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Experimenting with genres ranging from African Township to Hip-Hop, Freepeace deliver a carnival of music and energy at every gig. Finishing 4th in the Surface unsigned band competition last year they are hitting the summer with gigs and festival slots at 'Beach Breaks Live' and‘Shoreditch Festival’


FreePeace began in 2006 as an
acoustic trio with Stacey Edwards on
guitar, Abi Evans on vocals and Kerry
Edwards on percussion. Experimenting
with various genres ranging from hiphop
and acoustic singer/song-writer
styles, their compositions fused African
and flamenco influences whilst still
retaining pop friendly hooks and a
commercial vibe. FreePeace went on to
study at the Academy of Contemporary
Music to develop their musical careers,
and this is where the fourth member,
Sam Odiwe on bass, joined the group.
Their new collaboration further honed
their sound and style, evolving the
genre into a highly original, innovative
and exciting music form. Performing as
a four-piece band around the UK and
Europe they refined their sound and
performance skills playing to live
audiences. In April 2008 they
discovered the latest addition to the
FreePeace family. Sebastian Goodwin-
Day helped to round the FreePeace
sound contributing his skills on the
trombone. This fifth member completed
the FreePeace band and brand.


Freepeace have released their own material and sell them at their gigs

Don't Panic It's Organic E.P. - 2007

An Ounce of Bounce E.P. - 2009

Set List

A full FreePeace set list lasts about an hour but can be adapted to fit any time slot as we have a wide repertoire. We like to take people on a journey and therefore start soft and acoustically with our drummer starting on the 'Cajon' box drum before moving to the drumkit about three or four songs into the set. We move from the acoustic beginnings to a hip hop vibe visiting dark and light subjects. Finally we hope to release all inhibitions and get the crowd jumping as we visit the african roots of the band, (found in guitarist and drummer Stacey and Kerry Edwards), with songs such as 'Hope & Faith' and 'Wake Up'.

Full Set List:
Flying High
Wish To Stay A Day
King of The Bongo
Hey Boy
Turn Your Life Around
Shook Up
Ooo Whee!
Hope & Faith
Wake Up
Encore: Rapper's Delight jam