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Reagan Browne

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Alternative


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"Review from the Sen Editor of HITS Magazine"

"Showcasing his warm vocals, and impressive guitar stylings, Comin Home is a stunning one-man effort that perfectly expresses his varied background" - HITS Magazine

"All Access Magazine Interview With Reagan Browne"

If you have not heard of Reagan Browne it is likely you may be very soon. Having moved here from Texas, Reagan has hit LA running! His web site has been capturing the heart of females all over the world. Tall, dark, and handsome this guy is a serious chick magnet. However, the real charm of Reagan is his actual talent. His voice soars to notes and octaves that many female singers can’t reach. Reagan has been performing at many of the “hottest” venues in LA. He is quickly becoming a hot commodity within his short time spent here in LA. He opens for Foghat on May 17th 2008 at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano. Reagan’s debut album titled, ‘Comin’ Home’, reviewed in this issue of AAM, is available now on the web or ITunes.

The music that Reagan brings to the table is soulful, melodic and has meaning. Reagan really loves it when the listener uses their own heart to attach the music to their soul. Reagan is a man with so many shades of depth and colors, that it was important to him this interview showed all those sides. As the interviewer, I can only hope I did him justice.

AAM: You are young enough to have tried out for American Idol, why didn’t you do it?

RB: I Thought about it, but I really thought it was not only based around voice, they wanted an outgoing showoff. I can be a bit shy, and the show is all about getting votes.

AAM: Yes, but you have the voice, and the girls would go nuts

RB: I also want to show all sides of me; my skills such as my voice, guitar, and songwriting really show what I can do. In many ways, American idol is a personality based show, popularity show. I would at this point prefer to do a band based show, with mixed artist’s songs along with original work or all original work.

AAM: As a Teenager, what kind of teen where you? A jock, quiet, a joker, or what? You are very soulful so I can see you almost as a late bloomer.

RB: I think I was all three rolled into one, but mainly I was the quiet teen. Then once I opened up, I was the teen that liked to play practical jokes on everyone. I was always bored in school, so had to pass the time somehow. I played some sports in school like Tennis, but once I was in high school I started to loss interest in them and started to really focus on playing the guitar. I started when I was younger, but got serious with it when I was a sophomore. Since I was such a shy kid growing up, and I mean I was painfully shy, I would just sit in my room for hours on end playing my guitar, and listening to music. It was all I felt I had. Or it was all I could relate to anyway. I think your right about me being a late Bloomer. I'm still patiently waiting.

AAM: You are what people would consider genetically blessed, in your opinion, has it helped or hindered your burgeoning music career? Your music is so good, but do you sometimes wonder if the audience is more interested in your physical aesthetics rather than your music?

RB: Well thank you I appreciate it. Truthfully it doesn't bother me if there are girls at my shows because they think I'm attractive or have sex appeal. If that's the most of my worries I really don't have a hell of a lot to complain about, and I guess that makes me very lucky? The important thing I do feel though is like you said, the music is good. So usually within the 2nd or 3rd song I have won them over both ways.

AAM: You’re a very insightful, smart, kind, and deep person. When it is time to settle down and have a family, what kind of woman, and what qualities (in order) will you be looking for, and are her looks the most important?

RB: I think I would want a woman that would be there for me during the ride and that includes the bumpy parts. Not someone that's just looking to go straight to the end of the rainbow. Sorry, but there are a lot of those kinds of women floating around in Los Angeles. She would have to love kids like I do, and have a great outlook on life, like I at least try to do. Just being a caring person goes a long way with me, and not having the "it’s all about me" attitude is very attractive in my opinion. That to me is the most important part, and if she's beautiful that's the icing on the cake.

AAM: You Have told me that you have a sense of humor, and I have seen it, but how would you describe it to people who don’t know you; is it a dry wit, sarcastic type humor, or silly funny?

RB: I definitely fall under the dry wit sarcastic department :) I have to be careful sometimes around people that don't know me well, because my sense of humor is so dry that they think I'm serious. I usually do it with a little smile, and wink though so they know I'm teasing.

AAM: Your Grandmother died very recently unexpectedly, and you where very close. How are you doing now, and did it change your perspective on life, or the way you may make music from here on out?

RB: Thank you for asking. I'm doing better now, but was in shock for quite some time. I had just spoke with her a few days - All Access Magazine

"All Access Magazine Album Review"

This CD was recorded in his home state of Texas, this artist has one of the smoothest Tenors I have heard in a long time, and he instantly had me hooked because of the wide range of his voice. As we all know, range in a voice is not the only qualities that makes for a good or even great CD. Reagan dug deep into his personal life and beliefs to write the songs and sing them for the world to hear, which for a debut CD, can be difficult with no record label backing or supporting him. Besides those who made the CD with him and his loved ones, the entire CD came from his heart, and in every tune and nuance it can be heard.

Though there is no denying that Reagan wants the listener to interpret each song in the way they wish to, several songs do have very deep and personal meaning to him. In ‘Sweet Diane’ he sings of an Actress friend who wanted and struggled so hard to make it as an actress for quite some time. But as she got more and more famous, he watched as the pressures took a toll on her, and she just couldn’t take the fame anymore and bowed out of the business. A heartbreaking tale of what you may wish for coming true biting you in the places it hurts the most. It is a beautifully done song that hurt him, to see her hurt just as badly as she hurt. In ‘Sophie’s Song’, he sings tenderly about another love, his little girl. In ‘Let’s Think About Tomorrow’, He sings about the war going on right now, and how all he wants is peace. For all of us to think of what it is doing to the world now, and the generations coming up.

There wasn’t one song I did not like. From tender love songs that are heartfelt as he does in ‘Sweet Diane’ and ‘Sophie’s Song’ as well as several others. To the harder edged songs and the fun easy to sing along Melodic Rock song, ‘Slingin Dirt’, that made this rocker girl just want to get up and twirl around swinging my head around to see my hair flow to the beat of the music. In ‘Wreaking Ball’ Reagan lets all hell break loose with his guitar in an instrumental journey that I hope allows him to reflect on his shy childhood with fondness, because he is one heck of a guitar player.

As a reviewer who was also painfully shy as a child the results as an adult can be amazing, On Reagan’s debut CD, ‘Comin’ Home’, getting lost in music has definitely paid off. He is a versatile talent who can go from rock to ballads without effort! Performing with the legendary band…

Foghat May 17th at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano. Though no one can predict the future of an artist’s career, Regan has the voice and onstage charisma to create hits and become a great singer/songwriter. His songs are versatile enough to be commercially viable, and he has great potential to be signed to a major label. Here is hoping that one of the labels sees what all his fans see. A talented singer/songwriter!

- All Access Magazine


Comin Home 2007

(Slingin Dirt, Sweet Diane, Ya Got Me have received radio airplay.

(The entire album has received radio airplay from Oklahoma, Massachusetts, and New York

New album coming in the summer of 2012



Texas singer/songwriter/rock artist Reagan Browne has drawn comparisons vocally to some of
the best rock/pop vocalists of the last 20 years, and in addition to a booming voice that fans
always come away noticing, Browne has also developed into a fine songwriter and guitarist.
Each of those skills are front and center on Browne’s most recent album, Daydreams in Stereo
(released February 23, 2010), the follow-up to his 2007 debut, Comin’ Home.
So far, he’s drawing rave reviews as well as industry attention. iTunes recently featured Browne
as a “rock on the rise” artist, and he is being tabbed by Clear Channel’s I Heart Radio as part of
their “artist to watch, recommended” feature (the song, “Goodbye L.A., reached #1 for this
For Daydreams in Stereo, Browne set out to add layers, literally and figuratively, to his songs to
give them more depth, and he also played all of the guitar parts on the album. “There’s a lot
going on in each song, from multiple guitar parts, to multi vocal harmonies like Queen,” says
Browne. “But my vocals were a top priority, because that seems to be what fans notice the
most.” (For the record, Browne’s range is five octaves.)
In addition to having a contemporary yet classic vocal style, Browne’s music remains cohesive
and meaningful, in particular on the melodic and ultra-catchy first single, “Goodbye L.A.”
“If I ever wanted to pretend to be other people on stage, I guess I would be Paul McCartney the
songwriter, Chris Cornell the singer, and Edward Van Halen the guitar player,” he says.
Browne says this because these were the artists that had the biggest impact on him growing up.
And while that might all sound like a lot to wrap your mind and ears around, if you listen to
Browne’s music, and hear the way his hooks channel his emotive lyrics, that’s when you get it.
You can’t help but get it. And
Upon moving from Vermont to Los Angeles about a decade ago, most of Browne’s friends and
colleagues were aspiring musicians. That combined with the way he absorbed so many different
types of music growing up, fueled his own passion to make music.
“I think I got really lucky though because I had a huge vintage record collection that my neighbors
threw away when I was around eight or nine,” he said. “So I had this incredible collection of
everything from Led Zeppelin to James Taylor. I was instantly drawn to the Beatles though, and
they were my first influence.”
Upon the release of Daydreams In Stereo, Browne is working it effectively to radio so that he can
in turn do some more touring and build up his already-growing following. “I really just want to be
able to get myself and my music in front of as many people as I can,” he said. “I think I have
great new album, and feel when the rest of the world hears it they'll think the same.”
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