Danny Fernandes

Danny Fernandes

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Debut album “INTRO” went #1 on iTunes, certified GOLD in Canada, produced four #1 singles, three #1 videos, 2 Juno nominations (2010 Best New Artist), 7 MMVA nominations, the 2010 Indies “Best Pop Artist of the Year”, a national Athletes World campaign and three international licensing deals.


“I sleep, eat and breathe music from when I wake up until I go to bed.” - Danny Fernandes

Behind the hype, the #1 videos, the award wins and nominations is Canada’s next true superstar – Danny Fernandes. There is a reason he is compared to some of the world’s biggest International stars including Justin Timberlake and Usher – it is because his talent is undeniable. Danny is a pop star ready to show the world what he’s makes him so special and he does that with much anticipated sophomore album, AUTOMATICLUV.

Danny has outdone himself…co-writing most of the songs and doing all the arrangements with JUNO Award winning artist Belly. Add to this his signature sexy voice, his live show and phenomenal dancing skills and he is proving more than ever what a force of nature he is as a multi-talented artist and performer. “I’ve put my heart and soul into this new album,” says Danny.

AUTOMATICLUV has thirteen new songs from Danny, plus an additional version of future single “Take Me Away” remixed by one of the world’s top producer/djs, Grammy Award winning Benny Benassi. The album features an impressive and diverse list of guests including Belly, Josh Ramsay of Marianas Trench, Shawn Desman and Mia Martina. “I make music that I can dance to,” Danny says. “That’s what I do because I was a dancer before I was anything else.”

Although some may have the misconception that success came overnight – Danny first began his career as a dancer at the age of six and it has taken tireless effort and determination to bring him to where he is today. Born the middle child in a musical Italian/Portuguese family with a grandfather that was an opera singer and an older brother that was already an artist (Shawn Desman), the now 25 year old naturally gravitated to music, but favoured dance first to keep out of the shadows. He proved a quick study with an ambitious streak. By 11 he had an agent and was dancing in commercials. By 16 he was practically drowning in gold medals, even netting two consecutive (and aptly-named) Rising Star awards in the annual CNE dance battle. At the same time, he blew away thousands of competitors to become the youngest member of the Toronto Raptor’s famed Dance Pak and started appearing regularly as a backup dancer in music videos.

“I’m fortunate that my parents have always been incredibly supportive,” raves Danny. “When I told them at a young age my desire to pursue music and dance as my career, not just a hobby, they said ‘let’s do it, but you’ve got to work hard.’” Soon after, he hit the road with the likes of Aaron Carter, Blackstreet, Deborah Cox and his brother Shawn, with whom he toured the world for an entire year, even playing the NBA All-Star game in Atlanta.

By the time he returned to Canada, Danny was ready to step up to the mic. He hooked up with then-fledgling producer Pilzbury and the pair ensconced themselves in a Brampton studio. One of their first collaborations back in 2003 was the song “Curious.” In a rare case of piracy gone right, the track mysteriously leaked online and was discovered by a DJ in Germany who pressed it to bootleg vinyl. “I don’t know who did it,” Danny says, “but who ever did I want to thank.” His MySpace page got flooded with requests and soon he was touring Europe for months on end and topping club charts. It was then his time to conquer Canada. He didn’t have a label yet, but that didn’t hinder his focus to succeed. In late 2007, he sent “Curious” to New York and the hot track easily convinced rapper Juelz Santana to drop a guest spot. Without any label backup, the song shot up radio playlists into the Top 20.

In 2008, Danny signed to CP Records, Canada’s hottest independent label and home of Belly, Massari and Ivana Santilli. With CP Records he found much more than a record company – he found a family and a creative community that could push and inspire him. “This kid is a triple threat. He’s headed to the top,” boasts Belly, who personally recruited Danny into his revolutionary army invading Canada’s airwaves.
You only get one chance to make a first impression, so Danny and Belly hunkered down in the studio to write the songs that would become his debut album Intro. The album reached #1 on iTunes and received rave responses from fans and critics alike. The first two singles “Private Dancer” and “Fantasy” both went GOLD and he had four music videos achieve a record six #1’s at MuchMusic and MuchMore. Danny has already earned seven MMVA nominations (winning for Best Pop Video of the Year for “Private Dancer” in 2009), two JUNO Award nominations and walked away as the Best Male Artist of the Year at the 2009 Top Choice Awards.

Also since the release of INTRO, Danny has been a judge on YTV’s Karaoke Star Junior; toured with artists such as: Akon, Flo Rida, Sean Kingston, Girlicious, been part of an Athlete’s World ad campaign, graced countless magazine covers; and even had his very own MuchMusic episode of “My Date With…Danny Fernandes.


Oct. 14th, 2008 = album "INTRO"
"INTRO" Singles = "Curious ft Juelz Santana", "Fantasy", "Private Dancer ft Belly", "Never Again"

Nov. 2nd, 2010 = album "AutomaticLuv"
"AutomaticLuv" Singles = "Automatic ft Belly", "Feel It ft Shawn Desmand", "Hit Me Up ft Josh Ramsay & Belly", "Take Me Away Benny Bennasi remix"