the Read

the Read


We are the Read; read like red. We play dance music to bring a sense of community back into music. We want to promote consciousness. We want you to help us out by clapping, yelling, shaking and moving!


Read Like Red
Three piece punk/funk/party all the time band from Cincinnati, Ohio, the Read will make you think equally as much as they will make you dance. With their disco driven beats, funk inspired bass lines, dissonant guitar, and politically conscious lyrics, they will do just that. Live shows are laden with group sing -alongs, claps, cowbells, tambourines, maracas, hip hop samples, and occasional protest messages written on amplifiers. Audience involvement is key in their performance, as it is hard for anyone to watch the set without any form of movement or participation. The Read feeds off of this interaction which ultimately links together their thumping performance.

The Read came together in the winter of 2006 with the intention of playing dance music, wanting to bring a sense of community back into their music scene. With Mitchell Watson on bass, David Huster on drums, and Jerome Westerkamp singing and playing guitar, they quickly composed songs and began really working on their live performance. The result is a fast-paced 40 minute dance party, with incredible energy and very few pauses. At every show, the Read make it a point collect donations of canned goods and articles of clothing in exchange for discount admission, and/or free merchandise, which they hand make and personalize as much as possible. It is obviously clear that the Read loves what they do, and they want that love to positively affect every pair of ears and legs they play for, be it in a basement or living room or a 300 plus venue.


A Constant Celebration

Written By: the Read

Entwined in tube and circuitry
We still found reasons to celebrate the silliness of time.
This is a constant celebration.

We are one in the same.
We all see with the same large eyes.
We all speak in the same soft voices.

It starts in the clouds and moves through our feet
Animated particles dancing the streets.

Entwined in tube and circuitry
We still found reasons to celebrate.
These Legs can’t wait to meet again.
These lungs can’t wait to laugh again.

This is our time.
It’s a constant celebration.

Monument of Momentum

Written By: the Read

I am no victim
I am an example
There are no victims
Only examples

I’ll be the tongue if you use your ears
I’ll be the face you use your hands
We’ve got to get our good health
Restore the life back into our blood cells

We love the same
Same as the love you love
We love the same as you
The same, we love

Painted with fear
Painted initially
Paint them with faith
Painted initially
Painted with hatred
Paint them with love
I was(wasn’t) born with these marks on my skin

This figure frantically dancing
This image burned in my eyes
This monument of momentum
Conditioned to withstand conditions

Secession Seeds

Written By: the Read

Motives have no meaning when conflict is coined and dispersed.
Destruction has one definition
Infection deserves recognition
We’re caring for ourselves.

Promiscuous rumors penetrate.
The nature of friction mates the power of fear.
Let there be no accidental birth.

Inflated nations bond and brand with no benefit.
There is no contraceptive
No sign of dialectic
These seeds constitute secession


Dissent is SEXY! EP. 2007 Self Released.
1. Monument of Momentum
2. A Constant Celebration
3. Secession Seeds
4. Offset Origins

Set List

We typically begin sets with a looped sample of a club track, and then going straight into a song. We dislike the band-audience division, and keep people in attendance involved in our set as much as possible by helping out with claping parts, or providing shakers for them. We rarely stop between songs. Instead, we tie them together with improvised dance transitions. Sets usually last 35-40 minutes and consist of the following songs:
Offset Origins
Heliocentric Daughters
A Constant Celebration
Secession Seeds
Monument of Momentum
Opt Out

The only cover we occasionally perform is the chorus of Instant Karma! by John Lennon. It serves as an interlude between the first two songs.