The React

The React

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Vintage sound for a modern age.


React! |re'akt|
verb [ intrans. ]
1. frenzied atmosphere, primitive yet modern, a driving beat drenched in feedback and harmony.
2. equal parts bitter and sweet, chaos and order, crazed and sound-of-mind.
3. a response, to act in opposition to a force or influence, to push into change.
4. to result in reaction.

A collaboration of like-minds, complimentary visions and an evolution of endeavours past and present, The React! create a fervent sonic wall of sound balanced by melodic intricacy. They are not apologetic. They wear their influences on their sleeves (garage, freakbeat, psych, pop) while forging something vital and current. They are a response, an opposition, a force, an influence. The React! is now.


The React! s/t 7" - La-Ti-Da Records

Set List

1. Time = Life

2. Waiting For Something To Change

3. Only Living For You

4. To Hold You Close

5. Just As We Are

6. Songs Of Love

7. Into My Arms

8. I Can Manage

9. Save My Soul (Wimple Winch cover)

10. The Sounds That I've Heard