The Razorblade Dolls

The Razorblade Dolls


The Razorblade Dolls are an industrial-metal, rock band backed with sequences & blood. This band features hardcore guitars along side a dirty bass, pounding beats, eerie backing synths and the voice of a demon.


Mix love, hate, violence and exploitation and you have The Razorblade Dolls. Using elements of horror, industrial and metal along with a theatrical show RBD has made a name in the north Texas area opening and sharing the stage with Wednesday 13, Pitbull Day Care, Shadow Reicheinstien, Ghoultown and much more. The stage shows consisting of blood, shock and bizarre sights underlining a capacious variety of music tends to leave crowds dire for more.

After practicing their craft for years in the smokey bars of Dallas, TX, The Razorblade Dolls have sat amid the top of the rock scene in 2007 into 2008. The debut album combines Chris Smith's gravely lyrics with arena ready riffs to create a record full of heart-pounding industrial-metal. With standout tracks like "The Wrists," soon to dominate radio airwaves far and wide, The Razorblade Dolls is an essential addition to any music lover's library.


They Kill - Single (remix ep)
The Razorblade Dolls - Self Titled LP (soon to be released)
The Wrists - Single (soon to be released); Airplay on KDGE 102.1 and as heard at clubs Panoptikon (Club One) and The Church (Lizard Lounge)

Set List

One For the Children
Snuff Life
The Wrists
Remote Controlled
God May Be God But...
Fucking Beautiful
Knuckle Dump
Black Sky
Detachable Souls
They kill

ocassional cover-
Voices Carry by Til Tuesday

The set is usually about 45 minutes.