The Real D'Coy

The Real D'Coy


High-octane indie rock that places an emphasis on sophisticated songwriting with a colorful twist on the traditional rock and roll framework. The Real D’Coy brings a blend of poetry disguised as catchy melodies, steeped in rich harmony, and fueled with the rhythmic drive of a well-tuned Mac truck.


Long time friends and musical collaborators Andy Mitton (guitar/vocals/songwriter) and Clark Freeman (drums/arrangement) decided that after playing with other bands and serving other people's songs, that it was time to start their own project. Clark’s sister, Cassidy Freeman, has been the latest addition, adding her sweet female voice, and a distinct electronic element. The band's main influences include Jump, Little Children, Weezer, Brian Wilson, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Muse, Imogen Heap, and others. After working with multi-platinum recording engineer Mike Jackson, our debut EP is released February 18th, 2007. Our first music video is coming soon.


Heavy Metal

Written By: Andy Mitton

I sold my soul to the Devil
To learn to play heavy metal
And when his teeth were bared
I wasn't really scared cause
I knew I'd be prepared for

I was so soft in the middle.
Always sitting first chair, second fiddle.
But now I've turned the page
And oh my soul-less rage is
Burning up the stage
With light, with light.

I'll turn turn turn around
I would never complicate you
I'm frightened by the sound
That leaves me when I play for you

I sold my heart to your daughter
She steams, she cooks
Looks just like your mother
And when the music ends
Your girl, she reels me in
But still she can't begin
To understand

I'll turn turn turn around
I would never complicate you
I'm frightened by the sound
That leaves me when I play for you
I'll turn turn turn around
I would never masturbate in public -
I'm too proud
Believe me when I say to you...

I sold her heart to the Devil
Along with my guitar and my
Heavy Metal
He said, "You paid your toll,
Now take your dirty soul
And stick to Rock and Roll!"
The light, the light!


I never wanted light on my way
I just like how it feels when I play
I never wanted light on my way
So Devil won't you go on your way.

The Mole

Written By: Andy Mitton

Evil wears his blue collar down
Blends right in with everything
Blue in this town
You've seen him around -
Look now!
The others go home, he slinks
Under the ground.

Loretta met him out on a stroll
Thinks she's found the match for her
Pitiful soul
But he's really the Mole -
I say!
He didn't happen by, no
He planned for this day!

So careful Loretta
He's comin to getcha
His hands are already in your
Bottom drawer
Unplug the phone cords
And pry up the floor boards
And always look down cause
He lives in the ground -
He's the Mole!

He snuggles up at night with his jazz
And the voodoo doll of you that he's really not bad...
It's good!
He's long been an expert when
Handling wood...

I'd like to think he means you
No harm
Just likes to feel your ringer there
Under his arm
No cause for alarm -
A charm!

But some nights his fingers
They dwell...
And you're too unconscious to tell.
In your dreams there you feel a
Sweet swell...
And that's why you've been

Dig Out, Dig In

Written By: Andy Mitton

A cherry pit
Another clue
That I drink a bit
When I'm thinking of you

The shadows bending on were
Neverending like your dream
It falls away

I sink a bit
When building graves
I think of it
As freeing the slaves

The fire I know inspires those I love to
Run away
But that's okay

I dig in...
Dig out, dig in...

A candy store
Pink lemonade
A lonely whore
On the cold promenade

The light was bending on and
Neverending like your dream
It falls away

I'm not in love
I'm not okay
I stink of her perfume and
The cheap Chardonney

The graveyard shift will
Swiftly steal my mind
But that's okay

I dig in...
Dig out, dig in...

Oh come, come my love back to me
We'll rise with the dew carelessly
And spend your last sunset in a
Fire dancing free
Oh come, come my love
Die with me


(self-titled EP, independent release, 2007)