The Realists

The Realists

 Orangevale, California, USA
BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

A blend of Hip Hop, Pop and Rock that is as emotive as is fun. The Realists strive to be not only constantly evolving artists, but also entertainers! We captivate, we have fun, we make the crowd have fun and we constantly push the community to take interest in true music......


In a world where bad music is prevalent and minds are corrupted by material and lies. It was decided by the mystics that a young group of revolutionaries would join forces to end this era of bad music, and reunite opposing worlds. Hailing from Roseville California, these three revolutionaries were far from being heroes, as they are just three average people with the same ideals and internal longing that none of them can explain. One fateful day, Imean, who was working at the local record shop got sick of always hearing the same old bullshit records that came through and left early for lunch out of sheer frustration. As he walked to the local Panda Express mulling over how he could change the present state of music, Mr?E, a starving artist and one who loves to watch sportscenter before bed, had just finished playing a game of basketball and decided to get some food and he too went to the Panda Express. The two both stood in line without a clue of who the other was or how this meeting would change the world. Little did they know that Mike Praduh, a student working on his PHD at the local community college was sitting down at a table in that very same Panda Express, writing a bunch of words on a page and reciting it back to himself in the form of a rap. The two took notice of this and asked "What are you doing, man?” Praduh looked over and said "I'm trying to make a change", both boys pulled up chairs, the stars aligned, and as the seers had foretold the alliance was born.


The Realists-Life's Portrait-Mixtape
Task1-The Invincible Mixtape
The Realists-When Doubt Meets Victory-EP

Set List

typical set list:
1.Push Me Down
3.Died Inside
4.End Of The World
5.This life

our sets can go from 30-60 minutes.