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The Real Heroes


Pretty ladies love to dance to this band. They make singles. They make albums. They look great. They are a no-nonsense "single-serving rock 'n' roll muliti-vitamin".


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Recent news: 'Greetings from Russia' accolades

Rolling Stone magazine online Critics 2004 National Top 10 Albums
Richard Skanse
8. The Real Heroes, Greetings From Russia (Rec. Center): Proof that prime Bowie and Cheap Trick go together like chocolate and peanut butter. Austin's Real Heroes are the best rock band in America you haven't heard of. Yet.

“If a better rock record than this one [Greetings From Russia] is destined to come out of Texas this year, then let the kids eat their hearts out. Me, I’m spoken for.”
- Richard Skanse, Texas Music Magazine

“Greetings From Russia … brims with invention — subtly subversive melodies, guitar parts that create unexpected tension, vocals that sound like they came from a ‘70s glam band one minute and an avant garde musical the next.” - Michael Corcoran, Austin American-Statesman

“Greetings is one of the sexiest, and most sexual, rock albums since the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion's Orange.” - Chris Gray, Austin Chronicle

“I’m a New York bitch!” — The Real Heroes

There are, at last count, too many damn bands in Austin, TX — self-proclaimed “Live Music Capital of the World” — to even bother counting. But sift through all the singer-songwriter types, hardcore honky-tonkers and rootsy, Willie-worshipping rabble rousers (god bless ‘em), and the actual number of bona fide rock ‘n’ roll bands that call the home of SXSW “home” is far more manageable. Still, when it gets right down to it, there’s really only one such rock band that really matters here, and it is with much pride and no small amount of fear that we’re putting them on a plane and sending them your way. New York City, prepare yourself for the imminent arrival of The Real Heroes.

Why fear, you ask? Could it be a Texas-sized insecurity that the best we’ve got — the band whose sophomore outing, Greetings From Russia, was recently hailed by Texas Music magazine as a “single-serving rock ‘n’ roll multi-vitamin” — might not measure up to NYC standards? Not on y’all’s life. We have supreme confidence that our Real Heroes — by name, singer/guitarist/frontman extraordinaire Benjamin Hotchkiss, guitarist Paul English, guitarist/keyboardist Kyle Crusham, bassist Kenneth Dowling and drummer Joey Spivey — have the goods to more than hold their own on the jaded streets of Manhattan and hipster Williamsburg turf.

Yeah yeah yeah … we know you think you’ve heard and seen it all before. We know you’re swimming in so much great rock ‘n’ roll up there, you probably take the stuff for granted. And we’re pretty sure you’ve heard plenty of bands that evoke the majesty of T-Rex, the artful swagger of Ian Hunter and prime Bowie, the thrill of Television, the pop-metal panache of Cheap Trick and even (of so they’ ve been told) the arena-sized, triple-guitar roar of vintage Blue Oyster Cult. But all at once? And all wrapped up in songs as good as Russia’s “Move That Strut,” “The French Song” and “Elise, Elise,” not to mention oldie-but-goodie (from the band’s self-titled 2000 debut), “Stop Breakin’”? And delivered by a five-piece band of seasoned (long story) but unspoiled veterans that truly knows the difference between putting on an honest-to-goodness rock ‘n’ roll show worth remembering and just “playing a gig” … and always goes the show road?

Didn’t think so.

So no, we’re not afraid you won’t like our Real Heroes. In fact, we’re pretty sure you’ll love them. We’re just afraid you’ll try and keep them. Worse, we’re afraid that they’ll fit in on your storied rock ‘n’ roll streets so much better than they do here in Austin that they’ll want to stay. Hell, Hotchkiss, who passed through your town a few times back in his days touring with an arty little troupe called The Duckhills, keeps dropping hints about how much he “really, really loves” that NYC “vibe” and says the whole band hopes to “keep hitting New York over and over again to see if we can’t make it as much of a home base as Austin is now.” Call it jealous paranoia, but let’s just say we’re not getting much sleep at night.

So please, NYC, have a heart. Please don’t take our favorite rock ‘n’roll band even though you can. By all means, do yourself a favor and savor the Real Heroes when they grace your fair city. The laws of Southern hospitality dictate that we share them with you, and if you love ‘em as much as we do, you’re welcome to borrow ‘em whenever you need a lift. But please send them home to Austin when you’re done. You see, you may think you want our Real Heroes, but we need them.
Because even deep in the heart of Texas, man can’t live on Willie alone.

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Set List

Elise Elise
French Song
Ghost Tonight
All Made Up Friends
Animals Animals Animals
Move That Strut
Kiss the Mechanic
Adjust Your Nightmare
New York Bitch
Me Is The Drug

Covers from: (usually one per set)

Christine Sixteen
We Can Work It Out
Hot Legs
Is It My Body?
I Don't Like Mondays