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"The Ones I Denied Review"

Inside Connection 2/2006
By Mike Ferrari

This is a band that defies expectations... Though it still has darkwave elements of programming interlaced with blistering guitars and growling vocals, this new CD features the addition of femal vocalist Maya, who brings some ethereal vocals and evokes a gothic sensuality that contrasts nicely against Geoff's gravely snarl. The Raygun Girls still calls to mind Ministry and Killing Joke, as well as now Sisters of Mercy with Patricia Morrison... If you like gothic and industrial with a guitar edge, then this is the CD for you've been looking for. - Inside Connection

"The Ones I Denied Review"

Wrank Music 4/1/06
By Brian

When "The Ones I Denied"...came to the hands at Wrankmusic, so did excitement...The good news with The Raygun Girls, is that it's good...With Maya's vocals the band is closer to the sound of Kidneythieves, and that's a good thing...Maya's vocals aren't the only thing the band does right. In this genre you're done if you don't have solid guitar and keyboard work, and they do have it. Songs like "I'm Cursed" are driven by chugging guitars, yet they're not afraid to stretch a little and wander into solo territory. Anyone who's so much as listened to a Static-X album knows that's pretty atypical for the industrial sound, so to have that in the mix is at the least noble. The keyboarding is enough to satisfy any fan of the genre, with electronic drums on "Grandiloquent", a lush sound on "All I Want", and honestly now one of my favorite keyboard moments ever happening a few minutes into "Sleep."
Necessary Tracks: "I Am", "All I Want" - Wrank Music

"Live Review - 2004"

Review by Ancilla Lunae

There has been a buzz about The Raygun Girls since their recent performance at Master Steelow's Funhouse.  These artists have something a few steps above your average industrial artist.  A variety of lush and sultry textures, pulse-raising, irresistible rhythms, and some cool lyrics are just a few of the features that will seduce you.  Be sure to check this band out- and catch their next HOT live show (see their website for more info)! - Unscene TV

"The Ones I Denied album review"


Queens, NY's industrial hard rock quartet The Raygun Girls knock out an well-written, angst-ridden 10-track affair whose creepy auras and heavy, electronic swirl make for a very Glo-stick-esque experience. From the male-female vocal trading dynamic of "A Matter of Time" to the Go-Go's gone Goth of "Burning" to the etheral balladry of "All I Want", the real evilness this band posesses is in their pointed songwriting, which elevates songs like "Sleep" past the DJ booth and into your head. Imagine Stabbing Westward meets Lords of Acid with touches of KMFDM and Static-X and you'll understand where these guys and gal are coming from. The Raygun Girls know how to manipulate technology as much as they know how to rock, as they make atmospheric rock songs with hooks as big as the beats they kick out.
-Mike SOS - Mike SOS


Dirt Collector (2009) - First full length album release for KillZone Records

Fire Inside (2007) - First release on KillZone Records.

The Ones I Denied (2006) - "Can't Die Now" and "Sleep" are being played on many Podcasts and internet stations.

Mars Eclipsing (2004) - "Accelerate" is played on many Podcasts and internet stations as well as on Industrial dance-floors.



The Raygun Girls is a NY Hard Rock group that has been compared to Lacuna Coil, Stabbing Westward, Killing Joke and Static X. The music is as much influenced by The Ramones as by Nine Inch Nails; as much by Siouxsie and the Banshees as by Pantera.

The band was created in 2001 as a studio only group. The idea was to have dueling vocals, male and female over a bed of crunching guitars and danceable, but aggressive beats. After many years of recording and honing their skills, The Raygun Girls recorded “Mars Eclipsing” in 2003 and released it in 2004, with a female vocalist mainly doing backup vocals. The feedback was so great, that the music had to be taken to the stage. A live band was formed, with George on bass and Geoff on guitar and vocals.

As the live band began to write new music, an emphasis was placed on the female vocalist being the front-person of the band.

In 2005, Jason joined the band as lead guitarist, adding a much needed injection of melodic Metal. A new album was recorded in late 2005 and released in February of 2006 with production help from Clay People members, John Delehanty and Dan Neet. “The Ones I Denied” was a collection of 9 songs (and one remix) that was put together to gain the attention of radio and record labels.

In October, 2006, upon the strength of songs like “Sleep” and “Can’t Die Now”, The Raygun Girls was invited to play the Rock Solid Pressure A&R Showcase in Florida. The Raygun Girls put together a tour and headed down South, expecting only to garner some new fans. However, with only a 10 minute set, The Raygun Girls were offered deals by two independent labels that were in attendance.

The Raygun Girls then returned to New York to begin contract negotiations. As 2006 came to a close, singer Cila was invited to join The Raygun Girls, bringing fresh blood, excitement and energy to a band about to explode.

2007 saw The Raygun Girls signing with KillZone Records and beginning work on their 3rd album to be released worldwide in early 2008.

This is the year of The ‘Girls.