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Founding member of the WuTang Clan and prolific solo lyricist, Staten Africa's Cappadonna has been featured on over 25 albums including Six Time Platinum "Wu-Tang Forever" and his own Gold Selling Debut "The Pillage". Cap is currently finishing his latest solo effort "Slang Prostitution".


Cappadonna a/k/a “Cappachino The Great” and “Donna Cappa Goines“ is a founding member of the legendary WuTang Clan and a prolific solo artist. Writing since the age of 15, Cap first emerged in 1995, spitting serious darts on "Ice Cream" and "Ice Water" from Raekwon's classic “Only Built For Cuban Linx”. The following year he dropped the urban classic 12" - "Drastic Measures and lent sizzling verses to “HighSchool High” and “Don’t Be a Menace” soundtracks. His contributions to Ghostface's debut “Ironman” further assured his reputation of ferocious lyricism. “On a state sponsored vacation” for the WuTang debut, Cap made his first appearance with all of his Clan mates on 1997’s Six Time Platinum "WUTANG FOREVER" and was featured heavily on the follow up “The W”

After touring extensively, Cap returned to the studio for his first solo effort - 1998s “The Pillage” - which debuted at #3 on the charts and was quickly certified Gold. His follow-up - 2001s “The Ying and The Yang” - met with similar critical and commercial success. Staying vigilant in his support of The Clan, he then featured on over 25 releases including classics from RaeKwon, Method Man and Ghostface along with several of the WuTangs most heralded albums while finding the time to release another hit solo - 2003’s “The Struggle” - , ceaselessly grinding the mixtape scene, and performing for his fans around the world.

Known for his colorful slang and dedication to staying dipped, Cappa was dubbed as "The Papi Wardrobe King" and has never held back from his insistence on staying true to the musical form he has helped define. While disregarding or directly attacking any business or cultural elements he felt threatened the purity of Hip-Hop, he finds time to help bring up the next generation through his work with Theodore Unit and Lounge Mode, his management team Honor Management Group. His upcoming solo projects, “The Cappatilize Project and Slang Prostitution”, will be unleashed in late 2008 accompanied by a GREATEST EVER SOLD DARTZ DVD.




Park Hill
Staten Island, New York City
Check for a nigga, check for a nigga
If you in Maryland, check for a nigga
If you in Virginia, check for a nigga
If you in Toronto, check for nigga
Check for a nigga, check for a nigga

You see me Uptown, yo you see me Uptown last night
with my new Nike's, satellite gold as hell
I stroll well, I protect with the most
respected mic check, cassette full of life
High technology, Gortek intellect
Good for a million, one dart project
Kid I nurse this rap shit, textbook monitor
merge just like traffic, dick deserve an encore
One of a kind, Pro-Line hydro head
Hold a verse like a Wisdom, smack tracks on her ass
Quick competition, got you in a smash
Diamond thoughts, bite down on your ear
I fear none, Dolemite strike three time
award mic fuck crazy vagina
Born first to rock fifty, S.I. New York City
Slang Nitty, check for me badly
Manditory for me to keep fuckin y'all head up
The one man news team fast like a photographer

check for a nigga, check for a nigga, check for a nigga
If you in D.C., check for a nigga
If you in Virginia, check for a nigga
If you in Ohio, check for a nigga
If you in Toronto, check for a nigga, check for a nigga

Straight from the heritage, public announcers
Ounces of darts, he fucked you over
I stole ya heart, so just in case
you forgot about the face, flash that camera
at the all-time great, slight paranoid
Fuck toys consistent, fluent slang pediment
It's the magnificent, first album
Hot tracks on the sipper, low flame deliver
Defense like a Giant, it's the Son of Pslam giver
Masterpiece in the making, Asian
African Egyptian Jamaican
Swordplay from the deep isolation, whattup cousin?
Have a drink on the house, I blow mics out
This man is on fire, fully developed
dance with the organizer, chance me
Tap into my Wu pedigree, numba three chamber
Second in the cut, it's the Black Lone Ranger
Cat in the Hat, fresh clothes on the hanger
The Last Man Standing with the vest and the banger
Desperate to delegate, peep me on the Magnavox
channel Fox, telecommunicate
Match money like socks, summertime style
Thunderstorm, vocabulary anonymous
kid extra Caligula, poetry in particular

check for a nigga, check for a nigga, check for a nigga
If you in Virginia, check for a nigga
If you in Manhattan, check for a nigga
If you in D.C., check for a nigga
If you in Georgia, check for a nigga
check for a nigga, check for a nigga, check for a nigga

Outfits forever
New Cappadonna, blue is my quaintness
I'm a maintenance in this rap shit, politics
Spit the graphic mix it up nice spent
Twist me in the city, elegance walk
My style Don Hard Juan, Passenger 57
in Jackson 10, A Soldier and a Gentleman
Calm and hyper, deadly spokesperson
Smooth like a tiger, inquiring minds
design arts and crafts, used to play the field
on the rap, drafted the devil
Bass and treble, worldwide baritone
Judge wise on the throne, wild like sober lyrics
splash out my dome, uncontrollable
Staten Island untold feel it across the globe
I expand, Cappa the man, head low
Eyes red like a Wu suit, do it right Sixty
My stee' mary alley, follow my lead
not my language it's dangerous, pitbull fightin
a war, hardcore C-4 with the words kid
Better branches, turn your head twice
One life, still gettin it right, then yo

check for a nigga, check for a nigga, check for a nigga, check for a nigga
If you in Brooklyn check for a nigga
If you in Manhattan check for a nigga
If you in Queens, check for a nigga
If you in the Bronx then check for a nigga
check for a nigga, check for a nigga

check for a nigga
If you in the Woods, check for a nigga
check for a nigga
If you in the Garbage, check for a nigga
check for a nigga



Crack backs heavy on the cash all night
at the drug site we hung tight
three o'clock in the night ounces of coke dirty kicks
money gets low in the street yo
tough times nickles thats bigger than dimes
you know the flavor
ruffneck city ain't nothin sweet kid ain't nothin pretty
New York be poppin the cork on crime look at the nine
summertime in the court house ??? shit whats mine
two to four three to nine benatoned it what
we all ran coke grams, you outta luck
young bucks carrying gats, stay fat for what
we all slipped through the po-nig nobody bust
freeze, we in the breeze with the blunts
nobody drop the trees or they fronts
meet on the roof look off the front play low
watch out for po-po thats how it go
three in the whip, we not lagit though, run for the gusto
peep Marcel and Brown comin around dippin the logo
run! if you ever got somethin on you son
you best a run, be off the set, bounce on the projects
cease another vick, weed in your piss and parol gotsta have it
slide like a rabbit move quick this is it
hang jump from the fire escape, I made it
drop the clip fingerprints all on it, ah fuck the bulets
I'm losin my pants, I advance in my speed, succeed in my travel
dance on em, in a fucked up whip, make my heart skip
caught up in the drug traffic I astounded by the outfit
one twentieth tried to knock my whole click
run! these black boys that take none
don't cop out shit, take the three six and add that shit
run!... if you ever pack a nice size gun
run!... if you sell drugs to your dun
run!... be the fuck out word god run hard

Beetween two cars we park, pepper got sparked
in the dark heads scramble at the six ooh
spys lookin at you one two lookin too
how you roll what you stole let me see you
nah fuck you, if you wasn't a cop I might bust you, I don't trust you
coppers lust over my crew, forget a curfew
we gather in the plaza to jerk through
three sixty with the crime waves modern day slave
first one to peel, it's not real
plant that as a matter of fact we crack em down
us against brown,run fast like you ran track
never look back push the Acc on the sidewalk
crash, toss the heat and tear ass
zig zag till you reach your stash
run!...if you sell drugs to your dun
run! the fuck out word to god run hard
me and the god back to back one eighty five
and the four five survive that shit
niggas came even though I seen you rollin there bowlin in green kid
this cream'll get you rocked, knocked if you don't run
don't grab my jacket dun get the fuck off, break north
or go to jail, word life is trife, on the block it's too hot
you got my man shot, nigga run
we wylin on Staten Island it's one thing bein in the bing
and not smilin on the gate it's too late
fate held you over, jakes runnin for snakes
the white rover, with the plates burn down Gee street
comin from outta state, see me in the drivers seat
coolin without the I.D., it's not me
babylon to the god, D-I-V-I-N-E
Run!...if you sell drugs to the dun
Run! the fuck out, word to god run hard



Thats how I be likin my mic
You gotta know how to adjust that shit

I came to the fork in the road and went straight
Right out the crack vile to the Golden Gate
See the silver spoon in my mouth it had cake
My rap birth date debut song was ice bait
Readit like a novel, Donna Cappa gone
Strivin my duns be dollars and coins
Whether in New York or Compton Californs
I come correct twenty two outfits and a mic check
One derby, Cappachino the great
Sittin at the table where the gambinos ate
Wu-Tang Clan concentrate
Bounce on the track Donna crack it like a safe

My slang is editorial explicit material
Breifcase yo, live in stereo flow
Feel me, Donna realty
Set the black people free
Killer bees got the best stee

I drip through the faucet
I never lost it
Where the party at
give me the mic and I'ma toss it
Head crack talk back, verbal attack
Side track you get japped with my lyric impact
Snap outta that, Cappadonna seven sauna
thirty three pirranha, chaos like iguana
projects is rated x I flex and terminate
Sex MC's is wet so I'm the right source to vex
Endo mic buff, Willie on the mic
when both hands are cuffed
Whoever tried to make you fall off
Call your dogs off
Peace to everyday mutts livin with rut

My slang is editorial explicit material
Breifcase yo
live in stereo flow
Feel me, Donna realty
Set the black people free
Killer bees got the best stee
Killer bees got it lock D, got it lock D

Dart specialist, new Cappadonna get treacherous
I rock track like a neckalace
Poppy wardrobe, singin like you never expected
I'm on a mission, flippin
What Wu-Tang Clan is the sword new addition
Seek a recipe antidote poke G, ebony
Sunz of Man and killer bee can't fold under pressure
Respect The Abbott, Wu Orchestra, what
fancy talk magic, wise up
fly girls keep ya eyes up
track terrorist kiss
Deep in the hill Jack battle with Jill
Talk boss, featurin words that kill

My slang is editorial explicit material
Breifcase yo, live in stereo flow
Feel me, Donna realty
Set the black people free
work hard WTZ

Donna journalistic
writin wizard(wizid)
Protect my soul when the devil tried to get it
Seen my goal and stuck with it
Ever since a kid, early in a bid
Doin things you never did
All up in a staircase a scareface was lookin
Wallet got tooken
Free from the work release Donna kept bookin
Brooklyn bound, with the sound
hop the turnstiles
fifty cents to kick it oh it's so wicked
Wu-Tang is Wu York, hell up in the pyramid
Tabernackles catch fire within the apple
Tabernackles catch fire within the apple

My slang is editorial explicit material
Breifcase yo, live in stereo flow
Feel me, Donna realty
Set the black people free
Set the black people free



[Killa Bamz]
Red dog Ebonese, half Gotti and Lebonese
You see me posted, lifted like my tape to text
Poverty projects son, and I ain't scared to talk
Newport, five percent of New York, spray darts
where you walk, cocoahead peers, throwin Shaolin spears
Floatin through the Village, trapped in design to shine
Pillage, war between the thug and the con
As for the father reborn, castle in the mind
Mind blind and captive, warfare be inner-active
Bamz is savage hard to substitute
Smoke the hydro root, in a casual suit
I'm tryin to walk these dogs but I'ma dog myself
Get my wealth for delf, hard rock crews is so-low
Stagnate, thoughts of payin dues
Gotta prop the holes in my suit, Bamz foot style
is Shaolin Isle, spend Valentine in the cooler
Get the CREAM dula, figures and dollars
Stuck I make a thug holla, swarmin the bees who rock the Walla
Po-Po lookin for collars, peep the whole scene
Make it happen, Shaolin, dart clappin
Prepare for this war we assassin, but now I'ma chill
for a minute, smoke bones of hydronetic and get pathetic
Sources is similar to full drum when we swarm
Rock my red cape like Spawn
Shaolin breathin in a hailstorm, teachers of Allah
know it's best to quote the topics
Shaolin trees from prophets, representin Shaolin
We gonna die for this, so don't you never fail
Like crews who soul miss, tamper doors open
and your death wish, peepin analyst
Bamz who got the mad new shit

The pillage, the pillage, the pillage
Oceanwide, Donna on the outside
Cyanide, killa bee hive, homicide
His side is gone, it's on, my uniform is Uno
Acapella was take two, respect due
No commercial I teach though, I reach those
higher heights, mic to death, words of wisdom
Words of a architect strike, hype is the crowd
Down low is me, Bamz sugar free
Check we radical dub, nightclub punish the club
Attack hate runnin with love, better grub
Dick em down easy, past sound, pass out
Pass it around, grew up in The Tunnel
Tracks against Wu rap debut, top article
Spin it again, sign of the time rhyme
Top of the line, bottom of the Pyramids
Stretched in the alphabet, wet dust Moet, poet threat
Evil cassette wreck shows, rip any set
Direct approach coach a emcee, toast a emcee
Don't provoke me, toast to me W-T-C
Fade is still bushy, spot the best pussy
Keep my gears flashin, ready for the action
Fatal rap attraction, mic that rock the cradle
Razor Sharp label, ferryboat
Park Hill Gallo and the Sable
Martin Luther King Islam Rodney King
Two to four work release time in the bang
Big guns lawyers dirty cops naked in the box
Puerto Ricans, Africans, one Ox
Bowl of rice Trump, poor people
Plus meat that tastes lethal, we all not treated equal
The bible, the thirty-six tribal
Trials and tribulations, survival
Drugs as my retardation, masturbation
False identification, one nation
Blood, mud, water, togetherness
Terrorist, peace to all thug, Hennesey in the jug
Box cutter under the rug, that'll cut your whole mug
You bugged, kid, fuck off


Album Name Release Date Status
The Pillage -- March 24, 1998 -- Gold U.S.
The Yin & The Yang -- April 3, 2001
Cappadonna's Iron Fist Pillage The Soundtrack --August 1, 2001
Cappadonna Hits -- November 20, 2002
The Struggle -- October 7, 2003

Singles and EPs
1998 "Slang Editorial"
1998 "Run"
1999 "Black Boy"
2001 "Super Model"
2008 "Don't Turn Around"

Appears on
1995 "Ice Cream" & "Ice Water" (from the Raekwon album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx)
1996 "Winter Warz", "Fish", "Camay", "Daytona 500" & "Iron Maiden" (from the Ghostface Killah album Ironman)
1997 "Maria", "Little Ghetto Boys", "Heaterz", "For Heaven's Sake" & "Triumph" (from the Wu-Tang Clan album Wu-Tang Forever)
1998 "Sweet Love" (from the Method Man album Tical 2000: Judgement Day)
1998 "'97 Mentality" (from the Wu-Tang Killa Bees album Wu-Tang Killa Bees: The Swarm)
1999 "Strange Fruit" (from the Pete Rock album Soul Survivor (album))
2000 "Buck 50" & "Wu Banga 101" (from the Ghostface Killah album Supreme Clientele)
2000 "Careful (Click, Click)" & "Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)" (from the Wu-Tang Clan album The W)
2003 "Respect Mine" (from the Mathematics album Love, Hell Or Right)
2003 "Ice Cream Part 2" (from the Raekwon album The Lex Diamond Story)
2005 "Spot Lite" (from the Mathematics album The Problem)
2006 "9 Milli Bros", "Dogs Of War" & "Jellyfish" (from the Ghostface album Fishscale)
2006 "Too Strong to Change" (from the Mars Ill album Pro Pain)
2006 "Do Dirt", "Big Flows" (From the Stereotype album "Keepin Me")
2006 "Season of the Vick", "Our House", "Blood Brothers", "Pain is Love" (All from Lounge Lo's album "Drop City S.I.M.P.Son (Staten Islands Most Popular Son)
2006 "Guns N' Razors" (from the Ghostface Killah album More Fish)
2007 "Campfire" and "Windmill" (from the Wu-Tang Clan album 8 Diagrams)

Studio albums
Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) · Wu-Tang Forever · The W · 8 Diagrams

"Protect Ya Neck" ·
"Method Man"
"Can It Be All So Simple"
"Triumph" · "Gravel Pit" ·
"The Heart Gently Weeps"

The Swarm ·
Wu-Chronicles ·
Wu-Chronicles, Chapter 2 ·
The Sting ·
Disciples of the 36 Chambers: Chapter 1 ·
Legend of the Wu-Tang Clan ·
Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture ·
Mathematics Presents Wu-Tang Clan & Friends

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