, who shared a similar taste in rock n roll but it was seldom played around the house. Anyone who has heard “Soul in America” will immediately peg the whimsical inherited theatrics whilst driven insistently by rock and roll.

The brothers took to the stage in 2011 and delivered a familial acoustic act for several months. It was described as “lyrically intriguing songs that capture the entire audience’s attention, while Ray swaggers around the stage with brilliant presence, all the while beautifully backed up by his brothers outstanding guitar playing”. The audiences grew, as did the band and so the story progresses.

The Ray Edwards Group is often synonymous with Ray Edwards himself but you are the people who surround you. Ray and Eric knew it was time to surround themselves with two more. Niall Lavelle on drums had known the brothers from school and had toured with Eric several years before. Raph on bass had become a close friend from gigs he had come to watch them at. Their first recordings together “When birds bark & dogs sing” was recorded in Milk Studios with Tom Aikenhead, Strongroom Studios with Will Davies and mixed at Mindloop UK with Nick Caffrey. In the absence of previous demos, the group experimented with capturing they’re unique live spirit, compressing emotive stories, heavy guitars and quintessential copper bottomed integrity.

In their inaugural year they have supported Johnny Borrell of Razorlight, Carl Barat of The Libertines, Tete, James Walsh of Starsailor, Gentlemen’s Dub Club, True Tiger and The Raveonettes.


"When birds bark and dogs sing" Nov 2011

Set List

Because of You
Sinking into the Sky
Soul in America
What You Want
Manhattan Bound

Line List: 2 mics, 1 acoustic guitar, DI