The R&B Station Band

The R&B Station Band


6 piece Rockin Soul Group, this is what everyone calls our styly. we take covers and make them our own. very high energy party band. worked with Shirley King daughter of BB. King for 5 years also Mark Pender of the Max Weinburg 7. party band, wedings casinos festivals


The R&B Station has been together for 16 years. lead guitarist Mike Price and bassist Mike Doughty has played together for 40 years.MIke Price at the age of 10 had his very firts horn band, that traveled through the east coast. At the age of 11 he played at the toledo Ohio YMCA with Little Stevie wonder. He has also played with Johnny Paycheck. he is very dynamic to watch. Mike Doughty plays bass, guitar,drums and keys. He is the solid bottom of the R&B Station , MIke has played through out the world while serving in the Navy, Mike started his very first band at the age of 13. Mike has played with Miss shirley King daughter of BB. King as her bass player and manager for 5 years. Mike also plays with Mark Pender of The Late Night With Conan O'brien Show alon with the R&B Station, Shorty Starr-drummer, has played since 13, she has played with Bobby Rush, Ike and Tina Turner, BB King and many other greats, Mike tucker is our keyboard player. He started playing at the age of 4 years, being taught by a well known classical piano instrutor. He has played national and internationally. Pat costell Ohio grew up in cincinatti Ohio. Pat started singing in the church choir at 9 years. After highschool, he attended Ohio University. while in college he became the lead singer for the Ohio Entertainers, where they played through the east coast and opened for the O'Jays on serveral occasions. He has been with the R&B Station 6 years . Sharell Andrews was born and raised in Savanah Georiga. She greaw uom singing gospel along with her family. she latter attended college and took vocal. At the age of 22 years she became a constantent on the American Idol show, she made the hollywood custs but was forced to leave the show when her husband received orders to go to iraq, She later signed with Global talent whre she released a CD, I Belive. sharell recieved many great reviews. Sharell moved to Ohio where she met Mike doughty of the R&B Station. She has been singing with them for the past 3 years. Sharell is compaired to a young Arethea Franklin


I'd rather Be Blind
Black Horse In A Cherry Tree

Set List

I'd Rather Be Bind, Black Magic Woman, Nasty Habits, MoJo Working, Respect,Smooth, Grapevine,(original Busted Up) Superstitution, Ain't No Sunshine, Vehicle, Black Horse In A Cherry Tree, Feeling Allright, We do app 10 songs a sets 50 minute sets 20 min breaks