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"The Reallionaires Seattles Hottest New Hip Hop Act!"

The buzz on the streets these days in world of northwest hip hop is Seattles own Reallionaires. Even though it is early in their careers together, they have had a Hendrix like affect on the local hip-hop world; no other acts want to follow them on stage. The Reallionaires are Scizza Hands (Antonio Stillwell and Produk (Nate Sebree). Scizza is no stranger to west coast audiences, as the leader of the group Mobb Tyght Hustlers he scored a big hit with the release of the single Lets Get Toasted several years ago. The Produk who is also known as The Man and The Fix writes most of the beats and hooks and inspires comparisons to 2Pac and Biggie with his baritone voice and handsome looks. On Thursday this writer attended an event in Everett at a bar called Jimmy Zs. I suffered through a local heavy metal group playing original music, and two hip-hop groups who virtually sounded the same. During these two hours of torture, I was ready to go home in utter disappointment. No one seemed to be into the music that was being played by these groups and each table seemed to be more intrigued by their own conversation than the hip-hop beats coming from the stage. By now I was wishing I had not spent the $7 to hear people imitate E-40 and Eminem. The Reallionaires took the stage I first noticed that they had a definite Stage Presence. Scizza in a white sweat suit with a headband around his clean-shaven head, his arms covered with tattoos, Produk wearing a black bucket hat and a white Sean John Jacket. In a deep and distinctive voice reminiscent of Barry White, Produk invited everyone to get on the dance floor or come up to the stage. A few women came to the stage. Then the music started. The Reallionaires opened the set with some east coast flavor hip-hop creating the first excitement of the night with their opening number Real Hip Hop. About one minute into this track the dance floor was filled and everyone in the house was standing and either dancing or bobbing their heads. This was just an indicator of things to come. Combining the unique beats with catchy lyrics like, Reallionaires came to give the game what it needs, originality plus IQ its all on you homie what you wanna do? Then along came a song I am sure we will be watching on MTV or hearing on KUBE 93: Thursday. As Scizza and Produk danced and strutted around on stage to this west coast beat, women danced or stared, guys clapped their hands to the beat. I was positive that what I was witnessing was the rebirth of the local Hip-Hop scene and the dawn of a new era in Seattle music. From what was an extremely boring night, a party had broken out. The catalyst was the original and dynamic music of The Reallionaires. The set was completed with: S.E.A.; Night Life; Oh No; The Brain Academy; and finally Breakin A Sweat. It may sound cliché but each song was individually unique, both lyrically and rhythmically and the progression of the songs had me eagerly anticipating the next song, because they just kept getting better and better! Given the quality of the song they started with, this was impressive. As they left the stage there was a rousing round of applause and screams for an encore. I recommend that you check them out, I have heard a lot of local hip hop, and these guys are definitely Seattles hottest act. - The Facts


1. Call Me - Released in 2006 Relentless Records. Includes title song plus 2 bonus tracks Curious and Reallionaire.

2. Thursday (D-Sane Remix) - Realesed in 2007 Relentless Records. Includes title song plus 2 bonus tracks Nightlife and Thursday (D-Sane Remix) Radio Edit.



Nathaniel McElrath Sebree (The Produk) comes into the game the fresher of the two. Growing up in Seattle young Nathaniel listened to Earth, Wind, and Fire, The Isley Brothers, Jay-Z, Run DMC, Notorious BIG, and of course the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Besides singing to himself in the bathtub as a young pup, Nathaniel transformed into the Produk at the age of 15 while freestyling in the back of a Ford Bronco.

He then began recording in various friends studios such as Relentless as a solo artist, but never advanced his music beyond a hobby until now. The Produk also known as The Fix, Lucious Fox and Professor Pullabitch is a prolific writer of both beats and lyrics and has skills for writing hooks that rival people like John Legend.

The Produk is widely known as a wiley ladies man or player, who frequently enjoys leaving with the best looking woman in the bar, and an ice cold beer accompanied by a Newport Cigarette (when he happens to purchase them on his own). Produk would like to spend and hour with Quincy Jones who he states is the best producer of all time. As far as his greatest career moment it is yet to come stay tuned, as Produk says the Reallionaires are rolling and were in it to win.

The other member of the dynamic duo is Antonio Lamar Stillwell (Scizza Hands) entered the world in Seattle, Washington. He grew up in the south end of the Central District. As a young child Antonio listened to the likes of NWA, Easy E, Marvin Gaye, and Al Green. He emphatically states that he did not listen to any other types of music. He began rapping at the age of 11 when his cousin Mo-B (aka The Super Ho) of the group MD 50/50, (formerly DMS) would lock him in the bathroom with a Casio keyboard and stolen tape deck and ritualistically beat him until he produced music befitting a young man of his talent. After many late nights and long hours these freestyle tapes were then shopped around the neighborhood.

After suffering through this experience, young Tone began rapping in a group called Schoolboys at the age of 16. At seventeen Tone met another young MC Miciah Massey formed a group called 2Tyght which later became known as Mobb Tyght Hustlers from this came the hit single Lets Get Toasted which played in radio markets across the country and obtained local recognition from Seattles hottest hip-hop radio station KUBE 93, climbing as high as number two on the summers most played tracks.

If Scizza also known as Thizzalino could spend one hour with any person dead or alive he would like to smoke a blunt with Tupac and converse. He sights his best moment in the industry as the experience of recording with Coolio. In his free time away from making music he enjoys the company of women, a cold drink, and occasionally plays in a pickup basketball game.

Together they are The Reallionaires, rulers of the live stage performance; and bringing Real Hip Hop form the 206 to your ear hole! To book a live show with The Reallionaires, call (206) 841-7421 or (206) 313-6937 or e-mail or

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