Bos Taurus

Bos Taurus

 Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Bos Taurus joins anatomically correct indie pop melodies with lyrics dealing with loss, disappointment and regret to produce music reflective of REM in some parallel musical universe. A keen listener will hear influences ranging from the Beach Boys, to Pixies, to Robyn Hitchcock and others.


Joining lyrics dealing with loss, disappointment and regret with anatomically correct indie pop/rock melodies, Delaware’s Bos Taurus reflects the music of some of the band's influences, including Pixies, the Beach Boys, the Shins, Yo La Tengo and others. The band’s 2008 debut, It's Plain, received rave reviews upon its release ("...The guitar work and harmonies are beautifully composed and performed..." – Aaron Kupferberg,, and along with some strong live regional performances, helped earn the band a Spark award for the Best Pop Band at the 2009 DMAs.

Now fresh off the release of its second full-length album, In the Sun (April, 2012), Bos Taurus has evolved both in terms of songwriting and the sound of the band ("...when Steve Chesser is able to get his guitar at the forefront of a melody, like on the Joe Jackson-ish "Must Be the Light," it's pure magic..." – Aaron Kupferberg, Band members Shawn O'Neill (lead guitar), Phil Young (multiple instruments and vocals), Sam Musumeci (bass and vocals), Pete Romano (drums), and Heather Plank (vocals) add their collective experience and well-honed skills to the core that defines bandleader Steve Chesser's (guitar, vocals) lush pop song structures.


Album: It's Plain, released in summer 2008.
Album: In the Sun, released April 1, 2012.

Set List

Most of our set comes from our second album, In the Sun, although there are newer, unrecorded songs included too, plus one or two from the first album.

In the Velvet Morning
Even Now
Just like Lightning
In the Sun
With You
Precious Pearls
The Silence
Run Like Hell
I Want to Know
Must Be the Light
The Sun Will Fall Again
It’s Plain