The Readings

The Readings


Influenced by the timeless songs and sounds of bands such as The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac, but rooted in their own style, The Readings are creating unique acoustic based music that transcends genres, and draws listeners in, to make them feel connected to something greater than themselves.


There was a time The Readings thought more about baseball than music. Eric hit over .420 the last season he played in college...Chris was a standout left-handed pitcher at every level he played; he passed on a minor league offer several years back. They also considered other professional careers...Chris managed a startup company that wound up on the Forbes list of the fastest growing companies in America. Eric gave up medical school after being accepted to a top 20 program. Another dream came calling...they rediscovered old musical roots, and rolled the dice, winding up together in Nashville...taking a shot at a career in music!

A few years later, having developed their own brand of music, and their own songs that connect with fans of all genres, they are currently enrolled in several music business courses to further ensure success. They are earning straight A's in hotel room trashing, personal assistant abuse, money mismanagement, pharmaceutical fraud, and their personal favorite, "how to be a complete jackass, and make money doing it". They are working hard to erase the 'All American Boys' label they have earned so honestly over the years. They appreciate your support thru these trying times, and hope to emerge worthy of a hit record, and perhaps a long-term profitable, but tragic, career in music.

In all seriousness...Driven and dedicated San Diego natives and fraternal twin brothers, The Readings are creating original music they hope will stand the test of time. Since relocating to Nashville, they have been fortunate enough to have songs cut by other artists, adopted for use in corporate campaigns, spun on radio, and played in television programming. They can also be seen and heard at, where they have their own artist page. There is no secret to their success; they love what they do. And time and experience have given them the ability and opportunity to put their ideas and life experiences into words and music. Their engaging personalities and crossover sound transcend musical genres and personal boundaries; other people see themselves in their stories. They also get a glimpse into the unique experiences that make The Readings the writers and performers they have been, and are becoming. Inspired by the tragic loss of their mother to bone marrow cancer, their song “One of Those Days” is an inspirational message to live everyday as if you won't have another. The American Cancer Society has used the song, and their performances, to raise awareness and funds for the cause. The song always elicits a profound connection with audience members and they often receive messages through their website like the following: “A year ago, I discovered that I have a brain condition that I will have for the rest of my life. But I am thankful for such life experience and am not giving up. That is why the song "One of Those Days" touched me in a personal way, as I am sure it did when you were inspired by your brave mother. ...So thanks, Stranger!...For the songs you wrote and sang with such emotion, and for the songs you will write as life brings them to you."

Perhaps the best way to get a feel for who The Readings are, and for what their music says about them, is to judge by the reactions of people who see them live, for the first time. Not long ago, The Readings found themselves stranded for several hours, along with a few thousand strangers, at Chicago's Midway Airport during a weather delay. A few friendly passengers, seeing their guitar cases, asked if they wouldn't mind playing a few songs to pass the time. One thing led to another and The Readings ended up putting on a two and a half hour impromptu concert for hundreds of appreciative listeners. They covered all their favorite songs and artists, from The Eagles and America to U2 and Coldplay, and seamlessly mixed in plenty of originals too. They sold out of their entire CD supply, signed autographs, and were given the royal treatment by the good folks of Southwest Airlines who granted them special pre-boarding priviledges and an escort down the jetway, as the echoing sounds of a standing ovation from the terminal faded off in the distance. It was quite an experience. Everyone had a great time, in spite of the circumstances...the event was vividly captured in a message they received from a fan/friend who enjoyed their airport concert: “...Airports are usually dreary places. Even under the best of circumstances, people are in the middle of a "means to an end." Just get me where I am going and have a nice day. Delays of course, are worse. But your concert, and your generous spirits, transcended all that. You created a group dynamic, allowed people to come together, you got past age and racial boundaries, created happiness...My friends, you did it! It was so cool to watch, to observe, and to see the happy faces of everyone forgetting their circumstances for just a few hours. Thank you so much for the experience. Flight 500 rocks


Wanda's Song

Written By: Eric Reading, Chris Reading, John Paul Lourence

Chris Reading, Eric Reading, John Paul Lourence
© 2004 Back, Back, Back Music. All rights reserved.

Wanda was the one girl we claimed we never knew
Lincoln High School’s homely-coming queen
She barely graduated with the class of ‘92
Voted most unlikely to succeed

Rumor had it Wanda never knew who her daddy was
At least that’s what we spread all over town
I guess we always thought that we were building ourselves up
With the sticks and stones we threw to break her down
All the years we thought it didn’t matter
Cuz we never saw her cry
And Wanda never asked us…

Why, do you hurt me, and treat me like you do
What have I ever done to, deserve this, from you
Would you do the things you do
If you were me and I were you

Looking back I see the pain that we put Wanda thru
And just where all the fun and games were leading
We didn’t realize the damage sticks and stones would do
Cuz it was deep inside Wanda was bleeding
The paper said her death was self-inflicted
But was it suicide?
Cuz the note she wrote said…

Repeat Chorus

For every action there’s reaction
Broken hearts don’t just happen
If you put yourself in their position
There’s no good answer to the question…

Repeat Chorus

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One of Those Days

Written By: Chris Reading, John Paul Lourence

One of Those Days
Chris Reading, John Paul Lourence
© 2006 Back, Back, Back Music. All rights reserved.

I watched her as she fixed her hair
Tryin’ to make the best with what was still there
She turned and said, “ Could you please skip work today…
It would be so nice if the kids stayed home from school and played”

Cuz I wanna have
One of those days
Where I wanna do what I wanna do and not be so afraid
Have the time of my life
Pretend that it won’t have to end
I wanna have one of those days…today
That I may not have again

She said, “Let’s go outside and have some fun.
It’s been months since I have even felt the sun.
I’d love to breathe in air from the sky.
We won’t let that ice cream man pass us by”

Repeat Chorus

One you won’t forget
So I’ll have no regrets

Repeat Chorus

Oak Hill Baptist Church

Written By: The Readings & Bill Warrington

Chris Reading, Eric Reading, Bill Warrington © 2006 Back, Back, Back Music. All rights reserved.

I combed my hair, Dad ironed his shirt
Mom put all her makeup on, and sister’s in that pleated skirt
We’re all decked out in our Sunday best
For that once a week family religious event
Yeah we all pile in the wagon, take the same ol’ route
Dad slows down as we, pass by God’s house…and pray

Hail Mary—we’ve always kept the faith
Hail Mary—could you throw some love our way
We’ll be in section 8, cuz that’s where we congregate
Amen and hallelujah, here’s prayin’ that the ref don’t screw ya’
God’s a fan he understands it’s football first
For the members of the Oak Hill Baptist Church

There’s old Millie, she’s never missed a game
I swear she dyed her hair blue, to match her painted face
And there’s reverend Johnson, in his usual front row seat
With a Miller Lite and a cardboard sign, John 3:16
Barney wants another round, pass the collection plate
It’ll take a miracle, to win this game…we pray

Repeat Chorus

Fifty yard line down by 5, two seconds left, one more try
He takes the snap, he drops back and he, lets it fly—

Repeat Chorus
…(Hail Mary—could you help us catch a break)…


Written By: Chris Reading, Eric Reading, Scott Chaney

Alabama (based on story of the civil rights case “The Scottsboro Nine”)

Oh Alabama
Can you feel the stingin’ rain
Oh Alabama
It can’t wash away the stain
1931 was a long time ago
And just yesterday
Oh Alabama
There’s glory in your name

So rise up
Break the chains of hatred
Step up
What are you afraid of
Rise up
Sew the seeds of freedom
Break down the walls
Or it won’t be long
Before the heaven’s fall

Oh Alabama
Can you hear the ghost train
Oh Alabama
All aboard it’s judgement day
Raise your right hand, repeat after me
The truth shall set you free
Oh Alabama
There’s glory in your name

Repeat Chorus

1931 was a long time ago
And just yesterday
Oh Alabama, Oh Alabama

Repeat Chorus


One of Those Days—2002 (11 original songs)
Everyday Life—2005 (17 songs)

Various songs spinning on internet radio, international and local radio. Songs used in television programming, cut by other artists, and used in corporate campaigns. Available at iTunes,,, and

Set List

Enough material to do two hours of original and two hours of cover material.

Sample Cover Song List:

1. Won’t Back Down--Tom Petty
2. Learning to Fly--Tom Petty
3. Amie--Pure Prairie League
4. Southern Cross--Crosby, Stills, and Nash
5. No Such Thing--John Mayer
6. Yellow--Coldplay
7. Speed of Sound--Coldplay
8. Meet Virginia--Train
9. Drops of Jupiter--Train
10.Sister Golden Hair--America
11.Horse with No Name--America
12.Running to Stand Still--U2
13.I’ll Be--Edwin McCain
14.Somebody’s Cryin’--Chris Isaak
15.Cuts like a knife--Bryan Adams
16.This Time--Bryan Adams
17.Learn to Fly--Foo Fighters
18.Take it Easy--The Eagles
19.Wave on Wave--Pat Green
20.Whatever Comes First--Sons of the Desert
21.Next 30 years--Tim McGraw
22.Anything But Mine--Kenny Chesney
23.Right Where I Need to Be--Gary Allan
24.If I Didn’t Love You--Steve Wariner
25.Much too Young--Garth Brooks
26.Fit to be Tied Down--Sammy Kershaw
27.Somebody Like You--Keith Urban