The Razorbax

The Razorbax


A blend of old and new that mix, lyrics that are as deep and complex as Joe Strummer’s, with vocals that are delivereed at you in the same way that such bands as the Stiff little Fingers and The Clash did ‘back in their heyday, but taking their genre, and reinventing punk for a younger generation every song they sing possesses the signature sound associated with the powerful Icons of the late 70s early 80s brought up-to-date for a new generation of punks.


The Razorbax are an honest British “punk ‘n’ roll” band, who embellish their DIY
ethics with the raw power of their heart & soul. They are usually to be found playing
club shows up and down the country in any venue that will have them on the bill.
The Razorbax give 100% to their performance, no matter whether they are playing
to 10 or 500 people. A typical Razorbax show revives the raw excitement and
edge shown by many rock icons of the past.
Their musical influences range from classic bands such as The Who, The Clash,
The Jam, Stiff Little Fingers and Green Day through to any modern day band that
has the balls to make good honest rock ‘n’ roll music.
They have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with bands such as ‘The Wombats’,
‘Hadouken’, ‘The Automatic’, ‘The Gaslight Anthem’ and many more.
The Razorbax discography consists of several demos which were recorded in Sky
Lab Studio’s in the Jewelry Quarter of Birmingham over the last few years, which
have received local and international radio airplay aswell as being featured on
various podcasts. The most recent addition is the blistering 12 track Debut L.P


Something To Believe In 12 Track LP Released independently 15th March 2010