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"Take a listen"

Forget the flotsam and jetsam and take a listen to these indie jewels
Fred Rinne/Encore!
Friday August 24, 2007
Over the next few weeks, we will be featuring independent releases which, we suggest, you add to your CD collection.

This week we look at some titles that are based in classic rock and the nouveau sound of R&R.

While many demo CDs fly across our desks, few pass the litmus of being included in the recommended. In other words, don’t think the reviewer “likes everything.” I surely do not. Rather, I spend my energy on letting you know the ones I think you should spend your ear time and shekels upon, and leave the flotsam and jetsam for other dubious fates.




A little lighter and more acoustically driven, in the music of this band which has enjoyed some pretty good chart success, I hear everything from the Backstreet Boys to Avril Lavigne to Toad The Wet Sprocket.

The duo of Shade Stone and Cliff McPherson show versatility, and a definitive ability to lightly accompany some pretty harmonic vocals. Fiercely independent, dedicated to Canadian music and focused to remain “Made in Canada” their self-owned label Stonecliff Records is a pioneer in Canadian music. The sound is clear and temperate. Good stuff.
- Fred Rinne/Encore

"Silver Baby...Golden Dream"

Silver Baby...Golden Dream
the Raynes
Stonecliff Records

the Raynes and their debut album Silver Baby...Golden Dream deliver a great first effort with quality songwriting, vocals and musicianship.
Their sound is not unlike a modern day Crowded House as heard on Let You Down. Fans of Neverending White Lights and Jeremy Fisher are bound to appreciate this one as well. The album's first single 'The Promise' is getting airplay but 'Twin' has to be my favourite.
Several tracks of the Raynes have been added to my personal playlist with Silver Baby...Golden Dream providing a beginning to what should be a promising career.
- Dave Carter
the Beacon Herald - the Beacon Herald (August 11 /2007)

"the Raynes are gonna bring life to music"

The Moose Jaw Times Herald

Once this CD is spinning in your player, there is a sense you have twelve new friends, but you can’t shake the eerie familiarity of their presence. This is definitely radio friendly vibes being laid down that are sure to please the ladies.
That’s not to say Shade Stone and Cliff McPherson intentionally set out to conquer the airwaves in a mindless pre-packaged what’s gonna sell this week attitude.
No, this music comes from talent and as you get to know your twelve new friends, you may start to compare Shade and Cliff to some other great songwriting teams. These tunes are so smooth yet lyrically intelligent allowing the Raynes to “sing to your heart”.
Shade provides lead vocals, guitar and percussion while Cliff does the keyboards, string arrangements and backing vocals.
Friend One: “Twin” opens the disc with such a bouncy melody and yet bleak lyrics .It works for me. “I wanna keep up: Don’t wanna get behind/If I make ends meet and if I stay in line/I’ll get a little pension maybe before I die/ I’ll buy my tombstone and then I’ll have them write/I’m at a loss for words/Maybe I could just use yours first”
Friend Two: “Sandy” is a mixed up girl who” Likes to believe that things will change/Does the same thing everyday”
Friend Three: “The Promise” is one of those love songs, will it work or fail, can you be committed to it, can you get it all back? “I walk through the door/You don’t even smile at me anymore/Like New York’s December/I’m hoping for some warmth in the cold/There are times when I think/The least you could do is just let me go/’Cause you’re abusing me and accusing me/I’m drowning in my tears”. If that don’t make you wanna find out what happens, then the music itself will. This should be a hit and does follow the Raynes belief that “music sounds better when you hear it on the radio”.
Friend Four: “Waiting” and Friend Five: “Fall Apart” are more love gone wrong and pain inflicted. The melodies carry the hurt away from the listener but our vocalist is left to dwell in his empty pit of despair.
Friend Six through Twelve,( you didn’t think it was all gonna be about the lyrics did you? ), carry on the feel of the CD but we must focus on the instrumentation and arrangements. The music surrounds the vocals like a warm hug interweaving a woolen sweater. The purity of the acoustic guitar and piano ( even if it is electric ) come through with the crispness of the fresh autumn air. The electric guitar exists not to overpower but simply putting the groove where it needs to be. Drumbeats as soft as a down quilt. Yeah, this music is very comforting!
The Raynes are fiercely independent, dedicated to Canadian music and will continue to concentrate their focus to remain “Made in Canada”. They are determined to keep their productions with self-owned label Stonecliff Records and are ready to tour Canada. Are you ready for them?
Check out some good music at and just enjoy that album cover.
- The Moose Jaw Times Herald

"the Raynes"

-Submitted by naomi on Sun, 10/21/2007 - 10:40am.
The Raynes
2007 Stonecliff Records
By Naomi De Bruyn

Canadian duo The Raynes are cutting a memorable path into the industry with their groundbreaking release, “Silver Baby…Golden Dream.” I can’t seem to stop listening to it, whether I’m walking the dog, driving or just relaxing at home – this is the CD that continually finds its way into the player.
Incredible music is coming from this pair of young men who know their way around music and the latest technology. Lyricist Shade Stone handles the lead and backing vocals, guitars, bass, drums and percussion while Cliff McPherson is keyboards, string arrangements, programming and backing vocals.
According to their website, this amazing duo are – “fiercely independent, dedicated to Canadian music and will continue to concentrate their focus to remain ’Made in Canada!’” Artists that have gone independent like Prince and The Barenaked Ladies have truly influenced The Raynes. They are determined to keep their productions with self-owned label Stonecliff Records and are ready to tour Canada.
The music is edgy and attractive, and the vocals smooth as silk caressing your skin! There’s nothing to NOT like. I’m curious to see where these two will be taking their talents next, following a harmonic blend of styles, or focusing on one particular one…
As I said, this disc is almost constantly playing at the moment. I’m really pressed to say which track is my favourite, as I honestly do like them all! However, “The Promise” “Free & True” and “I Am” would have to be my top three picks. The music is catchy, the vocals dripping truth and emotion, and the verse making sense and capturing feelings we’ve all had at one time or another.
If you only have room for one album in your budget, this is the one you want. If you have room for more – great, don’t forget to pick up the latest from The Raynes! Canadian Music at it’s most appealing!
- City View Magazine

"Artist of The Month"

After 10 years of performing solo acoustic, and working 250 dates a year, Windsorite Shade Stone teamed up with fellow musician and friend Cliff McPherson and created 'the Raynes'. Since unveiling their self-produced debut CD, 'silver baby...golden dream' to a sold out release party in June 2007, they have moved close to 1,000 units sold and have been featured on both college and commercial radio.
Their music is soulful, honest and heartfelt with great lyrics! The album's first single, "The Promise" written by Stone, evokes raw, stripped-down emotion when a love affair starts to sour. The other songs on the CD are well-presented, female friendly and comforting. It's familiar music with a strange sense that you have heard it all before.
This is enjoyable, melodic easy-listening - a stellar first effort that has been inspired by the great songwriters of the past. This duo is one to watch closely as they pursue their dream of a musical career. - BizX Magazine


'silver baby...golden dream' - 09/07/2007

the Promise *
Fall Apart
Free & True
So Beautiful
I Am
Useless Apology
Let You Down
Forever & All Time

*The Promise is the first single released to Canadian Radio has received airplay at over 50 stations throughout the country. Currently #42 on the Mediabase Published AC chart.



Immersed in their strong Canadian roots, and unwavering in controlling their own destiny, Shade Stone and Cliff McPherson of the Raynes are a true David and Goliath story in the making. Unwilling to compromise direction, creativity and musical integrity for the occasional ‘dangling carrot’ of an often self-serving music industry, this self-produced, self-promoted and self-managed duo have sculpted their own success both locally and nationally. The name “Raynes”, though creatively misspelled, is empowering in itself and evokes a call to freedom and independence.

Conceived in early 2006, the idea of combining memorable melodies with mature lyrics resulted in their debut album “silver baby … golden dream”. Not just a title, but a message affirming that youth is not a prerequisite to pursuing one’s passion. In an album charged with inspiring messages of love as well as life’s disappointments, its accomplishments have even surpassed the expectations of both its creators.

From various influential periodical and radio reviews to countless accolades from fans, “silver baby…golden dream” has created a momentum of its own. Its debut single “The Promise” is not only added to various radio rosters, but is consistently climbing the Canadian AC & Hot AC charts reaching #42 on Hot AC and currently #42 on the AC published chart . It’s not everyday that a self-funded independent band manages to chart in Canada. Consequently, the song was the catalyst for the Raynes in securing the CHUM Emerging Artist of the Month for December. With the buzz spreading nationally, radio executives from coast to coast rightfully added “The Promise” on regular rotation and in certain instances it received more air time than big-budget artists such as Bon Jovi, Fergie and The Barenaked Ladies.

Respectfully, focusing on their strengths, Shade Stone for songwriting and Cliff McPherson for harmony and arrangement, “silver baby…golden dream” speaks to your soul and though the music warrants no comparison, it has been related favorably to super hit producers Train and The Goo Goo Dolls. With a recently acquired Fontana North – Universal Canada distribution deal (the official release date of ‘silver baby…golden dream’ being March 11, 2008) ,the Raynes are boundless in their already proven record of self-initiated triumph. Not only are they musicians with the common goal to create memorable music, but a strong friendship bonds this duo together. Their creativity is now only limited by their own ceaseless desire to imagine.