The Real Camilly

The Real Camilly

 Jacksonville, Florida, USA
BandR&BHip Hop

The Real Camilly is a different type of artist. Bringing uniqueness to the genre that seems to be mis-understood. Camilly's style ranging from hip to rap to r&b, is always diverse. Camilly should be a synonym for eclectic. Check him out for yourself. Camilly is next up, so get ready.


The ability to adapt in different situations calls for great skills and patience. Cameron "Camilly" White has become a master in this ability.

Born in Jacksonville, Florida and raised in many others including Memphis, Tennessee, Cam has not only learned how to adjust to physical environments, but also how to develop as an aspiring hip-hop musician. With a quick tongue and fiery delivery, his uniqueness has aptly been dubbed "Wyld Style".

Early in his life, Camilly discovered he was attracted to music with a purpose. Inspired by the intricacy of classical melodies, he learned to play piano at the age of nine. This would become the foundation for his production efforts.

Cam says, "When I was about twelve years old, I had no producers and I got so mad at how bad people were doing beats so I just taught myself how to do it. I started using little programs from the internet and I got good at it." Cam's involvement in spoken word poetry, coupled with is keen ear for instrumentals, eventually evolved into something extraordinary. "I used to be a poet back in the day," he says, "people started telling me to get into the rap game.

As far as how I put my words together, it's very poetic." Dealing with internal frustrations and sometimes feeling like an outsider, Cam uses writing as therapy. "It's liberating, kind of like flying. Everybody has problems in their life; everybody has complications, but with this I get to escape. A lot of tension builds up in me sometimes and I get to let it out. It takes away a lot of tension and pain."

Originally known as Camilly'ON, Cameron decided to shorten his name to avoid being confused with the rapper Camillionaire. "The females actually came up with Camilly for short. It made them feel special to call me that, but now everyone calls me that." He's often been compared to Twista or Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, but as his name suggests, Camilly is able to switch to slower patterns similar to those of Kanye West and Snoop Dogg. The power to exhibit multiple dimensions has earned Camilly thousands of loyal fans from California to New York and even overseas.

With help from the internet, he's been able to reach listeners all over the world. "I'm not even known on a major level yet," he says proudly, "but because of Myspace, I have people telling me that I'm their favorite rapper. Having support from fans like that is the greatest thing that's happened so far." is not his only tool for promotion though; performing locally and regionally has also been beneficial for his buzz. In high school, Camilly won second place at a talent competition for the Ritz Theatre. Since then he has gone on to open for acts such as Lil Wayne and Young Dro.

With an accomplished resume quickly building, Cam has one more challenge he's prepared to
face – successfully operating his own company, Burnin' Witta Passion Ent. was co-founded by Cam alongside his partner Christopher "CP" Pollock.

"We started BWP awhile back," he explains, "I was in a group called Up-N-Flamez and we played off the words from that. It grew into a movement. I'm not going to sign anyone who hasn't done as much work or had as much hunger as I did; they have to be passionate. I have to see them doing what I did." Studying moguls like Jermaine Dupri, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z and Russell Simmons has increased his drive and business savvy mindset.

"I'm trying to be a CEO now," he says. His first project released under BWP featured 18 songs of both original material and mainstream remixes. Dark Angel was distributed as a promotional item, which proved to be more beneficial than selling it for profit as it reached a wider audience.

To date, Camilly has worked with several producers including D.V.U.S, Jawad Mills, Kane, Avalon and several others. He hopes to one day collaborate with Swizz Beatz, Jermaine Dupri, Just Blaze and Pharrell.

Currently, Camilly and CP are finalizing the next project, using their website to test possible singles. One of the potential selections entitled "City on the Map" is perhaps a prediction of future changes – changes that are sure to affect the entire world.

Influenced from a young age to recently by artist like Bone thugs-n-harmony, Three Six Mafia, Da Brat, Tupac Shakur, Nas, Jay-Z, Mc Shan, Jermaine Dupri, Method Man, Alicia Keys, Miri Ben Ari, Eminem, Ludacris, T.I., Biggie Smalls, DMX, many many More....

"I really respect you for doing what you do. Just keep fighting to get up there, I got faith in you." Whispered Grammy nominated R&B artist Alicia Keys to Camilly a few years back at a local concert in Jacksonville Florida.


Drop It Down

Written By: The Real CaMilly

-The Real CaMilly

Camilly Boy!!

Bob yo head to this homeboi!!

Drop it down (Drop it down - echo) Drop it down to the floor.

(First Verse:)
Spit like a Genius, guess I am a Genius. Flow like a pro, which I am one of the meanest/
One, of the cleanest lyricist around. Spit, like Im Royal so Im fit for a crown/
Rappin like I ought ta. Mentally I slaughter. Dont become a clone, or Im technically you're father/
Lyrical marauder; that should be my title. Spit, so many verses I am almost like a Bible/
Angels all around me. Females they surround me. When i walk in the door, all the girls hit the floor; take it low. It's astounding/
Playa turn the bass up, dont be scared to make it pop. Females wanna dance. Hey, I aint scared to make em drop/

(Repeat 8 times)
Second Verse:
Creep, in ya brain. I control ya mind. Now that chu hypnotized, listen to the rhyme/
Simple or complex, which flow should I decide? Flow, like I got the Jigga watchin from the side/
If you get foul, mess around and hit ya'll. Hold it up, click pow. Make a hata sit - down/
Yes, Im official. Bust, like a pistol. Im profound not a clown. Guess I gotta spit rounds. (Brrrr BLOW)/
Dont nobody wanna take it toe to toe, but if you wanna take it blow for blow then we can go/
Im a lyrical menace who gotta chosen flow, like Im givin em an overdose cause imma make ya'll drop/
Yup, back down, thats your ultimatum, If they wanna get - down, guess I gotta make em/

(Repeat 8 times)
Third Verse:
Dont get dramatic, just watch how I do me. Im cinematic, my life is a movie/
You are sporadic, me I keep it steady. Chop up the track, a lyrical mashedy/
Dont become a problem, flirtin with my cheddar or you'll meet my daughter her name is Barretta/
We are a team, she helps protect Camilly's green. Dont get ahead or yo' head gon see a Guillotine/
If you feelin me, let a brotha know. If you got beef, betta let it go. You dont wanna war, you dont wanna go to the ground. POP! You gon hit a floor/
Yup yup, Sayonara, so long. This is not a slow song. And my favorite part is when a shawty drop it down/

(Repeat 8 times)
(Marco and Camilly on da track)
(Burnin Witta Passion)



SHE CAN GET IT--- (Current Single)
BET YOU WISH ---(Current Single)

Drop It Down (Single released 2008)
Do Yo Thang - (Has received airplay)
Shawty Bad - (Has received airplay)
We Ride - (Has received airplay)

Set List

2-3 songs. Usually 10 minutes all together.
The main single is performed first as the average music listener's attention spans are limited, with new artists, following one to two songs vary depending on The Real Camilly's crowd or audience. This way, the main single is heard and not waited for.