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Nenna Yvonne @ Battle Of The Beach

Feb 21, 2009 - Feb 28, 2009 - Panama Beach City, FL USA, Florida, USA

Feb 21, 2009 - Feb 28, 2009 - Panama Beach City, FL USA, Florida, USA

Nenna Yvonne @ Description: Krystal’s

Elmhurst, NY, New York, USA

Elmhurst, NY, New York, USA

Nenna Yvonne @ New Music Seminar

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



As the young Nigerian Pop princess gets ready to drop her first debut album we catch up with her for an Interview.

Where are you from?
Im from Queens NewYork

So tell us about your style of music.
My style of music is very hip hop and pop influenced with soulful and r an b influences as well.

What inspired you into a music career?
I started singing and writing at a very young age.In high school I was surrounded with all types of music.From classical opera to New wave so naturally it became a part of my everyday life.My grade school teacher really inspired me as well with his passion and dedication to music came my growth and understanding of why music was a huge necessity in my everyday life as a career.

What are your Musical Influences?
When you ask me what my influences are ill respond with novels,friends and poetry and and everyday life experiences.if you ask me who i will respond you with creative minds such as Peter Frampton, Whitney Houston,Janice Joplin,Dinah Washington,Paul McCartney,and more recent would be Robyn and Janet Jackson.

What goals did you have in mind when you first decided to do music and what ways did you go about it?
Well initially my goals were to become as familiar as possible with all genres of music and who the best were at the genres they were in, But now for me its about growing vocally and opening my mind to different styles of music and combining new styles that people might feel don't necessarily work together and thinkin outside of the box as far as sound might go.

Was your family supportive about your choice in a music career? If so how?
They've always supported my talent and drive in the music world.they always explained to me why it is essentially to have a back up plan but also keep in mind that it wouldn't be easy and anything you want to be the greatest in involves a great deal of work and dedication

So tell us more about the album.
Im very proud of the amount of work that went into creating this album and i look forward to showcasing it to the world.Many of the songs were thoughts and ideas that came together without production behind it at first but after explaining my ideas ont he direction ii wanted to go to my producer he pretty much worked around my style and vibe.As a listener you might even get a feel of a few artists you may be familiar with such a Wyclef, Akon, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey,Whitney Houston, Ciara, and Robyn.It;s got a soulful as well as pop feel to it with hints of hip hop and R an B as far as swag and lyrics.The bass and drum lines will definitely have you wanting to get up and movc and maybe even put a smile on your face.

Why did you decide to call it "The Runway"?
Well being that I am very familiar with the modeling world I decided to find a way to include both industries.I have a love and passion for modeling almost as much as music so i chose with this particular album to dedicate m.being in front of people and bearing your soul is so nerve racking.Eveyone no matter who you are has been nervous,afraid or self conscience at some point in your life and that exactly what this album is about.learning who you are as a person and being completely comfortable with your self. Because once you love yourself people will naturally want to love you too.

So in your opinion what do you bring to the music industry with this album that makes you stick out?
I hope that I can bring a fresh new sound and feel to what people perceive music to be.I am all about beneficial changes for the better an hopefully this album does that..Originality and essence are what I strive for when creating and writing new songs and music
How do you want your listeners to remember you? what would be your legacy?
I guess only time can really reveal that..I mean everyone wants to be remembered

So tell us what is the wierdest thing a fan or anyone in the industry has said to you?
I mean what is your definition of weird [laughs], you know I feel every question is relevant to each fan.i guess wierd for me wouldn't really fit in my career choice because what you might see as wierd may be enlightening and relatable to someone else.

How do you personally feel about the album?
I personally am so proud on what this album developed into.It's got a little bit of everything we all love.From hip hop to R an b to soul to .The album takes you through different stages of my growth and love for music and can sing to it dance to it but most importantly you can vibe with it on so many different levels.its doesn't matter your race gender or background.the album says things about life love respect and weakness and strengths as an individual.
Are there any places you have dreams of performing at?
Yes, Greece

The people ,the culture the history.I want to experience being a part of all of that and more.Possibly even taking there appreciation of music with mine and combining the two

What do you feel your strengths and weakness a - Dam magazine

Today is the photoshoot for the album cover.My makeup artist's name is Andrea,Daniel and Rayond Nieves.My hairstylist's name is Queen.I have a phenomenol wardrobe stylist by the name of Shatonia and she's styled me for the music video we shot back in January.

My manager Danny,stopped by afterwards but he's always there when I need him.

Im soon gng to post a video blog from the shoot so you can get a behind the scenes look at how the whole thing went down.Were all pros here.imma show you how the pros do it!!!!

EN-Y & D-Tox Interveiw (audio) Update.... - African times

Mariah Carey,Janet Jackson,Madonna,Janice Joplin,Peter Frampton,Dinah Washington,Diana Ross,Prince,Tweet,Missy Elliot,Cher,Oasis,Michael Jackson,Portishead,Jodi Mitchell,Inez Foxx,Robyn,Pink,My Family!

- Rebel Magazine - Earth Child & Club Layala

Today is the photoshoot for the album cover.My makeup artist's name is Andrea,Daniel and Rayond Nieves.My hairstylist's name is Queen.I have a phenomenol wardrobe stylist by the name of Shatonia and she's styled me for the music video we shot back in January.<br><br>My manager Danny,stopped by afterwards but he's always there when I need him.<br><br><br><br>Im soon gng to post a video blog from the shoot so you can get a behind the scenes look at how the whole thing went down.Were all pros here.imma show you how the pros do it!!!!<br><br><br>EN-Y & D-Tox Interveiw (audio) Update....<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>

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-Mind Made Up
-Lover In You

Check her out on!

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Think Janet Jackson meets Whitney Houston when watching for this artist!
"At times called the Black Madonna of our generation"
- Daniel (D-Tox) Wisniewski
(CEO of Victorian Music Group)

"Watch out for this one,she's a force thats definitely giving these other pop acts a run for their money"
(Ruff ryders,Konvikt Music)

The reputation that New York has upheld on a world wide basis for some of the most influential and innovative musicians is yet continued by international songstress NennaYvonne.It's really impossible to describe just how amazing this young Nigerian beauty is!! Standing at 5'9 with features and a face so very captivating, Nnenna also known as En-Y is the triple threat singer, songwriter and model.The Nigerian native has already achieved a tremendous amount in such a short period of time.

At the age of four, En-Y and her family moved from Nigeria to Queens,NewYork.As the oldest of three siblings, NennaYvonne had many responsibilites at a very young age.She found comfort in listening to all styles of music.Coming from a background of strong family values has given NennaYvonne the discipline needed to attain and work towards her success as a musician and performer. With the help of her elementary school teacher, NennaYvonne musical talents began to show at the very young age of ten. She then ventured on to attend the prestigious LaGuardia High School of Music and Performing Arts in NewYork City at the age of 14.This move was very scary for her family but she knew this was where she needed to be.Being a student at LaGuardia highschool also helped further enhance her vocal and song writing abilities.While attending LaGuardia she studied classical music,opera,gospel as well as contemporary music and several other languages.She quickly rose to the top of her class and was the featured performer at venues such as Carnegie Hall,Julliard and Lincoln Center.

With smash out performances and an unforgettable persona,the simply irresistable Nigerian beauty is winning fans over with her undeniable talent!Come see why this young starlet is the new generation Janet Jackson,Beyonce and Whitney Houston!

Driven,dedicated and ready for the long run her take charge attitude inspires thousands of young enthusiasts and aspiring artists everywhere to be who you are and to do what you love and that is the message conveyed in her music.Her can do spirit and passion for music is what will keep her at the top.Currently NennaYvonne is working towards completion of her first demo with the help of her manager Daniel(D-Tox) Wisniewski.Today En-Y is praised for her dynamic song writing abilities and her non stop drive to be the best at what she does.

"Her music tells a story from start to finish.Its like reading a book you never want to put down"
-Trace Magazine Editor

"She reminds me of Rihanna only with an awesome voice!Very International sound!"
-Sony BMG Independent Artist Scout Tammi

"Love the concept of the album and the production"
-Andrew Mezzi
-( Engineered for:Snoop Dog,Game,Lil Wayne,Will-I-Am,Black Eyed Peas,DJ Quick,DJ Toomp,Mario,Teddy Riley,Scott Storch,Al Schmitt!)

"Mind blowing,very respectable work here,love en-y's voice!"
-Avon Marshal
-(Worked with Craig Mack,Biggie Smalls,Busta Rhymes,Bad Boy Records.)

With minimal budgeting En-Y has acquired of 55 thousand song plays and over 63 thousand page views in the past couple of months on her myspace!

Basic rundown:
(4 )single 15inch cabinets
(1) 18 inch sub
(4) hi-pak cabinets
-shure slx fm 58 hand held wireless system.
-the amps are really based on the proximity of the space or venue.

Accomplishments include:
Nnenna Okpala
285 Saint Nicholas Avenue
New York, NY 10027
Cell Number:646-764-9159

Personal Data:
Height: 5'9b Hair:Black
Weight:126 Ibs. Eyes:Black

Notorious Big Movie-Hot Girl-Fall 2008
Lez Miz- Fall 2004
West Side Story- Extra-Spring 2002
Carnegie Hall -Spring 2004
Lincoln Center-Spring,2003,2005

-Anti-drug Commercial-Spring 2001
-"Angel"-Ogilvy and Mather-Spring 2003
-"Flipped" MTV Pilot-Summer 2007
-Video TV NetWork,Sep 27, 2008
-Nas Documentary-Winter 2007
-Winky's Spot-Fall 2007
-Camron Dip Set Video Fall 2006

Licensing Music-
Synchup- Los Angeles-Network Licensing Television
Hip Chick Music, Inc.-Network Licensing Television

Spokes Modeling/Promotional Modeling/H