Mike Nobody

Mike Nobody

 Detroit, Michigan, USA

Detroit area Outsider Artist-Musician.

Band Members

  • Mike Nobody Bassist, Guitarist, Keyboardist, Percussionist, Producer, Songwriter, Vocalist

Other Info

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Theee Urban SpaceCat
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Mystic Marsha – Why Can’t We Be Friends?
Mystic Marsha – Love Is Time
Mystic Marsha – Souls on Fire
Mystic Marsha – Starward Fury EP
Mike Nobody - Birthday
Mike Nobody – Edible Audio
Edible Audio – Windy Saturn
Edible Audio – Talking Machine
Edible Audio – Laugh On The World
F2RC (Fresh Farmed Raised Catfish) – blurk!
Bionics – S/T
Bionics – Moving Target
N2-Submission – The Deal
N2-Submission – Black Christmas
N2-Submission – St. Patty's Day Massacre
N2-Submission – My Only Obsession
N2-Submission – First Kill
N2-Submission – Necessary Evil

Mandibles in Crisis magazine from Hawaii released a comp. featuring Mike Nobody, which also featured: Fognozzle, Xome, 3D House of Beef, Cock E.S.P., Jay T. Yamamoto and Men's Recovery Project. Contact: Mandibles in Crisis; 99-1661 A Aiea Heights Drive; Aiea Heights, HI 96701

Vermiform Records released a great noise compilation CD called Fruited Other Surfaces in 1998. Mike Nobody contributed alongside such luminaries as Krebstar, Drop Dead, The Replikants, Rah Bras, Lightning Bolt and Vermiform stalwarts Men's Recovery Project.