Deezil Greezil

Deezil Greezil

 Killeen, Texas, USA
BandHip Hop

The Great Adventures of The Bipolar Rapper. Reality rap at its finest. Im just a regular dude trying to do extraordinary things. I work hardert han the other MC so I expect to be better than the rest.


Deezil was born in Detroit, Michigan where he lived off and on for the first 14 years of his life. When he wasn't in tha D he was in Killeen,Texas where he began to hone his lyrical ability. Deezil was always one of the most intelligent kids in his age group and his witty sense of humor often got him into trouble. As an adult he begin to take his craft more seriously and became a member of Verbalystyk. He and C-Lown perfected their crafts and had a very successful underground career. In 2010 Deezil began preparing his solo debut and has released multiple singles via digital distribution. He currently is recording his album titled "The Great Adventures of The Bipolar Rapper" which will be released this summer.



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Set List

Dreamz,Earlyndamorning,Stay, Heat, etc

I do a fifteen minute set. I can do a longer show if needed.